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2003-04-06 10:52:29 PM  
Looks like Farkette Steph the Geek.
2003-04-07 12:02:21 AM  
Recockulous - I sorta thought so at first, but then I concluded that Steph is better looking by far.

Peel Region representin'!
2003-04-07 05:37:59 AM  
Meh. This is -oobies. Not boobies. It's missing something.... Oh yeah, -udity.
2003-04-07 05:39:39 AM  
It's either SFW, or it isn't. If you're clicking on a boobies link, always expect NSFW.

Oh, and wasn't StG banned for being an attention whore? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else, they seem to crop up so frequently nowadays.
2003-04-07 05:41:33 AM  
Yes. Only the naughty bits are NSFW, the rest is completely SFW and thus constitutes "mostly SFW". Blah.

"Boss, I was only looking at the SFW parts!"

/not looking till I get home... maybe.
2003-04-07 05:43:02 AM  
Okay, this one is definitely NSFW, but it's got great boobies!
2003-04-07 05:43:21 AM  
You can almost see her hoohoodilly.
2003-04-07 05:45:24 AM  
Interesting piercing on her face.
2003-04-07 05:46:18 AM  
The Vanessa woman has a cute body but the bikinis sure are hideous.
2003-04-07 05:50:27 AM  
I'm going to disagree about the face thing and agree on the bikini comment.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-07 05:51:50 AM  
Lbn: I believe you mean "cha-cha"
2003-04-07 05:51:54 AM  
2003-04-07 05:52:33 AM  
camel toes in there!
2003-04-07 05:53:57 AM  

Dammit man... I told you last night a "Hoohoodilly" is a penis (Also known as a "fireman").

A "Cha Cha" is a vagina.
2003-04-07 05:55:10 AM  

*Chest bumps*

2003-04-07 05:55:15 AM  
2003-04-07 05:56:50 AM  
2003-04-07 06:00:31 AM  
She has a hoohoodilly.
2003-04-07 06:01:26 AM  
She's a pre-op tranny - hoohoodilly.
2003-04-07 06:02:01 AM  
Hottest bikini chica (nsfw)

Ahh.. she's so cute :D lime green thongs, though? Eh.
2003-04-07 06:03:14 AM  

You got me there.

*Runs off to watch Gummo*

2003-04-07 06:03:28 AM  
If you start banning people who post comments for being attention whores, you might as well ban us all. Why else do we post?
2003-04-07 06:14:08 AM  
Her.face == not_fappable;

if(her.body == fappable)
keyboard == sticky;

/ccC++ ddaaamnnnnnn ssticcckk
2003-04-07 06:15:03 AM  
This is what happens when everyone biatches about fake boobs. Are you happy now?
2003-04-07 06:25:43 AM  
I woke up and looked at Fark for this? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2003-04-07 06:26:07 AM  
2003-04-07 06:30:42 AM  
Girls Gone Wild: Trailer Park Edition
2003-04-07 06:42:26 AM  
I didn't know a sponsor of Wicked Weasel... They seem to post a link to different sections of the same site every few weeks. As far as I can tell, the content of the catalog hasn't really changed in a long time.
2003-04-07 07:01:52 AM  
Am I the only one who saw this in there?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-07 07:05:02 AM  
As far as I can tell the content of the catalog hasn't got any better looking either.
2003-04-07 07:12:49 AM  
Limey: That's not a bikini on Vanessa, it's an orthopedic clitoral hood...

Dont_Die: Yeah, I noticed that too. Must belong to the owner of the company. BASTARD.
2003-04-07 07:29:48 AM  
I'd fap to that.
2003-04-07 07:43:28 AM  
Everybody doesn't complain about fake boobies. I don't. If they're tastefully done, that is.
2003-04-07 07:56:55 AM  
Why don't we just post Asian Boobies more, they have real tits, and are supa R-Type hot! Come on people, no more nasty white biatches.

Hey! Ho! No we wont go!
Hey! Ho! Were are my Asian boobies?
Hey! Ho! No we won't go!
Hey! Ho! No mo white ho's!
Hey! HO!
2003-04-07 08:05:12 AM  
Mostly SFW? THat's like Miracle Max saying, "Your friend is only MOSTLY dead!"
2003-04-07 08:18:16 AM  

No, NOT the 'cream of the crop'. Sorry.
2003-04-07 08:25:32 AM  

I could have probably better spent my time springing my clocks ahead... Or watching paint dry... Or watching grass grow...
2003-04-07 08:30:11 AM  
Hope she does not hit you.

2003-04-07 08:31:45 AM  
Ah, didn't like my html.

try it this way then
2003-04-07 08:36:18 AM  

I noticed that too!! And to think I thought I was the only one. heh heh
2003-04-07 08:38:24 AM  
MadJalaporno, are those what breastesses are supposed to look like on a weightlifter?
2003-04-07 08:41:06 AM  
This reminds me of southern California. Ahh... with its progressive attitudes, pleasant weather, friendly natives, residential areas which are somehow commercial zones with alternate parking requirements, race riots, earthquakes, wild fires, rolling blackouts, and where ferrets are illegal because the California wildlife department is worried about the damage that NEUTERED FERRETS COULD HAVE ON THE ECOSYSTEM!!! GAAH! I HATE CALIFORNIA! TOOL WAS RIGHT! TOOL wa-

erm... I mean, nice boobies link
2003-04-07 08:47:12 AM  

2003-04-07 08:48:02 AM  
Interesting piercing on her face.

If by "interesting", you mean "silly", I concur.
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-04-07 08:49:22 AM  
horry morry...dat's vanessa from the voyeurweb

not that I would know that, because she doesn't do it for me

/compulsive liar
2003-04-07 09:22:55 AM  
Godamnlimey: she could put an eye out with those nipples
2003-04-07 09:31:52 AM  
they all seem like very nice girls...except for Soli. i think she's a nazi.
2003-04-07 09:35:31 AM  
Recockulous Must be the bangs
[image from too old to be available]
Want to see her pussy? Click here

I wonder if she's still banned?
2003-04-07 10:05:32 AM  
most of them are good, but
don't seem to understand you shouldn't wear a bikini when you're a bit
2003-04-07 10:18:31 AM  
Herooftime You'd hit that in a heartbeat.
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