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(ESPN)   Will the Jets make the Colts regret sitting their starters? Will 40-year old Brett Favre lead the Vikings back to the Super Bowl? Will Breesus save us all? It's your AFC & NFC Championship Game thread (3:00pm ET CBS, 6:40pm ET FOX)   ( divider line
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6029 clicks; posted to Sports » on 24 Jan 2010 at 2:23 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2010-01-24 10:12:20 PM  
heh,it was gonna be a first down either way.
2010-01-24 10:12:21 PM  
Wow, rooting for the Saints but that flag was unnecessary, overthrown pass
2010-01-24 10:12:23 PM  
I would figure that was uncatchable...
2010-01-24 10:12:24 PM  
You can't tackle the guy backpedaling for the pass.
2010-01-24 10:12:24 PM  
Nice scramble...DPI...first down Saints!
2010-01-24 10:12:26 PM  
game over. jesus christ
2010-01-24 10:12:28 PM  
ok, now it's over
2010-01-24 10:12:28 PM  

soupbone: So how are we on the longest list rank?

No. 6 Behind Last Post 100, last post 200, 4 millionth submission, backless bras, and sexy nerdy girls.

Gotta get about 700 more to move to fifth.
2010-01-24 10:12:28 PM  
Wow, this is quite a game.

I knew this game was going to be good. But I didn't know it was going to be THIS good!
2010-01-24 10:12:30 PM  
That was NOT a PI...

/Saints fan
2010-01-24 10:12:31 PM  

orbitalfreak: Di Atribe: emocomputerjock: Quasar: Di Atribe: Lt. Cheese Weasel: InferiousX: Lt. Cheese Weasel: Just making sure this sweetie makes it to this thread.

Who has the links to the nakey pictures of that chick?

It's russian. (new window)

Yeah, she is NOT a sweetie, sorry boys. Sweeties don't let anyone take pictures like that.

I don't find her all that attractive anyway.

The boobie stretch marks are epic on that one.

Her tits are down to her belly button. I was under the impression that saggy tits were unattractive.

Saggy and old and wrinkly is unattractive. Saggy, but youngish, and not wrinkly is acceptable. She doesn't do much for me, personally, but I prefer more normal/small boobs.

However, she is my kind of girl.

/Only reason I miss my ex-girlfriend.
2010-01-24 10:12:35 PM  
2010-01-24 10:12:37 PM  
I wish this place didn't have filters.

I've got words for this call.
2010-01-24 10:12:39 PM  

Mentat: That should do it, barring a shankopotomus.

I do everything I can to avoid a FG, if I'm New Orleans.
2010-01-24 10:12:39 PM  
The referees are deciding this game, which is a shame.
2010-01-24 10:12:47 PM  
2010-01-24 10:12:48 PM  
I yelled out flag before it was thrown.

I don't think it was catchable, but I knew it would be called anyway.
2010-01-24 10:12:49 PM  
this is horsesh*t. i dont care about either of these teams, but they are just giving this thing to the saints.
2010-01-24 10:12:50 PM  
I have a grin on my face!
2010-01-24 10:12:50 PM  
And game on the flag
2010-01-24 10:12:51 PM  
Yay refs!
2010-01-24 10:12:55 PM  
not a good call.....
2010-01-24 10:12:55 PM  
not a catchable ball...shiatty call.
2010-01-24 10:12:56 PM  

picodenico: HOLY COW....

/that looked almost uncatchable

If the receiver hadn't been tackled it might have been.
2010-01-24 10:12:56 PM  
Absolutely asinine call.
2010-01-24 10:12:59 PM  
Bad call for a game decider.
2010-01-24 10:13:02 PM  

zoobaby: PI...that puts them in FG range....

If you attempt the FG and miss, does it turn the ball over? Or can you try four kicks?
2010-01-24 10:13:04 PM  
And Reggie Bush continues to fail this team. Amazing.
2010-01-24 10:13:05 PM  
Weak call there.

And good job dork.
2010-01-24 10:13:05 PM  
I'm actually trying to read/keep up with this thread, and am a page behind. Gah!
2010-01-24 10:13:07 PM  
No, Joe. The Saints are never in field goal range
2010-01-24 10:13:13 PM  
2010-01-24 10:13:14 PM  
Sweet Breesus, come on, guys!!
2010-01-24 10:13:14 PM  
And out of FG one wants this game to win
2010-01-24 10:13:17 PM  

fat aristotle: I wish this place didn't have filters.

I've got words for this call.

2010-01-24 10:13:17 PM  
Oh god. Wrong way you idiots!
2010-01-24 10:13:19 PM  
Ah, good to see Reggie Bush back to his normal self.
2010-01-24 10:13:20 PM  

orbitalfreak: zoobaby: PI...that puts them in FG range....

If you attempt the FG and miss, does it turn the ball over? Or can you try four kicks?

Turns it over.
2010-01-24 10:13:22 PM  
Why a toss when you're in FG range?

Someone get the Short Bus for the OC.
2010-01-24 10:13:23 PM  
I have a brilliant idea. We're in field goal range...let's toss the ball backwards 6 yards.
2010-01-24 10:13:25 PM  
Well over the head of the receiver. Up yours, you peckerhead.
2010-01-24 10:13:28 PM  

Bob LobLaw's Law Blog: And the PI will seal the deal.

Saints kicker is Hartley. Which means nothing is sealed, yet.
2010-01-24 10:13:30 PM  
What the hell, Bush?!! Pretend the defense is 11 Kardashians and PENETRATE!!!
2010-01-24 10:13:34 PM  
No one wants to win this. Yeesh.
2010-01-24 10:13:35 PM  
I smell fail kick...
2010-01-24 10:13:36 PM  

The NaSkAr: ok, now it's over

It was over when the Vikes had it in FG range too.
2010-01-24 10:13:41 PM  
that call was utter crap
2010-01-24 10:13:46 PM  
2010-01-24 10:13:49 PM  
45 yearder from here... wait loss of 4 never mind.
Cmon Saints.
2010-01-24 10:13:55 PM  
Herm Edwards- You play to get in field goal range. Hello. You play to get in field goal range.
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