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(News-Leader)   "It wasn't immediately clear whether the robbery suspect took the sandwich"   ( divider line
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2010-01-12 06:58:31 PM  
What, no "hero" tag? For shame.
2010-01-12 06:59:58 PM  
I like this story because it is in Springfield and features an E. Kearney St. (isn't that one of the bullies in The Simpsons?). To boot, it has a Lt. Roger Moore (007) and a Lt. Manlove.
2010-01-12 07:00:33 PM  
The guy weighed 300 pounds. I'm guessing he took the sammie.
2010-01-12 07:00:47 PM  
Drop the gun. Take the sandwich.
2010-01-12 07:00:58 PM  

The clerk gave the suspect an undisclosed amount of money and he left the store westbound on foot.

The clerk left the store?

Police continue to search for a suspect, Lt. Kirk Manlove said this morning.

2010-01-12 07:03:04 PM  


Drop the gun. Take the sandwich.

"Leave the gun."

(Clemenza told Michael to let his hand drop to his side and then drop the gun after he shot the police chief and the Turk.)
2010-01-12 07:04:20 PM  
His hair was short and may have been braided

so the suspect was hatless?
2010-01-12 07:07:56 PM  
nearly 6 ft. tall and weighing about 300

Consider the sandwich taken.
2010-01-12 07:16:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2010-01-12 07:17:52 PM  
i272.photobucket.comView Full Size
2010-01-12 07:32:09 PM  
Lt. Roger Moore said the suspect entered the restaurant and ordered a sandwich. When he got up to the cash register, he reportedly stuck his hand in his pocket and motioned in a way to suggest he had a weapon.

"Step Away From the sandwich!"
img41.imageshack.usView Full Size
2010-01-12 07:56:38 PM  
He, uh, he had no coconut to my knowledge.
2010-01-12 08:05:28 PM  
My town paper makes Fark two days in a row. They're probably wondering who the hell is reading it now.
2010-01-12 10:09:36 PM  

Mad Mark: My town paper makes Fark two days in a row. They're probably wondering who the hell is reading it now.

Hillbilly deluxe.
2010-01-12 11:49:55 PM  
The guy puts his hand in his pants and gets free money? Probably the only guy in history to get paid for jerking off,
2010-01-13 12:57:24 AM  

mantrum: How far is it from Quahog to Springfield?

Isn't right on the other side of Shelbyville?
2010-01-13 01:38:58 AM  
If you're any kind of robbery suspect, don't you ALWAYS take the sammich?
2010-01-13 06:43:40 AM  
The bigger question is, did his monkey steal the peach?
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