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(Yahoo)   Palo Alto, California bans smirking. Stanford U. Farkers forced to smirk in private   ( divider line
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59 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Apr 2003 at 12:06 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-09 07:08:26 AM  
"I don't think the people sitting around the cabinet with the president roll their eyes."

ROFL. Betcha' $50 they do.
2003-04-09 07:59:19 AM  
Do not use body language or other nonverbal methods of expression, disagreement or disgust," a new list of proposed conduct rules reads.

I have no idea how they are going to enforce this and what type of punishment a debater would get for a frown or a smirk. Seems to me that you would have some First Amendment issues since body language is technically still language. I guess they could always put them in straight-jackets and hoods to make sure that no one tries anything funny.

Of course having only radio debates works too...
2003-04-09 08:19:48 AM  
almost as good as

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-09 08:27:28 AM  
heehee, you know, I just realized, I hardly ever notice engrish anymore, unless someone points it out.

(What's a smork anyway?? Does it have something to do with that tentacle sex thread??)
2003-04-09 09:16:06 AM  
DaCricket I too have been desensitized to it. Have you started speaking Engrish yet though? I can't believe the crap Engrish that springs forth from my mouth sometimes. It's so embarrassment!
2003-04-09 09:48:11 AM  
touchy feely west coast crap.
2003-04-09 10:07:39 AM  
The granola state strikes again, one more reason Florida isn't the only state that deserves its own tag.
2003-04-09 12:08:06 PM  
Flipping the bird and bodily noises still OK apparently.
2003-04-09 12:08:20 PM  
This is a stupid idea.

/that is all
2003-04-09 12:08:25 PM  
why do they call CAli the granola state?
2003-04-09 12:09:46 PM  
We believe this is another one of those times when it might be a propos (if you will permit the French) to say: we have already won.
2003-04-09 12:10:04 PM  
What do you expect - it's Palo Alto. Almost as bad as Berzerkley. Personally I'd love to see them enforce that rule.

It made big news over here in Silicon Valley. Must've been a slow news day...
2003-04-09 12:10:47 PM  
2003-04-09 12:10:57 PM  
Hey Generation_D,

Don't condemn the entire west coast... Most NATIVES there are fine. It's the New York rejects coming west that fark everything up.

/Flame On!
2003-04-09 12:11:42 PM  
Gudel- 'Cause it's filled with fruits, nuts, and flakes?
2003-04-09 12:11:52 PM  
I believe this is only in City Council meetings, because that's what the article said. Certainly a poorly written article, but I think the second part of the article makes it clear that this would apply towards Stanford U. Farkers unless they were also in City Council.
2003-04-09 12:12:01 PM  

**guffaw*** ...**coughbullshiatcough***...


2003-04-09 12:12:11 PM  
Let's clarify this to a Northern California crap fest. I live in Southern Cal and we are allowed to smirk at anyone we please. In fact, it's encouraged. If we want to get even more technical, let's call it a Bay Area crapfest. Those people have too much money and time on their hands.

On a related note: Enforcement would be done through striking the face as in "I'm going to knock that smirk right off your FACE". I'm putting in my application today. I would relocate to NO Cal if I could slap a few NoCalians.
2003-04-09 12:13:27 PM  
The lady who wrote this dribble (and I say "lady," not "woman") is just tired of having REAL community leaders roll their eyes at her suggestions of a help-the-homeless meter, a save-the-children parole board, and "National Latina Lesbian Jewish Democrats Day."
2003-04-09 12:13:30 PM  
Palo Alto Cop to hippy playing in the park:

"What's that look you just gave me, boy? And are you slouching?

"ell, we don't take kindly to that here in our town. So you just gather up that there bag of medical marijuana and your frisbee and your dog and just make your way out of town by nightfall."
2003-04-09 12:13:37 PM  
Waitress, may I sit in the Birkenstocks only section?
2003-04-09 12:13:47 PM  
Hooray for stupid, useless rules! Hooray!
2003-04-09 12:14:44 PM  
I'm with Generation_D. Buncha tree hugging hippie crap the left coast is. Crunch61 - we'll be happy to send you our NYC rejects. Making NYC a better place.
2003-04-09 12:16:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

BANNED! From Palo Alto.
2003-04-09 12:16:22 PM  
We need more rules on free expression in order to be free of the other rules that bind us!

Viva Fidel! Free Leonard Pelletier!
2003-04-09 12:16:48 PM  
I'm all for the resolution. After all, doesn't smirking cause lerng carncer and emphersemar?

It doesn't?

2003-04-09 12:17:28 PM  
04-09-03 12:11:42 PM Thefuzz1096
Gudel- 'Cause it's filled with fruits, nuts, and flakes?

California's got the most of them
Boy, they got a host of them
Swear t'God they got the most
At every business on the coast
They got the Flakes."

-Frank Zappa
2003-04-09 12:19:27 PM  
P.S. is the best website out there. Period.

Who owns every shirt they sell? That's right. I do.
2003-04-09 12:19:57 PM  
when smirks are outlawed, only outlaws will have smirks.
2003-04-09 12:20:30 PM  
I am now stupider for having read this article.
2003-04-09 12:20:56 PM  
All NY transplants do out here is complain about how we aren't like NY.

NEW YORK! From what I know from the people I meet from there, smirking is a second language. Why do they come out here if they just end up missing home so much? Of course, none of them ever go back.

I think it's a requirement to get back into the city to pretend they hate it out here. Don't get me wrong, I like New Yorkers, I just wish they would admit that once they're here, they want to stay here because they like it.

Of course, stupid things like this anti-smirk law and oh, say... I dunno... OUR GOVERNOR FARKING UP AND LEAVING OUR STATE BROKE might be a bit of a wet blanket.
2003-04-09 12:21:53 PM  

Well, having lived in both N. Cal and New York, I think I'll stay in Florida. ...Three strikes, I'm out! LOL
2003-04-09 12:22:07 PM  
04-09-03 12:10:47 PM BitDamaged

and all your city council...ah forget it
2003-04-09 12:22:12 PM  
In a few years, Apple will ban smirking and say it was their idea.

Then a few years after that, Microsoft will ban smirking and say they thought of it first.
2003-04-09 12:22:49 PM  
What a stupid headline. This is only one person's proposal, and it only affects the Palo Alto city council.

All you sheep who posted without bothering to read the article are probably the kind who think it's illegal to tear the tags off your own pillows.
2003-04-09 12:22:50 PM  
Man, next they're going to band winking, and then what?

Aw, Fark it. Let's just give em what they want- MSN emoticon flash cards. Then EVERYBODY will be happy!
2003-04-09 12:22:57 PM  
fark the tree!

That is all.

/Stanfraud hater
2003-04-09 12:23:46 PM  
04-09-03 10:07:39 AM Dandamanfl
The granola state strikes again, one more reason Florida isn't the only state that deserves its own tag.

Agreed DandamanFl...

So howzabout a Californicated tag?

{with apologies to Red Hot Chili Peppers}
2003-04-09 12:24:29 PM  
This is really farking stupid. In the USA, senators and house members are SPECIFICALLY exempted (by the constitution) from ANY legal liability for comments they make on the floor. They're also exempt from arrest while on their way to/from the congress.
The reason I bring this up - Congresspeople are exempted so that they can have TOTAL freedom in saying anything on the floor of congress without fear of reprisal - one of the many beautiful checks and balances.
Wouldn't you want the same sort of freedom for duly elected city council members?
Of course, true freedom is a rare commodity these days.
2003-04-09 12:25:24 PM  
Hooray for farkers not reading the articles.

/nothing new
2003-04-09 12:27:01 PM  
"I don't think the people sitting around the cabinet with the president roll their eyes."

And I can tell you why:

1. He has a real job that matters, unlike the waste of skin passing this "No Smirking" law.

2. Even the Shrub is smarter than Judy Kleinberg.

Anyone want to bet Judy Kleinberg is the dumb blond who won because she had the best chest? Anyone want to bet sh has a reputation for being a moron, and she'ss pushing for these rules becasue she doesn't get any respect?

Anyone want to bet she blew the other supports of this bill to get them to sign on?

Anyone want to bet if this passes she will be the only one who gets treated differently?
2003-04-09 12:28:07 PM  
As many farkers have noted, it does only affect the City Council. However, such rules would be found unconstitutional upon any challenge. Body language in that context would be seen for what it is--political speech--speech that is always afforded the highest level of protection.
2003-04-09 12:28:27 PM  
When I said band, I meant ban.

/hate these backslash comments
2003-04-09 12:30:25 PM  
04-09-03 12:24:29 PM Archnem

I agree
2003-04-09 12:31:26 PM  
What about tone of voice? Are they going to regulate that too?
2003-04-09 12:31:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-09 12:35:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

See, they're already practicing the Southern Californian tradition of looting TVs and Computers, from a police station nonetheless!
2003-04-09 12:38:09 PM  
Wrong thread. Jesus thats what I get for having more than 1 IE window open. Please remove.
2003-04-09 12:39:49 PM  
I think this point has already been made but...wouldn't that mean that President Bush would not be welcome there? Every time he makes a speech he gets that Shiat eating grin going.
2003-04-09 12:42:31 PM  
Lived in No. Cal for ten years. Now in So.Cal. I think it's hilarious- I've worked for some of the smirkinest
people you've ever seen. hissy-fit new-age types that
couldn't pick up a pair of pliers to save their lives.
Long on the green stuff, and short on the grey matter.

There were also a lot of tremendously cool people that I
miss a lot. I can't go back because I can't even begin to
afford housing up there now. Socal has it all right now,
beach 5 min. from work, skiing 2 hrs away, and all the family in the same general vicinity.good times.

Now how do you enforce a smirk ban? with a biatch slap?
Who gets to dole out the Biatch slaps at a city council
meetings? or maybe have the smirk slammed out of them by
the Office football player...
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