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82 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Apr 2003 at 4:03 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-06 06:30:56 AM  
I never did trust those dam beef labels
2003-04-06 09:15:42 AM  
Well, those paper labels will give you heartburn....
2003-04-06 10:03:46 AM  
You shouldn't thaw meat in the microwave anyway.
2003-04-06 04:06:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-06 04:09:35 PM  
WTF???? This article is kitten killing material?
2003-04-06 04:13:46 PM  
what kind of idiot thaws meat in a microwave anyway?
2003-04-06 04:14:45 PM  
MacGyver can do the same thing with a deck of playing cards and a hand grenade.
2003-04-06 04:16:05 PM  
Channel 8 sucks.
2003-04-06 04:16:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Shee-oot! Me and da junior have da same problem over duh kettle. One second ya got sum pipin' hot beef, next thang ya know ya got a damn inferno on ya hands! Been complainin' bout dem thangs for years!

2003-04-06 04:18:01 PM  
But why would anyone actually COOK ground beef in its original packaging?

I cant help thinking the styrofoam tray would fuse with the meat under the heat of cooking...
2003-04-06 04:18:31 PM  
Tremor Christ

that question was just dying to be asked. What Does God Hate?
2003-04-06 04:21:21 PM  
God hates people that thaw meat in microwaves.
2003-04-06 04:24:38 PM  
The only time I've ever thawed meat in a microwave was when these chicken legs I had were literally fused with the paper...the meat had to be microwaved in a little bit of water to get the paper to come off.
2003-04-06 04:27:15 PM  
Is this why my cans of Chef Boy-R-Dee ravioli keep exploding in the microwave?

Garsh, this technology is hard.
2003-04-06 04:27:33 PM  
Anyone ever tried spinning a cd in a microwave? Wrecks both, but it looks pretty cool.
2003-04-06 04:30:47 PM  
I microwave sandwiches at work and the labels always turn black, i know if i leave them in longer they will catch fire, awesome!!
2003-04-06 04:30:57 PM  
I've never tried it(I know Jesus loves me cause I don't use microwaves to defrost), but wouldn't the other packaging burn first?
2003-04-06 04:33:40 PM  
Elite-mrp Most of those labels are printed on thermal paper, (like in old fax machines) and they turn black at a very low temperature.
2003-04-06 04:34:46 PM  
Good_Moleman_To_You, it wont wreck the microwave if you stop it right after the cd zaps.. I do it for 4 seconds, it "warms up" for 3 and at 4 it gets all electrical, then it shuts off, i take the cd out fast cause it smells nasty... been doing it for years, at first for fun, now to blank imporatnt cds before i trash em (sys backups with pw info and stuff)

microwave works fine still... and if you're still worried, put a cup of water in also, itll take longer to zap the cd but once the cd is zapped the water will take the rest of the microwaves so that the magnatron wont get damaged.
2003-04-06 04:40:45 PM  
Since this story is about beef... i just had a chicken sandwhich at wendy's,..just wanted to say, biggie fries dipped in frosty = heaven

anyone else dip their wendy's fries in the frosty's or am i just weird?
2003-04-06 04:43:48 PM  
Check out this site
Fun tricks with microwaves
(Link should open in a new window)
2003-04-06 04:43:57 PM  
Thanks for the tip, Elite-mrp. Now I've just got to figure out how to do it with my cat wrapped in tinfoil. Trial and error, I guess.
2003-04-06 04:44:18 PM  
I thaw frozen hamburger in the microwave before cooking it. One time I noticed that the label had a little tiny piece of metal under it for some reason. I noticed it because it was throwing bright blue sparks all over the place. Doh! Now I just put the hamburger w/ packaging into a large bowl of hot water.

Elite-mrp I knew someone else who did that. What's really odd though is that some Canadians will put grape jelly on their fries. ewwwww....
2003-04-06 04:44:43 PM  
You are weird but in a good way.
2003-04-06 04:45:23 PM  
Why defrost? Didn't you guys ever have "Meatsickles" when you were a kid? Or is that just me?
2003-04-06 04:47:52 PM  
See, French fries and American frosties can peacefully coexist, why can't we just take a tip from yummy food?
2003-04-06 04:48:04 PM  
Elitre-mrp I didn't know anybody else did that! No one ever expects chocolate and potatoes to be such a cholesterolific taste sensation.
2003-04-06 04:49:30 PM  
TommyyommoT, Ah, meatsickles during hot summer mouth waters just thinking about it.
2003-04-06 04:49:44 PM  

"Where's the beef label ?!?"

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-06 04:51:19 PM  

My parents made me eat frozen hotdogs...does that count?
2003-04-06 04:53:42 PM  
My personal favorite was "Porksickles", they kinda upset my stomach though. Speaking of pork, I could really go for some bacon right now. I think I'll boil up a few strips.
2003-04-06 04:55:27 PM  
mmmmm boiled bacon...
2003-04-06 05:00:12 PM  
Saranac, i got my brother into it too, but that was the only other person i knew who did this, now i know we're not alone... something about the salt on the fries plus the sweetness of the frosty.. mmm mmmm mmmmmmmm
2003-04-06 05:06:54 PM  

Nope, you're not the only one who does that. In fact, I was introduced to the idea by someone else.
2003-04-06 05:10:50 PM  
My theory was always that the goodness of the Frosty canceled out the substandardness of the fries. I think I discovered that fries were a better substitute for the lousy little spoon they always give you. Forget trying to use a straw, you'll pop a lung.
2003-04-06 05:10:57 PM  
I would always dip French fries in ice cream. Chocolate's the best. Actually, my grandma got me into that.
2003-04-06 05:49:54 PM  
as a kid i would dip mcd's fries in choc shake, but now i too have switched to wendy's frosty n' fries.
mmmmm...heart attack food
2003-04-06 06:00:23 PM  
wendy's fries can suck my kiss.
2003-04-06 06:01:35 PM  
My first "weird" dippings started when i was 4 i think, i used to dip dorritos in chocolate ice cream mmm

OOOH!! Anyone dip pizza crust in root beer?!? That was my favorite, haven't done it in years though
2003-04-06 06:19:49 PM  
Good_Moleman_To_You: You kind of reminded me of this. We made a bunch of them for a party one year. ;)

Record Bowl
2003-04-06 10:09:05 PM  
frostys and fries.
who'd a thunk it? Ma, I'm goin to wendy's
2003-04-06 11:19:38 PM  
Lots of people do it....i used to dip McD's fries into hot fudge sundaes
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