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(News24)   Girl hears burglar breaking glass. Hockey game breaks out   ( divider line
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94 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2003 at 6:52 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-04 11:06:13 PM  
haha kick ass! he got knocked the puck out

[image from too old to be available]

and no, that's not her, but who cares?
2003-04-04 11:07:28 PM  
"The flying squad arrived about 40 minutes later"

pretty speedy response time they got there......
2003-04-05 06:58:57 AM  
"I waved my hockey stick in the air and started hitting him on his head"

That rocks

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-05 07:00:46 AM  
Leafs suck.
2003-04-05 07:18:50 AM  
2003-04-05 07:24:37 AM  
I think the important question here is: Did she get any penalty minutes?
2003-04-05 07:38:02 AM  
Me wonders what I would do if someone broke in. I'd probably hide in my closet.

If someone were to attack me on the street or something (sans gun), I'd probably rage on him just like she did.

I love it when a woman can fight back!


2003-04-05 08:00:20 AM  
Pretty Pucka!
2003-04-05 10:52:01 AM  
Cool! Why don't we have a flying squad?!
2003-04-05 11:17:16 AM  
flying squad?
2003-04-05 12:52:35 PM  
And it took forty minuets for the flying squad to get there. Seems like an awfully long time.
2003-04-05 01:02:38 PM  
Ha! That's pretty funny. Anybody remember that last chick who hog-tied (sp?) the robber until police arrived? Yeah....she was hot.
2003-04-05 01:31:46 PM  
Cape Town girl.. hitting people with her Hockey Stick? People actually play hockey in South Africa? I thought you needed.. you know.. ice for that. Considering that she lived 45 minutes away from police, sounds like some farm girl who probably couldn't even find indoor ice. What an odd place for a hockey stick.
2003-04-05 01:37:25 PM  
Yay! My wife grumbled when we moved into our house and I planted a hockey stick within reach on my side of the bed. "Why not a baseball bat or an axe handle or something?" she asked.
"Long range slice and dice with this puppy, sweetie."
"what if he has a gun?
"Then I'm farked whatever I'm swinging."
2003-04-05 01:39:53 PM  
Charging - 2 minute minor penalty.
High-sticking - 5 minute major.
Hooking - 2 minute minor.
Interference - 2 minute minor.
roughing - 2 minute minor.
Slashing - 2 minute minor.
Tripping - 2 minute minor.

By this time she should have been ejected. I'm sure he would have been happy with that call.
2003-04-05 01:43:53 PM  
Ok, here are some of my "someone is breaking into my house stories"

Some of these seem unreal, but they are true.

I was sick as a dog, on nyquil one night. About 2 a.m. I hear noises outside (my room was on the first floor). I'm laying in bed and see shadows outside my window and I hear whispering. One of the shadows tries to open my window, and I hear him say "hey this window is unlocked". As he opened my window, I got out of bed and picked up my bat. My heart was beating so loud, and the adrenaline rush was unfarkingreal. He slid into my room and in the moment when his eyes were adjusting to the darkness and when I was about to hit a homerun time stood still. I was literally seconds away from swinging, when the guy said my name. Turns out it was my brother in law and my sis that was staying with us, and they forgot their keys. farktards. I still dont know why I just didnt go get my dad since he was upstairs.( he's a cop)

Ok understanding my Dad is a cop is necessary to the next few stories.

When my Dad cheated on my stepmom, he did so with some low class skank. He used to spend nights at her house and as such kept his extra gun there. When my Dad tried to break off the relationship, she came to our house with his gun and three bullets. One for her, one for Dad and one for Stepmom. (not in that order) A struggle ensued and she ended up getting shot in the stomach.

Ok last one.
When my sister was home alone, some really muscular black dude came to the house. He asked for my dad, and my sister told him he was at work. He stood there for a second thinking and told her to tell him that he was going to beat his ass into the dirt. (This had somethng to do with the lady that my Dad cheated with) My sister freaks, calls the local cops, then my dad. My dad tells her to go upstairs and get a gun. (The guy was outside looking at the house.)
Although my dad has an arsonal, she picked his gold plated ruger that he won in a shooting contest. In the end, the local cops came after about an hour and the guy was long gone by then.

Oh, and props to the headline writer. It was awesome.
2003-04-05 02:26:34 PM  
Anti: I've heard multiple stories about how stupid cops can be with guns, and leaving one around at a girlfriend's place is just another example.

Pretty scary.
2003-04-05 02:39:03 PM  
BillyGreene- I've heard rumors of folks playing hockey on cement with roller blades from time to time :)
2003-04-05 02:41:54 PM  

You can do that?!?!? Whoa...
2003-04-05 03:01:49 PM  
Broken window: $20.
High-quality hockey stick: $100
Beating the fark out of some a-hole who decided to break into your house: PRICELESS
2003-04-05 03:40:35 PM  
Anyone remember that old Peanuts cartoon where Peppermint Patty hires Snoopy to be a guard dog, and before he goes over there Charlie Brown gives him what he calls "the most dangerous weapon known to man--a hockey stick"?

Charles Schulz was a huge hockey fan (I think he's from Minnesota but I could be wrong), he played pretty late into his life.
2003-04-05 03:48:20 PM  
Yeah Charles Shultz actually had his own rink I think. I saw something on TV from his 75th birthday party where he hosted, and played in a game for his friends. They were moving about 5mph on skates, but it was still cool.
2003-04-05 03:50:04 PM  
flying squad?
2003-04-05 03:50:27 PM  
If someone broke into my apartment, I'd gut them with my serated knife.

Either that, or I'd pee my pants, collapse into a fetal position, and whimper "please don't kill me" over and over.

You know, six of one, a bunch of the other.
2003-04-05 04:09:25 PM  
I believe in South Africa the 'hockey' played is field hockey. [image from too old to be available] Those sticks are thick and heavy too. Given the option, I'd rather be beaten with an ice hockey stick.
2003-04-05 04:21:27 PM  
mod please delete the Boobies.

Field Hockey - bigger, heavier stick

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-05 06:30:46 PM  
Unfortunately, the girl had to spend the remainder of the day in her bedroom for high-sticking!
2003-04-05 08:30:07 PM  
In college we caught a guy trying to break into our cars. Chase breaks out, we caught the guy, duct-taped him to a telephone pole, called 911, and were informed that it was not an emergency anymore since the guy was subdued. Walked to the 7-11, found a cop there, and got in trouble for taping the guy to the pole.
2003-04-05 08:43:03 PM  
I have two swords in my room. A 5 ft. Claymore, which would be a bit unmanagable if someone was inside already, and a shorter japanese sword of some sort. It's about 3 feet long, but the weight is about right for indoors. I won't be swinging it very far, but it's got a pointy end.
2003-04-05 10:08:28 PM  
An 18 year old female hockey player? Mmmmm, if she's good looking I'd wouldn't mind getting 2 minutes for giving her a "high sticking".
2003-04-06 09:48:44 AM  
She's lucky this happened in SOuth Africa and not America. If this happened here, he'd have probably had a gun instead of a knife. But good for her anyway.
2003-04-06 11:11:16 AM  
But, was she hot???

Bad journalism.
2003-04-06 12:33:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]!!!!

Never liked those damn burgers anyway!
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