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(Mainichi Daily News)   14-year-old arrested for arson. Excuse: "I was tired of being a good boy"   ( divider line
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85 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Apr 2003 at 12:57 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-05 09:56:05 PM  
Where is our JAPAN tag, doo-daa doo-daa.
Fark need a JAPAN tag soon, ooo-de-doo-daa-day.
2003-04-05 10:25:01 PM  
I say good for him.

I also say "Burn Hollywood Burn!" and "What doesn't kill you can only make you stonger." and "A little toxic waste never hurt anyone." and occaisonaly I say "Kill Whitey." but that's just for shock value.
2003-04-06 01:00:13 AM  
2 months from now:
"I am tired of being pumped full of semen in prison."
2003-04-06 01:00:27 AM  
Come on, I've lit my house on fire before. Although I didn't actually try to burn my parents. Burn myself (looks at scars on arm) yes, but
2003-04-06 01:00:59 AM  
I've been through this whole thing before. Set a trashed TV on fire in the middle of a street at 3:00 AM and "they" didn't appreciate it much.
2003-04-06 01:02:56 AM  
haha ramius
2003-04-06 01:06:04 AM  
i'm tired of being a good boy too! somebody spank me! ummm...not you Ramius5783
2003-04-06 01:07:00 AM  
And the came the bukkake!

2003-04-06 01:08:01 AM  
interesting..disappearing links..
2003-04-06 01:08:35 AM  
Good, cause now you're a bad boy. VERY bad boy...

2003-04-06 01:08:53 AM  
whered the crappy game kink go?

p.s. i still smell funny
2003-04-06 01:09:28 AM  
link* .. hmm why did i say kink.. kinky.. hmmm hmmmmm!!
2003-04-06 01:10:29 AM  
Whenever I wanted attention when I was that age I just faked a siezure, sheesh, these kids are CRAZY!!!!
2003-04-06 01:12:26 AM  
Tell the guys in the pen you "want to be a bad boy". They'll set you up.
2003-04-06 01:12:44 AM  
Whered the snake game go?
2003-04-06 01:12:58 AM  
what happened to the snake link?
2003-04-06 01:13:39 AM  
:'( i wanted to talk about how cool it was
2003-04-06 01:13:42 AM
2003-04-06 01:14:16 AM  
I want to know to, what happened to the snake game...was it a rotten link? Did we just load trojans onto our computer unknowingly? What the fark?
2003-04-06 01:14:24 AM  
yeah i know the link... but :(
2003-04-06 01:15:16 AM  
provided for those that think we are nuts...
2003-04-06 01:18:09 AM  
provided for those who want your nuts?
2003-04-06 01:19:27 AM  
did someone say peppermint?
2003-04-06 01:19:48 AM  
What the hell? Where'd the game go?
2003-04-06 01:20:48 AM  
You want my nuts?
2003-04-06 01:21:13 AM  
Devotchka, why care about where when how is what needs to be known?
2003-04-06 01:21:23 AM  
Here's the deal, I've been a good kid all my life and I understand where this kid is coming from. My father will give me shiat for hours for a single C, however straigh A's warrant only a "good job." In this time of video games, movies and TV. Why won't anyone pay attention to us, are we expected to be these perfect little suburban cookie cutter kids? Frankly, I'm farking tired of it. No one cares about the children anymore and it's making me sick. We now have 14 year olds who are already bitter and world weary. 13 year olds are having sex and babies. 12 year olds are spending time looking at porn online. Something has to be done. We need to show the children that we care about something other than having a cell phone smaller than our neighbors.
2003-04-06 01:23:07 AM  
mirthinrage: quit complaining. jesus farking christ. you're like peewee herman on speed. or something.
2003-04-06 01:23:56 AM  
Mirthinrage, yes!

Children of the world unite! Set fires to your parents houses, kill and/or capture your neighbors, take over the cities. Your time has come, you must stand up and fight against the evil adults!


Mirthinrage IS YOUR LEADER!!
2003-04-06 01:26:24 AM  
Jeez, Mirthinrage, calm the hell down and get yourself some therapy.
2003-04-06 01:28:02 AM  
i demand to know where the snake link went
2003-04-06 01:28:18 AM  
Devotchka, why care about where when how is what needs to be known?

Let's see here...what, when, where, why, how...ah, you forgot "who".

I had to read that over about 5 times to understand what you were saying there, hoss.
2003-04-06 01:29:55 AM  
i think he meant 'who cares about where and when; how is what needs to be known!!!! i like young boys. GADZOOKS!' does that clear it up for you?
2003-04-06 01:30:22 AM  
Devotchka, i try to try when i try but not why i try no.
2003-04-06 01:31:38 AM  
Mirthinrage just needs some drinking buddies. Beer makes it all better.
2003-04-06 01:32:00 AM  
GoatTRICKS, don't put words in my mouth, just cookies. mmmm cookies.
2003-04-06 01:34:02 AM  
I already figured it out GoatTRICKS , hence my second paragraph. It just took me about an aeon.

I didn't notice that he'd mentioned liking 'young boys', though...thanks for pointing that out. Now I'm doubly suspicious of him.
2003-04-06 01:34:41 AM  
If you find any cookies, can I have some?
2003-04-06 01:36:27 AM  
Mirthinrage it sucks to be world weary at 14...i wasn't good and world weary until 19. soon we'll be having 7 year olds who are just like "what's the point man, pass that j..."

/very mild sarcasm
2003-04-06 01:41:43 AM  
i got cookies. yep i got cookies.

/very mild salsa
2003-04-06 01:42:53 AM  
When I was tired of being good, i would just rape the ...oh wait. I was never good.
2003-04-06 01:43:37 AM  
Fark it.

What do you expect in a world that has all these rules doesn't reward the good? After all, we have all these "rights" to protect the guilty, right? What do you expect in a world where freedom of speech protects people who walk around with their genitals hanging out? What that has to with with speaking, I don't know. Doesn't matter anyway. Maybe he burnt it down to make a statement about how stupid and shiatty this world really is. I mean really. Do-gooders only serve the purpose of being do-badders tools anyway. He's a direct result of a farked up community in a farked up world. No different anywhere you go.

Fark it.
2003-04-06 01:43:40 AM  
In other news, the Koolest Kid EVAR is tentatively ID'd as a 14-year old from Tokorozawa, Saitama, JP.

But my favorite part of the story is in the upper-left hand portion of the frame: "Cop pinched for having sex with 14-year-old girl".

God I love / hate Japan.
2003-04-06 01:43:53 AM  
I had a peanut butter cookie, and a brownie cookie (with white chocolate chips and coconut mmmm)

/very mild odor
2003-04-06 01:44:41 AM  
Heh, you almost said dog.
2003-04-06 01:44:52 AM  
mr_name: you should team up with Mirthinrage and start a US olympic complaining team. or something.
2003-04-06 01:52:30 AM  
No kidding, GoatTRICKS . Here's my favorite part:

Maybe he burnt it down to make a statement about how stupid and shiatty this world really is

...thanks to people like him. Look at me! I hate this world and think it's stupid, so I'm going to try to make it worse!

What a great statement.
2003-04-06 01:53:28 AM  
STFU Goat, Stupid orange county prick. He had a point, why do you have to be stupid about it.
2003-04-06 01:56:02 AM  
Looks like it's "Angry 15 year old night" at Fark.
2003-04-06 01:57:56 AM  
As Ruri would say - BAKA BAKA...
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