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(AFH)   Join Fark's Haiti relief effort by supporting Architecture for Humanity   ( divider line
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2010-01-19 09:43:41 AM  
Hi farkers! It's taken us a bit to get this set up, but we finally have things in place to kick off a fundraising campaign for the Haiti earthquake relief effort. We've been researching various organizations to come up one that suits us and (we think) will do more to help the Haitian people in the long-term. We've chosen Architecture for Humanity (new window) to be the recipient of our fund-raising efforts.

We've decided on AFH because they have longer term goals in mind. AFH has had a comprehensive plan in place from day one, and they're not looking to bail as soon as the immediate crisis has subsided and our attention span has moved on to speculate on why the hell Taylor Swift was wearing that awful outfit at that awards show everybody says they don't care about. Also, it turns out some of the guys who run it are Farkers, so bonus!

For more information on their Haiti plan, click here (new window).

And a few words from Cameron Sinclair, CEO of Architecture for Humanity: "We need not just to think about now or tomorrow but what will happen in Haiti in a year, 5 years or even a decade. It is our responsibility to build back better and supporting Architecture for Humanity will ensure that we create the best structures with the funding available. Having been a farker for many years I know that under that cutting humor is a collective will to do good. As an added incentive to contribute I will continue to turn a blind eye to our web manager who claims he's one of the top photoshoppers on fark.

Cameron Sinclair aka arched"

You can donate via Fark's spiffy fundraising Paypal account, fundraisin­g­[nospam-﹫-backwards]kr­af*c­om, or directly on their website if you'd prefer not to use Paypal: Donate. (new window)

(Note: if you use the Paypal address, I can provide updates on totals raised)
2010-01-19 09:49:25 AM  
Nice - certainly a worthy cause.
2010-01-19 09:52:00 AM  
Are you guys going to kill Frank Gehry? Please? That would save a lot of lives.
2010-01-19 09:52:00 AM  
Let's make every building in Haiti a Frank Lloyd Wright building.
2010-01-19 09:52:12 AM  
Wait - what awful outfit?


///kidding again
////cool of you guys to do this
2010-01-19 09:53:12 AM  
I'm just glad the Haitian government has been there for it's people all along and their president has been so visible through this whole ordeal.
2010-01-19 09:53:30 AM  
I have no desire to help Haitians. So I'll pray for them.
2010-01-19 09:56:35 AM  
I already donated to Helsinki.
2010-01-19 09:57:16 AM  
2010-01-19 09:57:22 AM  
Architect farker here- I plan on getting personally involved with this group. Thanks so much for turning me on to it. Hard to believe I'd never even heard of these guys before now.
2010-01-19 10:00:29 AM  
Will our donations go directly to help Haiti or do they go into some general Architecture for Humanity fund ?

I'd rather direct it straight to the haitians...
//not a complaint, thanks for doing this.
2010-01-19 10:01:00 AM  
The power of Fark compels me. So I have given.
2010-01-19 10:01:37 AM  
From their website: STEAL THIS PLAN.

Done. Passing it along.

/saw their winning of a TED award a few years back
/trust in TED award winners
2010-01-19 10:03:43 AM  
Wyclef Jean isn't involved with this charity, is he?
2010-01-19 10:05:30 AM  
Just an FYI for people who may be considering donating.

AFH is working with Yele Haiti by"supplying them pro bono construction and design professionals, setting up community housing resource centers and support in the design and building of earthquake resistant structures." citation (new window).

Yele Haiti is a charity sponsored by singer Wyclef Jean. This charity may be involved in what is essentially fraud concerning its' charitable functions citation (new window).

I am not suggesting that you don't donate to AFH, but if the relationship between AFH and Yele Haiti concerns you, I strongly urge you to contact AFH and find out how your donations will be used and to what degree Yele Haiti will be involved/benefit from your donation.
2010-01-19 10:05:33 AM  

2010-01-19 10:05:47 AM  
i.ytimg.comView Full Size

/I support Habitat Against Humanity

//I keed
///good luck for a good cause
2010-01-19 10:06:12 AM  
Didn't SomethingAwful get screwed by Paypal when they set up a Katrina Relief fund through them? I hope you guys cleared this with Paypal first.
2010-01-19 10:06:32 AM  
Apparently I fail, because I keep being told "Email Address: Please enter a valid address in the format na­m­e[nospam-﹫-backwards]n­i­amo­d*co­m." when I type in fun­dr­ai­s­i­n­g­[nospam-﹫-backwards]kra­f­*com. What is the secret that I'm missing?
2010-01-19 10:07:20 AM  
Fizics: I'm just glad the Haitian government has been there for it's people all along and their president has been so visible through this whole ordeal.

The Haitian govt is half dead, half trying to run a devastated country. This being said, The president, prime minister and remaining ministers have been visible. What are you talking about?
2010-01-19 10:07:43 AM  
done and donated...good luck all.
2010-01-19 10:07:46 AM  
I like these guys better.

They're on the ground in Haiti right now
2010-01-19 10:07:59 AM  
Yele Haiti is a charity sponsored by singer Wyclef Jean.

I'll donate somewhere else thanks.
2010-01-19 10:08:08 AM  

moops: Let's make every building in Haiti a Frank Lloyd Wright building.

Nah, solar bibles would be more appropriate.
2010-01-19 10:08:47 AM  
I am letting the AA of my company's president/owner know about this. This is just the kind of organization that makes him all warm and fuzzy.
2010-01-19 10:10:21 AM  
violetcrush.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Roark tried.
2010-01-19 10:10:28 AM  
Oh, so now Fark is trying to gain street cred with the African-American community too? Commies....

/I keed
2010-01-19 10:11:01 AM  
The funny thing is that your tax dollars have been at work for years to make sure these people never have a government that will do anything except screw them.

/like rain on your wedding day
//slave nation is slavy
2010-01-19 10:11:37 AM  

Mumbler: Will our donations go directly to help Haiti or do they go into some general Architecture for Humanity fund ?

I'd rather direct it straight to the haitians...
//not a complaint, thanks for doing this.

10% goes to Wycleff Jean for his appearance and administration fees
2010-01-19 10:18:11 AM  

Jamdug!: Roark tried.

Yet building codes are so much more effective.
2010-01-19 10:20:41 AM  
2010-01-19 10:24:01 AM  
I would love to donate but I've already given my contribution to the Human Fund.
2010-01-19 10:26:59 AM  
Is 5.8 pretty bad? They're reporting another earthquake off the coast of the Cayman Islands.
2010-01-19 10:27:30 AM  
gave up on waiting for fark, already donated elsewhere

nice to see an effort though
2010-01-19 10:30:49 AM  
Kinda reminds me of The Human Fund "Money for People"
2010-01-19 10:32:37 AM  
Excellent organization, excellent choice sadly most of the initial outpouring goes to the Weeners but it is the rebuilding that will need the sustained donations and often by the time their work has started we have moved on to the crisis de jure.
2010-01-19 10:35:34 AM  
Please note that all official Fark calls to arms are accompanied by haunting music and the following visage cast upon the steely winter skies:

l-userpic.livejournal.comView Full Size
2010-01-19 10:38:04 AM  
As soon as a community tries to police its self this way that community dies. I'm glad you farktards are willing to give away your people for a bullshiat manipulative money grabbing scheme like "save the haitians" It's going to be a boondoggle and you and I all know it.
2010-01-19 10:39:57 AM  
Let's just bring them all over here.
2010-01-19 10:40:40 AM  

Hobodeluxe: I like these guys better.

They're on the ground in Haiti right now

Wow. That's a really good idea. Looks pretty well executed as well.

Already donated to Docs sans borders, but I'm thinking of adding these guys.

For anyone who missed it, they're Shelter Box
2010-01-19 10:41:35 AM  
I see i should have read the comments beforehand, everyone agrees with me. Well the smart ones do anyways. :)
2010-01-19 10:43:54 AM  

stewmadness: Let's just bring them all over here.

To New Orleans specifically. It need repopulating and they'll fit right in.
2010-01-19 10:45:54 AM  

stewmadness: Let's just bring them all over here.

lets not
2010-01-19 10:47:56 AM  

tricycleracer: I already donated to Helsinki.

i.imgur.comView Full Size

2010-01-19 10:48:35 AM  
lets give em FEMA cards! i hear best buy has a sale on flat screens yo!
2010-01-19 10:49:01 AM  
Donated- I like that this is for long term rebuilding help, because once the news shifts, funds will start to dry up pretty fast.
2010-01-19 10:52:17 AM  
Doctors Without Borders - Great outfit, been donating to them for years.
2010-01-19 10:53:09 AM  
Honestly, if I am asked one more time to donate to Haiti, that person is getting punched. And as if it's not bad enough that I'm asked at every supermarket/convenience store, now every other commercial is "text Haiti to 90999 to make a $10 donation". And what I love is that at the bottom it says "standard text message rates apply". Seriously? You mean to tell me that your phone carrier can't waive that fee when you make a donation? "Hey donate to Haiti, while keeping AT&T rich!". C'mon.
2010-01-19 10:55:22 AM  
I work for an architecture and design firm so I'm getting a kick out ....

On a serious note, my company has been gutted due to the recession. Most of my friends are flat-out unemployed and the others are on month-long furloughs. Nobody that works here has money to donate to charity to help Haitians.

AFH is a great idea. Architects and designers that are unemployed and broke may donate their services to this charity. That contribution is better than cash, because some administrator (or Wyclef Jean) cannot skim off the top of actual donated architectural design work.

It also helps the employees that are unemployed because it gives them something to put on the resume instead of "watched Family Guy re-runs while thinking of a new career". It keeps their skills fresh and keeps their morale up until the economy rebounds.

Great idea Fark. I just forwarded AFH's info to about 100 broke and under/un-employed architects and designers. I'm not sure, but I think licensed architects can even write-off the donated design work on their taxes. A rare 'win-win' in what is a shiatty situation for all.
2010-01-19 10:55:33 AM  
This is a wonderful organization.
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