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61 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Apr 2003 at 1:01 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-06 11:06:18 PM  
Yahoo believes its search engine will provide more useful information than Google's and be simpler to use.

How the hell do you get easier than Google?
2003-04-06 11:17:49 PM  
Google is what Yahoo used to be. Clean, simple interface with relevant search results.

Yahoo: old and busted

Google: new hotness
2003-04-06 11:29:52 PM  
google is all about the searching, whereas Yahoo has the search bar pushed off to the left. yahoo will never be as good as google. plain and simple is what i need and want in my search engine.
2003-04-06 11:47:09 PM  
Google's hear to stay, baby!
2003-04-06 11:58:41 PM  
Goog rulz!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-07 12:01:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
It's now 2003.
2003-04-07 12:08:58 AM  
2003-04-07 01:00:45 AM  
Google is what Inktomi used to be.
2003-04-07 01:03:55 AM  
Yahoo makes a great home page, but as a search engine, it doesn't come close to Google.
2003-04-07 01:04:12 AM  
Google eats Yahoo for breakfast! Yahoo is just making an ass of themselves, but does that really suprise me? No
2003-04-07 01:04:58 AM  
Yeah, Whatever. can you do Image Searches on the new Yahoo? If not, then shut the fuk up. That's what Google is about, the Image searches.
2003-04-07 01:05:14 AM  
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! His last name's "Weiner!" HAHAHAHA!!!!!
2003-04-07 01:05:27 AM  
Battle lines clearly are being drawn between the companies, said Danny Sullivan, editor of the industry newsletter Search Engine Watch.

Search Engine Watch newsletter? Wow.. excitement.
2003-04-07 01:05:29 AM  
Google is better than hot sex
2003-04-07 01:05:46 AM  
Good luck to Yahoo; you're done.
2003-04-07 01:06:26 AM  
There can only be one Google. Don't know about Yoogle though.
2003-04-07 01:07:10 AM  
Yahoo!'s already dropping the ball. It's 1:05 EST and nada.
2003-04-07 01:09:07 AM  
Google is sooo overrated.
2003-04-07 01:09:21 AM  
Yahoo! Inc. is rolling out a souped-up search engine Monday

Does it come with a R-Type tag?It does give a extra 10 hp you know.
2003-04-07 01:09:27 AM  
Yahoo is far suppirior to Google. It has so many more features and is much more useful. Can you recieve email through google? DIDNT THINK SO. Can you make a webpage as good as a professional one, like most Geocities ones are with google? NOPE. Anyone who says google is better is stupid. They do not know what they are talking about.

/soap box
2003-04-07 01:10:11 AM  
Yahoo: old and busted

Google: new hotness

Amen to that brother.
2003-04-07 01:10:56 AM  
I'm stupid.
2003-04-07 01:11:19 AM  
The rebuilt version will combine Google's index with Yahoo's customized services spanning sports, driving directions and weather reports.

They don't get it. What made Google a success as a SEARCH ENGINE was because that's all it tried to be. Putting more annoying portal junk on the page will only slow things down.
2003-04-07 01:11:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-07 01:11:50 AM  
"Google" is even a much cooler name than "Yahoo"....I'm not convinced
2003-04-07 01:12:15 AM  
Is it my beer soaked brain or was Yahoo once powered by google or something to that effect? Holy crap I need some sleep.
2003-04-07 01:12:29 AM  
Yeah, will Google open complimentary BONUS browser windows for you (and tell you about the amazing X11 camera in the process)? Will Google let you talk to a bunch of 50 year old man pretending to be 14 year old lesbians in some crappy Chatroom? No way. Superior my azz.
2003-04-07 01:12:34 AM  
MichaelJackson: Google is the best search engine.
2003-04-07 01:13:23 AM  
Geocities sucks. Yahoo email sucks.

Google is a search engine, and a very good one at that. Yahoo is a web portal that just happens to have a search engine.

Thank you, please drive through.
2003-04-07 01:13:43 AM  
MichaelJackson: go find a 10 year old to play with.....

Google rocks!

Anyone who says google is better is stupid.

yeah but, at least my handle is cool
2003-04-07 01:13:53 AM  
Any S.E.O.'s in the house?
All this means is more work for us baby...
2003-04-07 01:14:08 AM  
Yahoo is far suppirior to Google. It has so many more features and is much more useful. Can you recieve email through google? DIDNT THINK SO. Can you make a webpage as good as a professional one, like most Geocities ones are with google? NOPE. Anyone who says google is better is stupid. They do not know what they are talking about.

Apparently you don't know what you're talking about, dumbass. We're talking about the SEARCHENGINES, not the other stuff that Yahoo offers. Kindly buy a frkking clue.
2003-04-07 01:14:19 AM  
When even the Fark forums are able to band together to support something, you know it's a winner. And just remember, whenever you use Yahoo, God kills a kitten. Or the terrorists win. Or something to that effect.
2003-04-07 01:14:45 AM  
Oh, Ready Flamewar, please.
2003-04-07 01:15:00 AM  
The chat rooms are a ADDITIONAL FEATURE dumbass. Those can't be bad. Its not like when you search for a page in the excelent search engine the pages start talking to you and claim to be 50 year old girls or whatever you were saying. Troll.
2003-04-07 01:15:29 AM  
In 50v137 Ru5514, the internet searches you!
2003-04-07 01:15:34 AM  
google hands down... its even easier to type than yahoo...
2003-04-07 01:15:35 AM  
And the Search Engine Watch newsletter is for us as Fark boobies are to bored university students..
2003-04-07 01:15:54 AM  
Yahoo clogs up the process with too much sponsored crap. Sponsored crap on Google is off to the side and doesn't offend my senibilities. Plus, Yahoo uses Shockwave ads everywhere, and I just detest that. If it weren't for a few BBs on Yahoo I keep track of, and free mailboxes, I'd never go there at all.
2003-04-07 01:16:05 AM  
Bah, spoke too soon I guess. But I think MichaelJackson was being sarcastic. If not... um... FARK OFF, TREE-HUGGER!.
2003-04-07 01:16:13 AM  
Does Yahoo have an image search? No? Then shut the fark up.

If it does then I'll have to shut the fark up.
2003-04-07 01:16:52 AM  
I once masturbated to google.

*raises glass to google*
2003-04-07 01:16:57 AM  
Its sad when the best argument 20+ people can come up with agenst something is some made up statements like "Terrorists use it". You know thats untrue, why dont you stop flaming me and just admit yahoo is a much better search engine.
2003-04-07 01:17:32 AM  
uh, wasn't yahoo powered by google for awhile?...
2003-04-07 01:18:31 AM  
And for those of you comparing apples and oranges?
Go educate yourself and then return to the discussion please.


Search Engines and Portals / Directories are not the same thing.
2003-04-07 01:19:15 AM  
MichaelJackson, you're either trolling at this point, or completely oblivious to sarcasm, but either way I'm going to do the same thing in retaliation: ignore the rest of the thread, as it's already become boring, and go to sleep.
2003-04-07 01:19:18 AM  
I pledge allegiance to the flag
MichaelJackson is a fag
Pepsi Cola burned him up
Now he's drinkin' 7UP
2003-04-07 01:19:20 AM  
"We think this is going to change the game a bit," said Jeff Weiner

Looks like a change of name is higher on your list of priorities, Jeff.
2003-04-07 01:19:21 AM  
guys, let's not feed the trolls, mm'kay?
2003-04-07 01:19:21 AM  

Pease go back to working on your "excellent-and good as a professional one!" Geocities site now. I can't wait until you provide us a link to it and we all get to see your bling bling.
Hi, my n4m3 is Mich431, 4nd I driv3 4 H0nd4 Civic 7h47 wi11 kiX y0ur c4r's 4ss
y0u ru13! 101! G30c337s is numb0r 1, f001!
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