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73 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Apr 2003 at 6:28 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-09 04:58:15 PM  
The VRML viewer doesn't seem to work very well, I got an error about not having NT Service Pack3, when I'm running XP.
2003-04-09 05:49:13 PM  
The combination of crappy hesh song, spelling errors and images stolen from Wings of Honneamise in the demo makes me want to not play this game with extreme prejudice.
2003-04-09 06:31:39 PM  
It still looks as painfully crap as it did last time.
2003-04-09 06:33:02 PM  
no tank you.
2003-04-09 06:34:53 PM  
and thats why i read the forum first..thanx
2003-04-09 06:35:55 PM  
The Iraqi representative to the UN has gone on record saying the war is over and the best the admins can post is some stupid game and a baseball team that 99.9999% of the farkers couldn't give a rats ass about?
2003-04-09 06:42:17 PM  
Hmm...this does not meet the high standards of newsworthiness for fark.
2003-04-09 06:43:26 PM  
1980 just say......i love you.[/lionel riche]


2003-04-09 06:44:21 PM  
Why isn't there a thread up about the fact that BAGHDAD HAS FALLEN?? Iraqis are dancing in the streets RIGHT NOW praising Bush and Blair. To the Wil Wheatons of the world: I told you so!
2003-04-09 06:45:23 PM  
Claims it runs on a browser, but then wants you do download a crappy Windows zip fail. On behalf of Mac users everywhere: Fark you.
2003-04-09 06:46:38 PM  
To the Wil Wheatons of the world: I told you so!

Maybe that's why there isn't a thread? All it will be is a bunch of "I told you so"s.
2003-04-09 06:46:42 PM  
great, its from, that makes me trust it
2003-04-09 06:46:43 PM  
Mynameisbob: Everyone is dancing on the cieling.
2003-04-09 06:48:54 PM  
Chess_the_cat: can't you do that somewhere else?
2003-04-09 06:54:53 PM  
here, here lawrence
2003-04-09 06:56:11 PM  
i'm not normally one to rip on people's hard work, but this is one lame-ass buggy piece of shiat with a horrible farking interface....
2003-04-09 07:04:33 PM  
WHEW, good thing I read the forum first. Thanks guys from keeping me from wasting my time...ok..further wasting my time. Sounds like a buggy timebomb to me.
2003-04-09 07:08:42 PM  
"Iraqis are dancing in the streets RIGHT NOW praising Bush and Blair.

-When the German army rolled into Austria people cheered them too... first.
2003-04-09 07:11:11 PM
2003-04-09 07:14:34 PM  
Amigajoe: Interesting point but probably not a fair comparison.

*leaves threadjack to allow farkers to continue bashing fellow farker's game design...*
2003-04-09 07:24:37 PM  
04-09-03 06:48:54 PM Judasdiomedes
Chess_the_cat: can't you do that somewhere else?

Uhhh...isn't that sorta their whole point - that there ISN'T a thread for that?!

If the Iraqis had turned out to pelt us with rotten fruit, the Libbies would definately get THEIR "I told you so" thread, so fair is fair. C'mon, admins...

Or don't, and lose the point of principle, instead. *shrug* Either way.
2003-04-09 07:26:09 PM  
keep it real homies

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-09 07:39:17 PM  
This game is farking narsty. I'd rather play that Atari game in the screenshot above.
2003-04-09 07:44:22 PM  
Combat was the shizznit.

Except for Pitfall, Combat was without question my favorite Atari game
2003-04-09 08:05:32 PM  
It's 7:00 pm. I just saw Chris remove the free version of the game, and put up a message saying he can't afford the bandwith. He got Farked.
2003-04-09 08:06:49 PM  
this looks like a junior year computer science class project gone to shiat.

get a real job.
2003-04-09 08:10:46 PM  
Even E.T. would be more fun. You can snag a free copy at the Alamogordo City Dump.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-09 08:13:06 PM  
I thought Stevie Wonder sang 'I just called to say I love you' and Lionel Ritchie sang 'Dancing on the Ceiling'...
2003-04-09 08:29:13 PM  
i have no respect for anyone that calls Javascript and VRML "programming languages"

Here is a baghdad war is ending thread link for you asshats that can't scroll down half a page
2003-04-09 09:05:02 PM  
"All you need is a free plugin available with the game after purchasing."
uh, yeah.

2003-04-09 10:06:52 PM  
Give the guy a break. I'm hoping he'll suck my c0ck this weekend.
2003-04-09 10:32:43 PM  
1980 just say......i love you.[/lionel riche]

Wasn't that originally James Taylor, covered in the 80's by Stevie Wonder?
2003-04-09 11:20:42 PM  
1980 just say......i love you.[/lionel riche]

Nobody does that song like Slim Whitman, "bigger than the Beatles.. seven years in a row" as I recall.
2003-04-10 12:45:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-10 12:47:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
another one... couldn't resist!
2003-04-10 12:54:12 AM  
2003-04-10 01:58:40 AM  
This is a perfect demonstration of why it doesn't matter that there are 20x the number of PC programs vs. Mac programs. 90% of them are CRAP, and the good ones are available for both. Not that there isn't crap software for Macs, but you get the point.
2003-04-10 04:37:51 AM  
I'm an idiot, I cant find the online playable version. So I will just masturbate.

That is all.
2003-04-10 01:45:48 PM  
Right because when he gets out of school and starts looking for a job programming video games he's going to be swamped with job offers for those Mac and Linux based games
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