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(   Former mayor of East St. Louis -- who had machine-gun toting bodyguards and was pulled over for doing 105 in a Jaguar owned by a drug dealer -- re-elected   ( divider line
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2003-04-04 05:51:22 PM  
Anyone who has been to ESL knows this should have gotten the
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2003-04-04 06:04:11 PM  
Photo of said Mayor:

He has shifty eyes. Prolly scanning for someone to freshly toss his salad.
2003-04-04 06:07:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Guess the salad lunch photo was too big, but this is the guy.
2003-04-04 06:12:27 PM  
This photo of a school should give you a feel for ESL...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-04 06:14:06 PM  

That photo makes Basra look appealing.
2003-04-04 06:15:20 PM  
God Bless the stupid.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-04 06:17:17 PM  
I got lost in ESL once on my way to Chicago... wasn't a pretty sight... I saw a cock fight in an alley... where do you see cock fights anymore except in the back room of a bar in Tijuana?
2003-04-04 06:17:34 PM  
Ah, ESL.... Welcome to HELL!
2003-04-04 06:17:50 PM  
Yeah, nice place.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-04 06:19:19 PM  
Don't forget "The Hand" at Pot in the Box.
2003-04-04 06:21:33 PM  

Is he related to the Mayor-for-Life of my city?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-04 06:22:15 PM  
For those of you who have never been to East St. Louis, I offer you this advice:

2003-04-04 06:22:28 PM  
How DARE you question him.
You are all just a bunch of RACISTS !!
2003-04-04 06:23:05 PM  
This article would have been bore appropriate with the tag.

Not so much for him but the people who re-elected him....
2003-04-04 06:24:33 PM  
2003-04-04 06:25:21 PM  
I spend the night in Iraq before I'd go through ESL again.
2003-04-04 06:25:22 PM  
Given recent history, this guy should run for presidient!
2003-04-04 06:30:17 PM  
Also seen doing blow off of strippers backs! Don't knock the east side too bad. At least it has legit strip clubs!
2003-04-04 06:31:07 PM  
Note to self: Do not go to ESL... EVAR!!!
2003-04-04 06:31:27 PM  
What an asshat. Jags can do over 150. Crown Vics cannot.
2003-04-04 06:31:45 PM  
They just elected him to keep him off the welfare roll.

2003-04-04 06:32:21 PM  
With friends like that, who'd vote against him?
2003-04-04 06:33:33 PM  
This is the same mayor who awarded a public bid contract to build a 3 story public building to a crony. The city took occupancy and discovered that the plans had not included any restrooms or water in the building. The retrofitting cost almost as much as the original construction.
2003-04-04 06:35:32 PM  
The sad part wis that LIFE magazine dubbed East St.Louis the best place to live in the early 50's.
2003-04-04 06:35:54 PM  
This seems like a problem in cities everywhere with a large black population. Since I've never been to St. Louis, I'll use my home city as an example...

Black "leaders" everywhere are exploilting their own people. The city of Richmond has a black controlled city council that is infamous for corruption. A former mayor was caught embezzling money from his church. a former councilman was caught selling cocaine. And yet another stole money from his lawfirm clients. Yet all three of these guys were still embraced by the black community here when they claimed that they were caught up in a racist conspiracy. (they never denied they were guilty, in fact they aplogized while at the same time asking why the "white" authorties singled them out.)

Meanwhile the murder rate among black men continues it's brutal cycle. The heart of Downtown Richmond consists of mostly empty buildings, except for check-cashing businesses and rent-to-own stores. The state of black-inner city Richmond is depressing. I was riding in the car with a Jamacian friend of mine and he pointed out the crack-houses and the rotting buildings and told me about how he wanted to open a caribbean resturant here but the city's "food tax" and alcohol regulations were so ridiculous it was impossible. Our city council seems to prefer empty, decaying bulidings to the small-business dream.

What we realized is that certain black leaders have a found leverage in keeping people poor. These politicians continue to get leadership posistions in our city by campaigning on the race card. These fat cats claim to be "fighting the man" but in reality are living off the difficult reality of their own people's circumstances.

If only somebody could get out the message to the majority of hard-working and honest black people to reject those who claim to speak for them, and convince them to find thier own voice....
2003-04-04 06:38:28 PM  

You live in Richmond? What part?
2003-04-04 06:41:32 PM  
lived in st louis for 8 years. before that, lived in northwest indiana.
Gary, Indiana is a nice place to live and bring up kids compared to East St. Louis, Illinois.
2003-04-04 06:51:53 PM  
*applauds Theironchef repeatedly and gives (him/her/it) a standing ovation*
2003-04-04 06:53:33 PM  
Theironchef - Please note that East St. Louis not a suburb of St. Louis, but is in a different state altogether. That doesn't diminish the validity of your point, only that there is a big river and a tremendous economic and tax base gap between the two cities.

The best hope for East St. Louis is to continue to lobby the Cardinals to move across the river for their new stadium (but THAT's not gonna happen)
2003-04-04 06:57:08 PM  
"Take THAT, East St. Louis!"

</Comic Book Guy>
2003-04-04 07:01:36 PM  
Hey Eeek, have the people spoken?
2003-04-04 07:07:37 PM  
Never been to E. St. Louis though I curently live about 10 miles from it. I work in a retail establishment where a large number of our customers are from there. If they are any indication, it's an INTERESTING place.
2003-04-04 07:11:04 PM  
Washington .....
Marion Barry
caught smokin crackon video...
Wilson Goode
dropped a bomb on people
blew up a whole block
2003-04-04 07:11:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Is there any other St. Louis?
2003-04-04 07:11:56 PM  
Why does this guy being a Republican not surprise me. Also, did anyone notice that they had a couple years of relative prosperity after getting rid of this guy, then just decide to 180 and elect him again? ESL sounds like a mircrocosm for the whole nation.
2003-04-04 07:12:51 PM  
2003-04-04 07:16:26 PM  
My father-in-law used to take his RV all over the country and said ESL was by far the worst place he had ever seen. I went through there once. Everything there was ugly, except a couple of houses had pretty little flower boxes in the windows. That's the only pretty thing I remember seeing, honestly.
2003-04-04 07:36:22 PM  
The guy sounds more like a gangsta than a politician...the people of ESL will get what they deserve, a thug.
2003-04-04 07:53:19 PM  
I grew up in east saint louis.

Tis a terrible terrible place. To be avoided at all costs, pretty much.

Scept kennedys.... coolest little bar in the world :( no longer with us :'(
2003-04-04 07:54:49 PM  
Ahh, Ohio...

Hasn't ratified the fourteenth amendment, and now this... I vote we expel Ohio from the Union. All in favor? All opposed? The ayes have it.
2003-04-04 07:57:37 PM  
04-04-03 06:17:17 PM HolyMackeral
I got lost in ESL once on my way to Chicago... wasn't a pretty sight... I saw a cock fight in an alley... where do you see cock fights anymore except in the back room of a bar in Tijuana?

Cock fights are actually legal in New Mexico and Louisiana (and nowhere else in the US). NM recently tried to pass some legislation banning the practice, but there was a public outcry.
2003-04-04 08:08:35 PM  
"Look kids, street crime!"
2003-04-04 08:15:14 PM  
So you're in some motel room...
... you don't know how long you've been
there, or how you got there...

Just some anonymous motel room. Won't tell you
anything. Nothing in thedrawers, but you look anyway.
2003-04-04 08:51:41 PM  
Jaguar owned by a drug dealer:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-04 09:12:28 PM  
Go Rams?
2003-04-04 09:13:29 PM  
04-04-03 07:11:56 PM Crotchrocket Slim
"Why does this guy being a Republican not surprise me. Also, did anyone notice that they had a couple years of relative prosperity after getting rid of this guy, then just decide to 180 and elect him again? ESL sounds like a mircrocosm for the whole nation."

**Even without trying, Carl was sometimes at the center of bizarre news. In 1987, Township Supervisor Clyde Jordan challenged the mayor in the Democratic primary, lost, then got a judge to nullify the election. Jordan died, leaving the judge to insist on a runoff between a dead man and an undertaker. (Appellate judges eventually ruled the original results valid after all.)
The son of a prosperous mortician, Carl was a top aide to Secretary of State Alan J. Dixon (democrat, by the way) when townspeople tried to draft the father to run for mayor. Dad deferred to Carl, who surprised some by agreeing.**

did he, er, change parties or did you step on your dick? Inquiring minds.........
2003-04-04 09:16:05 PM  
I grew up 5min from east st louis for 7 years, in belleville. East st louis is 1 shiat town. They bring all the crime to belleville, and the town has gone to crap. I remember going witha friend to washington park, the worst part of ESL. He boughta dime bag froma house next door to the police station. Just slipped 10 bucks through the mailslot on the door, and out came a dimebag of the worst swag you have ever tasted.
2003-04-04 09:25:23 PM  
East st louis is kind of part of st. louis, but its on the metro-east on the IL side of the river. The only decent thing in ESL is the casino queen, on the riverfront. Larry flint just opened a strip club there, maybey that will change the neighborhood around.
When visiting my parents, there was an article in the paper about a door to door search of residences in washington park part of ESL, looking for people with outstanding warrants. They made over 200 arrests, around 50 of which were for murder, lots for numerious drug violations. Pretty much everyone living there has a warrant, except the people who were there before it became a shiathole. Most of those people have since moved though. The old catholic school there is now a prison. It was always fun driving by flicking them off.... everyone would shoot back gang signs... word in the hizzouze homme
2003-04-04 09:31:56 PM  
mr sauget will beat your ass if you dont play nice in ESL
2003-04-04 09:40:28 PM  
How is a door to door search for people with oputstanding warrants legal?
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