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(Mainichi Daily News)   Foolish fisherman feasts on deadly Fugu fish. Death is served   ( divider line
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144 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Apr 2003 at 5:32 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-06 10:55:14 AM  
Mmmmmm, Tetrodotoxin
2003-04-06 11:32:33 AM  
That was my favorite episode!! When Homer, proceeding through his list of Things-To-Do-in-the-Next-24-Hours, calls Bart, "C'mere, boy" and Bart automatically drops his pants and bends over Homer's knee with the classic, "Oh, mannnn..."
2003-04-06 12:14:25 PM  
the word 'fatal' would have been more appropriate with all the F's in the title.
2003-04-06 01:08:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
"Poison. Poison. Ahh, tasty fish!"
2003-04-06 03:24:26 PM  

2003-04-06 03:30:54 PM  
Man eats poison and dies. It just doesn't get more ironic than that.
2003-04-06 03:41:01 PM  
I predict much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the improper use of the ironic tag.
2003-04-06 05:05:28 PM  
Death is served

But I asked for cake!
2003-04-06 05:33:12 PM  
ruh roh

wait, thats scooby doo
2003-04-06 05:37:06 PM  
It's like raeee-aiiin,on your wedding day,
but it's not ironic.
2003-04-06 05:37:07 PM  
Puffer fish don't have lungs. =P
2003-04-06 05:37:28 PM  
mmmmmmmmmmmmm Fugu.
2003-04-06 05:38:03 PM  
2003-04-06 05:38:33 PM  
Always nice to see Darwin at work.
2003-04-06 05:38:37 PM  
This fugu fish does not have an iron-y taste.
2003-04-06 05:39:00 PM  
No no no!!! It is ironic because they were expecting yummy fishiness but ended up with a gullet full of poison. That's ironic, isn't it?? :-/
2003-04-06 05:40:44 PM  

I say "poison! poison! tasty fish!" all the damn time. Because I'm a dork, mainly. Still a good episode though.
2003-04-06 05:40:52 PM  
"But... I didnt have any of the Chocolet mousse"

/Monty Python, meaning of life
2003-04-06 05:42:14 PM  
There are people that actually LIKE sushi?
2003-04-06 05:42:33 PM  
Foolish fisherman feasts on fatal Fugu fish. Funeral to follow.
2003-04-06 05:42:36 PM  
Yea, verily, thou shalt useth thine tag of DUMBASS in cases of such dumbassery.

Ironic this is not.

/Joining the crowd in browbeating the submitter
2003-04-06 05:42:50 PM  
Fugu? FugMe
2003-04-06 05:43:10 PM  
That's as dumb as baking a cake with a razor blade in it and hoping you don't get the wrong slice.
2003-04-06 05:43:14 PM  
Tastes just like chicken.
2003-04-06 05:44:06 PM  
Sushi = good.

Deadly Fugu fish = very very bad.

I fail to see the irony, however.

/Hasn't read article
2003-04-06 05:44:38 PM  
when it says...fugu fugu fugu
on the label label label
you will like it like it like it
on your tablbe table table
2003-04-06 05:44:43 PM  
Sounds like this could have used a Dumbass Tag to me.

Hey, isn't this the same fish that they use in Haiti to allegedly make zombies. I think it's like some extract from Pufferfish liver. They make a powder from it, mix it with some other things, then they blow it on you. It makes you look and appear dead, and then they keep your soul, and make you their slave.
/I think I've seen the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow a few too many times.
2003-04-06 05:44:48 PM  
I think it's ironic, because he was a FISHERMAN with many years experience fishing in the area... I don't think it's too much to expect a fisherman to be aware of the dangers of eating raw fugu kidney.

Rain on your wedding day would be ironic if you were a weather forecaster who had predicted sunshine, lolly pops, rainbows and everything else...

Red lights when you're already late would be ironic if you were the person who programmed the traffic lights program, and farked it up.

If it was just some dumb joe carving up a fish and comping down on poison, then that's just bad luck.

but fisherman = irony.
2003-04-06 05:45:37 PM  
......Um...?!! Can I have Fugu Fish for my last meal,...Warden??
2003-04-06 05:45:47 PM  
Venturi, well..I'll have the chicken.
2003-04-06 05:47:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Darwin says, "I win! Pay up biatch!"
2003-04-06 05:48:05 PM  

/Grandpa Simpson
2003-04-06 05:49:21 PM  
I have actually eaten fugu... and yes, it is a "tasty fish".
2003-04-06 05:49:34 PM  
Are they sure he is dead? Tetrododoixin does have the nasty habit of making you look dead, but actually you aren't. See The Serpent and the Rainbow (yes, the movie is based off of the book by a celebrated arvard ethnobotanist.)
2003-04-06 05:49:49 PM  
I've become a killer.
2003-04-06 05:49:55 PM  
According to Matt Groening (would he lie?), they sell non-poisonous fugu. Maybe the guy should've eaten that instead.
2003-04-06 05:50:09 PM  
can anybody on here email Sweater Girl or Jeff and see if I lost my keys the other night? Yeah, Portland Fark Party baby.
2003-04-06 05:50:11 PM  
Bukharin--That was the "salmon mousse." If yer gonna quote the Holiest of Holys, at least get it straight...

Fugu...not just delicious and nutritious, but potentially deadly. Think of it like the love of mushroom hunters to find rare varities of wild 'shrooms, while hoping to avoid the deadly ones. Sad thing is, folks in my area who were recently horribly poisoned by wild mushrooms, but survived, said that the things were the tastiest mushrooms they'd ever had, and went back for more. In a few hours, the mycotoxins had destroyed a good deal of their kidney and liver functions.

Sushiluscious, and tingly all at the same time.
2003-04-06 05:50:26 PM  
once again: dont belittle a little alliteration
2003-04-06 05:50:39 PM  
"Here, try this. It's from a disgusting fish, it's innermost disgusting parts, and it just might kill you. By the way, it's also going to cost a fortune. Enjoy your meal."

2003-04-06 05:50:54 PM  
2003-04-06 05:53:05 PM  

Didn't they use some kind of poison toad to make the zombie stuff?

p.s. if you really hit my mom, you are a brave brave man.
Who's my daddy?
2003-04-06 05:54:20 PM  
Err, well, I definitely lost my keys. Maybe that should read, "... have they seen my keys"

*hides head in shame*

2003-04-06 05:54:32 PM  
Hau'oli Haole=html moron
2003-04-06 05:56:13 PM  
"It's hard to deny there's something fishy in what keeps driving people to fill up on fugu. "

...I can only hope that my death can be summed up in a horrible, horrible pun.
2003-04-06 05:56:30 PM  
2003-04-06 05:56:39 PM  
"I know I left my keys in one of these threads..."
2003-04-06 05:58:07 PM  
What fish did you eat B0rg9?
2003-04-06 06:00:48 PM  
I'm not following. Does the eating of this fish give one a ten minute orgasm?

Seriouswy stwongbad, why would anyone eat that shiate?
2003-04-06 06:01:26 PM  
As my Italian friends tell me, "va fagu!"
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