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(Winchester Star)   Another geezer same mistake, doo dah doo dah... accelerate instead of brake, oh the doo dah day   ( divider line
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64 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2003 at 1:13 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-05 02:03:42 AM  
8 syllables is correct.

De Camptown ladies sing this song. Or dis song.
2003-04-05 02:04:18 AM  

B and D, please
2003-04-05 02:05:26 AM  
My sister did this when she was 16 and pulling into the garage. She ran over a space heater and parked the car in the living room on top of the no longer upright piano. Young people can be incompetent as well.
2003-04-05 02:07:54 AM  
Once, I was in the local convenience store (Circle K), and was to one side of the building trying to find a drink. I hear this excrutiatingly loud sound, vaguely like a gun shot, and something explodes on the other side of the shop. The entire patronage of the store, all two of us, ran to see what was going on and found that an elderly man had accidently hit the gas instead of the brake pedal when pulling away from the tank. He drove right through the side of the building and into the water heater, which promptly exploded, spraying water all over the manager. Jailarity ensues.
2003-04-05 02:19:10 AM  
This is the cliche that got me hooked on fark.
2003-04-05 02:20:11 AM  
I used to live in St Petersburg-Florida, retirement capital of the Western World. Our shop was across the street from a large Toyota dealership. An old fellow had been in to see about getting a new car, then when leaving promptly pulled out in front of a large tractor trailer moving at a pretty fast clip. It ended up with a dead senior citizen, a traumatized truck driver and mix of about 15 new and late model trade ins totalled when the truck went thru part of the lot with the old fella's car stuck under the wheels.
I know a lot of seniors are against mandatory testing, but once I turn 60, I plan to be tested regularly. I know it's hard to plan that far ahead, but it is something to keep in mind.
2003-04-05 02:27:30 AM  
2003-04-05 02:33:55 AM  
Kurmudgeon: I know a lot of seniors are against mandatory testing...

Are they? Do they claim it's age-ist or what?
2003-04-05 02:45:53 AM  
Kurmudgeon: I know a lot of seniors are against mandatory testing...

Are they? Do they claim it's age-ist or what?

They do tend to get what they want. Unlike most people, they vote. They also lobby (AARP).
2003-04-05 02:51:06 AM  
As I was waiting for a bus one day, I watched an old man get into a parked car, start the engine, and with a squeal of tires, proceed to accelerate straight into the car in front of him.

After his car had mounted the curb and created a thick cloud of burnt rubber, he finally managed to hit the brakes. I'll never forget the first thing he yelled to the panicked onlookers as he got out of his car: "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!"
2003-04-05 02:51:38 AM  
Great headline.
2003-04-05 02:55:46 AM  
Good doo-dah!
2003-04-05 02:56:43 AM  
I would also like to see speeding changed from a fine to jail time. Every 15 MPH over the speed limit is 24 hours in jail. This way, the law isn't devastating for poor people and such a joke they can afford to repeatedly ignore it for rich people.

You realize that the penalty for a speeding ticket isn't just a fine? If you speed enough they'll suspend your license, which is no joke for anyone.
2003-04-05 02:58:36 AM  
Now that's what I call a Doo-dah!
2003-04-05 03:00:56 AM  
They do tend to get what they want. Unlike most people, they vote. They also lobby

Ah, I see...

When did you start caring about politics, Professor?
Why, the very instant I got old!
2003-04-05 03:04:00 AM  
Fdisk format reinstall, doo dah doo dah,
Fdisk format reinstall, oh the doo dah day!

(is what I always think of when I see a 'doo dah')
2003-04-05 03:40:59 AM  
No! Don't hurt the House o' Waffles. It's the best place for coffee and breakfast after a hard night drinking!
2003-04-05 04:01:12 AM  
allegedly allegedly
2003-04-05 04:02:37 AM  
I thought this article was written by Star Jones, allegedly.
2003-04-05 04:21:25 AM  
Did someone call?
2003-04-05 04:27:38 AM  
Zip through the tree da, Zip through the Ford day.
2003-04-05 05:19:32 AM  
That happened to an old guy a few doors down from me when I was about 8. His leg brace got caught on the gas pedal and he shot up the lawn, swerved and missed the house (but took out the planter) tore up the lawn next door, missed me by a few feet, and hit a telephone pole. Pretty freaky.

I think he gave up driving shortly after that.

Happened last year at work too. People wrecked their car, rented one, drove it across the street from the rental place, and hit one of the building supports of the building I lived in. The guy driving was mostly okay, but his wife was on the side that hit the concrete support and planter. She didn't look too good. =\
2003-04-05 05:35:48 AM  
A. Why in hell would you jump into your car when another vehicle is about to ram it?
B. How do you get your foot stuck under a freakin' pedal for tha long?
2003-04-05 05:38:52 AM  
A little over 2 months ago, I had saved up 12,000 dollars.
I bought a 1989 Chevy Corvette convertable.
2 weeks later, a 74 year old man that 3 weeks earlier had heart surgery, was out driving in a van with his 2 sons.
He hit me head on at 55mph while I was making a left turn.
he had ran the light.
my head went clear through the windshield. I broke my right ancle, 2 broken ribs, broke my right hand & arm, and damn near crushed 3 vertibrae in my neck from the impact of the windshield. 56 stiches.
my girlfriend has a broken arm, 3 broken ribs and numerious scars.
Not to mention, the car was totaled. an '89 Corvette.

He didn't have a scratch on him.

Get these old people off the streets before it's your son or daughter they hit next.
2003-04-05 07:05:50 AM  
Doctor_X: After his car had mounted the curb and created a thick cloud of burnt rubber, he finally managed to hit the brakes. I'll never forget the first thing he yelled to the panicked onlookers as he got out of his car: "IT'S NOT MY FAULT!"

Sigh. The one my brother-in-law watched: for no apparent reason, Elderly Male Person in huge old Chevrolet station wagon behemoth sideswipes and devastates the driver's sides of four parked cars in a row. Stops. Gets out and inspects the cars he's destroyed and the damage to his own, still apparently drivable weapon. Ponders a moment, brightens as he hits upon the solution to fix everything. He looks up at the audience of about ten witnesses standing around and announces confidently, "I didn't do that." Gets back in his car and drives away. My brother-in-law was one of the several people who gave the police the number off his license plate.

2003-04-05 07:27:29 AM  
Kane827, I'm so very sorry to hear that!
Sounds absolutely horrible.. =[

I've become real paranoid while driving. There are WAY too many asshats on the road. When my light turns green, I will actually pause and look to make sure the people with the red light are NOT MOVING! After two wrecks I've become a very paranoid driver. I criticize my friends' driving even, much to their dismay, but I can't help it. I just don't want to die in a car wreck! The town I live in used to be small and I was really happy but now they have a bunch of traffic all the time and I almost have heart attacks when I go out. Just like night, I was almost anihilated - I was in the back seat, when this huge F350 dualie decides to move into our lane.. while we were still in it.. We weren't even in his blind spot! Thank goodness for that idiot's passenger friend who noticed us and yelled at his friend.

2003-04-05 07:51:07 AM  
Old people need to be studied to see what nutrients can be extracted from them.
2003-04-05 10:02:01 AM  
I fail to see why the guy couldn't just TURN OFF THE ENGINE YOU DUMB fark!
2003-04-05 10:03:10 AM  
Followed by application of the brake by his OTHER FOOT!
2003-04-05 12:30:12 PM  
Trying to reason with an elderly person about their declining driving skills - Just. Doesn't. Work.

They can't see it.

They won't admit it.

And, they think you're exaggerating.

From my own experience, the elderly person in my life
just seemed to feel that she could do what ever she wanted.
It didn't matter that she was driving so much slower than
the other drivers on the road, they were all driving "too fast." She was going to drive the way she wanted to drive,
and that was it. Driving for extended periods with turn signals on ...running the occasional red light because it was taking "too long" to change...drifting in and out of her lane. I can't even count all the near misses that she never saw. It was a nightmare. If you criticized her while driving, she always found a way to blame it on another driver. "If he hadn't been there then I wouldn't have HAD to...etc."

Trying to discourage her from driving was an exercise in futility. This sounds cruel, but she mercifully passed away before she caused any accidents. In the end, we were told by doctors that she had scarring from previous mini strokes. These surely must have impaired her ability, but were undiagnosed as she cruised her land yacht around town endangering virtually everyone in her path.
2003-04-05 02:11:49 PM  
At least now we're placing the blame where it belongs. On The Driver. It wasn't that long ago when something called "unintended acceleration" had otherwise intelligent folks looking for some kind of gas pedal gremlin that was breeding like mad.
2003-04-05 02:51:00 PM  
They're old, they've led long lives anyways.
2003-04-05 02:56:27 PM  
Actually, you'll never find anyone who admits to being a bad driver. They'll admit to being bad at math, sports, public speaking, Quantum Mechanics (OK that's excusable). But nobody will ever admit to being bad at driving.
2003-04-05 03:00:42 PM  
happened just the other in my town. i work at a bookstore, when some old lady jumped the curb, a large ornamental rock, and the side window. mind you, there was no driveway there, so i have no idea where she thought she was going. upon getting out of her car and noticing the front-end actually in the store, she goes inside and purchases the books she had on hold while we're waiting for the police to get there.
2003-04-05 03:59:29 PM  
Well at least there's some legal action happening.

I suppose here in the UK it would come under "failure to exercise due care and attention" or something

i.e. if you can't tell the difference between those two very important pedals any more then expect to be litigated all the way to the DMV's license-shredding depot.

ComaToast I won't admit to being a bad driver all the time, but I did some exceedingly bad pilotagé du voiture on thursday when trying to hunt down a biology journal that turned out not to exist. Sorry everyone on the A55 and A483.. if only old people didn't push the insurance rates up so high I could afford a car that doesnt take three miles to punch past 80 and so I wouldnt have had to cut you up in the name of grabbing a yard to save a mile ;)
2003-04-05 04:02:03 PM  

You overpaid for that car by about 4 grand.
2003-04-05 04:07:42 PM  
I can't even count all the near misses that she never saw
Its not a near miss, its a near hit! a hit is a near miss.
/george carlin
2003-04-05 04:20:51 PM  
Shinaynay - dunno about you but if i'm *that* close to my car when someone's about to ram it, i'd much rather be inside than out. The metal may not afford that much protection but it's better than nothing.
2003-04-05 07:55:43 PM  
Options B and D if you please.
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