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(ABC News)   Neighbor shot dead in trailer park after public masturbation incident   ( divider line
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94 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Apr 2003 at 3:01 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-08 01:17:30 AM  
SAD is more like it

i nominate myself to personally butcher the guy alive for his sentence, using only rusty scissors and an electric can opener

does anyone second the motion?
2003-04-08 01:51:08 AM  
I would masturbate to this article but I don't want to get shot.
2003-04-08 01:52:12 AM  
He really should have just stuck to killing kittens.
2003-04-08 02:53:04 AM  
Vengeance is mine saith McCain. (Almost.)
2003-04-08 03:02:46 AM  
Careful with that one-shooter...
2003-04-08 03:03:38 AM  
The kittens strike back...
2003-04-08 03:04:13 AM  
"She just laid their saying 'Please God no! Don't leave me.'"

Nice editing on that site.
2003-04-08 03:05:20 AM  
they called the guy a hero for gettin killed because some guy decided to jerk off on his porch? and he confronted him? there's a lot of heros in this country then. that guys disturbed though.
2003-04-08 03:05:38 AM  
Until I read the article I was going to say:
'Fark user name withheld to protect the naked party'.

Now I would just like to know if someone can hurt him hard and deep...
2003-04-08 03:06:02 AM  
Im with nihil8r.
img.fark.netView Full Size

The guy deserves much worse than whatever happens to him.
2003-04-08 03:07:31 AM  
I'd think that if you are going to beat your meat in public, you'd also better be ready for an ass kicking.
2003-04-08 03:09:52 AM  
if i had a nickle for everytime that happened to me i'd..........
2003-04-08 03:10:07 AM  
Dont beat yourself up about it.

/bad joke
2003-04-08 03:10:07 AM  
Pee Wee Herman Surrenders.
2003-04-08 03:10:58 AM  
What an absolute wanker
2003-04-08 03:11:59 AM  
You can't bet your ass that public masterbation will drop SIGNIFICANTLY in that town!
2003-04-08 03:13:35 AM  
Now I would just like to know if someone can hurt him hard and deep...
Ku_No_Ichi, from what I know of american jail. thats bound to happen.
2003-04-08 03:14:06 AM  
Justice is served
2003-04-08 03:14:31 AM  
for those of you who didn't read the article:

Asshat masturbates on his porch in fron of dude's kids. Dude confronts asshat. Asshats shots dude (with the gun.)
2003-04-08 03:15:00 AM  
The masturbater was whacked.
2003-04-08 03:15:04 AM  
The wanker is also the killer. Read the article. Not all of you, only some of you.
2003-04-08 03:16:19 AM  
What Bigredlemon said. heh
2003-04-08 03:17:29 AM  
Let he who hasn't masterbated in front of little kids and then killed thier enraged father cast the first stone.
2003-04-08 03:17:50 AM  
dial up
2003-04-08 03:18:51 AM  
GIS for Ronnie Lewis:
[image from too old to be available]

Wow. What a coincidence.
2003-04-08 03:19:25 AM  
Oh, then it is Sad =(
The bater should have been dead
2003-04-08 03:22:53 AM  
It wasn't me. I am okay.
2003-04-08 03:23:12 AM  
Sounds like an ad for Big Johnson sporting goods

When McCain heard Johnson's story, he went to Lewis' trailer, apparently to confront the 41-year-old. Lewis then called 911 twice, and the second time the operator could hear the confrontation, and a gunshot.

"You better bring a big Johnson - instead of a little McCain... if ya got some trailer trashin' to do..."
2003-04-08 03:23:30 AM  
aren't some farkers inclined to say that kids watching someone masturbate is just life?
2003-04-08 03:23:54 AM  
I can hurt him hard and deep...if'n you know what I mean. heh
2003-04-08 03:26:50 AM  
I don't think 5-year-olds should even know why the dog humps your leg
2003-04-08 03:26:55 AM  
Nobody deserved to die over this.
2003-04-08 03:28:43 AM  
Reason # 248 - why living in trailer parks is bad for your health...
2003-04-08 03:29:44 AM  
Watch it, that thing could go off and hurt someone!!!
2003-04-08 03:29:47 AM  
Reason #1: tornadoes.
2003-04-08 03:31:29 AM  
Was this guy in the middle of cranking out a batch when the kids dad stopped over? I hear the blue ball defense is valid in 48 states.
2003-04-08 03:32:33 AM  
and by the way, i'm referencing this Sunday's thread
2003-04-08 03:33:08 AM  
i can't do html...
2003-04-08 03:36:18 AM  
Maybe Mrs. Johnson should have taken matters into her own hands...

Less likely he would have shot her (with previously mentioned weapon)

She could have given him the wanton slut routine - then suddenly castrated him prior to blastoff

Doubt the cops would punish her severely...
2003-04-08 03:36:19 AM  
does anyone go to bed and fully plan on masturbating but end up just snoozing off? I sort of hate it when that happens.
2003-04-08 03:37:10 AM  
Irockalot, if you think Farkers are going to cut and paste that address, you just don't understand how lazy we are. Of course, that give you a good excuse too.
2003-04-08 03:38:23 AM  
Tarvuz, do you mean in mid stroke? Or, do you mean times when you just don't get around to it?
2003-04-08 03:38:50 AM  
"aren't some farkers inclined to say that kids watching someone masturbate is just life?"

You must be talking about the farkers who post crush pictures.
2003-04-08 03:39:40 AM  
for some reason, i'm retarded and can't get it right. i'll try again:
2003-04-08 03:40:18 AM  
2003-04-08 03:42:56 AM  
Unrelated question:

Did anyone see the HBO Shock Video segment where the woman cooked her own placenta and served it to friends and family?
2003-04-08 03:48:33 AM  
Scrotar, Wesley Crusher?
[image from too old to be available]?
2003-04-08 03:48:44 AM  
that headline is a tad misleading
2003-04-08 03:49:15 AM  
So this happened in Johnstone County and her surname name is Johnson.... well where I come from, the Johnson is what this deadbeat was yanking on in as the kids rode past!!

/way too many Johnsons
2003-04-08 03:50:04 AM  
that sucks.

Lesson to learn, NEVER confront crazy people without help, local or athority even.
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