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(Fark)   Fark party update: Friday report (also keep an eye on LameCam around 2-3pm or so)   ( divider line
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2523 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Sep 2001 at 11:48 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-22 11:53:27 AM  
explains why last night was soooo quiet on here
2001-09-22 11:55:00 AM  
-->this is a test to see who is actually reading the article...
everything was great until Bigpeeler punched Arkie boy in the mouth in order to win the apple bobbing contest

What? Wow... I'm disappointed in peeler... what a cheater.
2001-09-22 12:00:45 PM  
Report coming shortly, I'm still writing it
2001-09-22 12:26:54 PM  
3D boobies
2001-09-22 12:32:04 PM  
Half of the folks hooked up with me Friday evening, while the other half (maybe 2/3s now that I think about it) hooked up over at Mike's place and had a LAN party for several hours. Actually I don't know that for sure, I'm just guessing.

From around 6-8pm we wandered around downtown Lexington, looked at art and helped ourselves to the free snacks and wine they were passing out. We went to about six or seven different places, maybe more. I lost count after a few glasses of wine. To give you an idea of the variety of places we went to, we started out at a nice spread at a place called the artist's attic, which was close to classy. Then we went to what I affectionally call The Crazy Guy's Studio. There are a few artists up there, most of whom love to dress up in drag during these outings. The main guy has done some fairly bizarre performance pieces, such as wrapping himself in celophane and rolling down the street like a log into oncoming traffic. Last summer he spent a week in a cardboard box on a street corner videotaping people who came up and looked in. He said he didn't leave the box for a week. For anything. Yes that means what you think it does. Then one of the next places we went was an exhibit done by a group of breast cancer survivors. Followed by an exhibit in a 200 year-old historic house. And so on.

Earlier in the afternoon Mike and I were talking about what we were going to do this evening, since it was pretty much open. We'd decided we'd have to go to TGIFridays because we had some underage folks that couldn't get into the bars. That way some of us could have beer and everyone could be around. While looking for local stuff to do, Mike came across a blurb about the midnight movie at the Kentucky Theater (an old 1930s/40s movie house in downtown Lex). The movie was Wildcat Women in 3D - a blaxploitation porno. The Kentucky usually does artsy type movies, but two years ago on a whim they decided to try something different and do a 3D porno. They sold the place out. I didn't go, but Mike did. He said it was hilarious. Everyone was heckling the movie the whole time.

So after 8pm we wandered over and got tickets for the movie. Then we zipped out to TGIF, where everyone else met up. There ended up being about 25 of us in all (with more coming tonight). We had a few beers and mostly just loudly yelled obscenities in the restaurant. Melinika spent a lot of time yelling out shiathead's name, his Fark name that is (shiathead). She kept humping his leg too. I think she likes him. Luckily a few of us locals are there every Thursday so they're used to stuff like this.

Afterwards we went back downtown to the movie. After giving the door guy your ticket, they gave you some 3D glasses, the old red and blue kind, and said that the blue one went on the left. This was confusing because the glasses themselves said it went on the right. I never did figure out which side which color was supposed to go on because the movie was so faded (1975 original print) that the glasses just flat out didn't work. We debated whether or not it was harder to watch with or without the glasses. I'm still not sure. I'm just glad I had a lot of wine and beer before we got there, it helped. The sound was horrible too. Half the time you couldn't tell what anyone was saying. The other half of the time when you actually could hear what they were saying wasn't much help. I'm sure we missed out on a very complex and well written plot. In the meantime since we couldn't hear we just made up our own lines. So did everyone else in the theater. It was an hour and a half of several hundred people shouting at the screen. It was hilarious. BizB had probably the best lines of the group. Jeff was a close second, he just kept shouting was "Just fark already" during the slow-speed chase scenes. There was more driving around than sex on this movie.

I'm not entirely sure what the plot was about. The only relatively good thing I can say about the movie is that at least just about everyone was killed in the last scene.

And that was Friday
2001-09-22 12:35:35 PM  
Because of commitments to a show, I wasn't able to make it. But we had the cast party last... if you don't know this, theatre people have the best parties. After the cops got called on us, we moved from an apartment to a HUGE farking house... We remembered to get the beer, but we forgot the most of the music, but it didn't matter. Well, not to me, I was drinking beers for Sgamer and drew! I don't remember getting home, and I need to go find my car soon, and find out what all people are going to be able to blackmail me with.
2001-09-22 01:23:37 PM  
Of all the things I lost at the party and movie last night. I miss my mind the most.
2001-09-22 01:27:16 PM  
Wow.... what a ballsy move... going to a porno in Kentucky...

2001-09-22 01:36:11 PM  
Blue always goes over the stronger eye, which is usually the right... :)
2001-09-22 01:38:12 PM  
It didn't seem to make much difference either way
2001-09-22 01:56:52 PM  
Why is it that I cant ever see Nika's websites? Grrr.
2001-09-22 02:03:50 PM  
Why can't there be bad 3D pornos in New Jersey. Oh, that's right, it's because Kentucky sucks.
2001-09-22 02:09:04 PM  
Just remember while you're at the party: always play nice with the other children. It's *always* funny until someone loses an eye.

Uncle Rage
2001-09-22 02:19:02 PM  
Wow a porno tragedy enhanced by booze and red and blue lenses glasses. Sweet! Sounds like everyone is having fun.

Stupid work! I have around 100 hours of vacation and never allowed to use it. Oh well. PARTY ON KENTUCKY!!
2001-09-22 02:44:57 PM  
Hey , Drew , why no American flag on the lame-cam ?
2001-09-22 02:45:27 PM  
I wish I could go and get drunk.
2001-09-22 02:47:35 PM  
Funny how farkers and the fark lifestyle can be summed up with lots of beer and an old 3d black porno flick.
2001-09-22 02:59:18 PM  
I see plaid.
2001-09-22 03:00:54 PM  
alright, I'm sorry to burst on on this thread. But I've been hanging around Fark for a while and recently started goofing off with the photoshop stuff but not really posting a lot. Suddenly I'm confronted with the dark underbelly of fark where "reunions" result in nutty-art houses and porn theaters. . . ? It suddenly strikes me I'm a long way from home. farking COOL!

I hate being confronted by how normal and boring my life is.
2001-09-22 03:06:28 PM  
So what's going on at LameCam? There was one image five minutes ago that looked like it might be a pair of tartan boxers covering the cam, but other than that nada... are you being a gentleman Mike? ;)
2001-09-22 03:52:46 PM  
Fark! Beer will not solve your issues, nor bad porn. Do push ups instead!
2001-09-22 04:12:22 PM  
Drew: BizB had probably the best lines of the group.

Yea, every now and then, even a blind squirrel finds a nut.
Boobies and Beer! Boobies and Beer! Farkers and Boobies and Beer!
If you are ever presented the opportunity to attend a fark party, consider yourself warned. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling/laughing so much.
2001-09-22 04:40:53 PM  
The party was last night? I should have at least called. I could have done a lame Walken impression or something.
2001-09-22 05:10:33 PM  
I tried to borrow a yellow bus from the pool to be y'all's designated driver, but the boss acted like a shiathead and wouldn't allow it. I am glad to hear y'all didn't need me after all. I can see it now, Farkers out the left windows, Farkers out the right windows and two Farkers' heads stuck up through the roof escape-hole thingys. Weeeeeeee!
2001-09-22 05:30:03 PM  
Mike :
Did ya' get the photo, did ya', didya' huh?
I bet you didn't sleep much last night, and I bet you were telling everyone about some friends of mine...... ;)
2001-09-22 05:57:07 PM  
Not really .....
OK...but I hope you had a great time....
Cedar point rocks, oh the memories......
2001-09-22 06:04:01 PM  
The party wasn't last night per se. It was the first night. Saturday being the second night
2001-09-22 06:05:41 PM  
Hey Drew, ask Mike about the camp out...!
2001-09-22 07:11:07 PM  
oo ies
2001-09-22 07:11:50 PM  
 oo ies?
2001-09-22 09:33:16 PM  
Ah, I see. Is there a number where I could send my well wishes?
2001-09-27 01:15:19 AM  
This is an test.
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