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(North End Waterfront)   "Art" student slaughters chicken; PETA freaks; hilarity ensues   ( divider line
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114 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Apr 2003 at 5:13 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-04 05:15:10 PM  
Thats just lame. We should tar and feather that student and send him off to fight in iraq.
2003-04-04 05:15:28 PM  
2003-04-04 05:16:51 PM  
So where is the barbeque? Someone invite Ted Nugent too. Jeez I hate PETA. Self rightous pontificating idiots with a narrower point of view than the KK AND the anti-abortion idiots.
2003-04-04 05:17:30 PM  
I don't know about all the Vegan peta freaks. This is how I always got my chicken dinner on the farm.

Ma said go catch dinner son.

MMMMMM!! Home made fried chicken.
2003-04-04 05:18:07 PM  
If he slaughtered it the way a farmer does, then what's the problem. I could see if he tortured it. But how is it animal cruelty if he just did what someone else does when we eat one? Perhaps this incident just illustrates his point?
2003-04-04 05:18:34 PM  
tagline? needs; More incorrECT Capitalization; and misplaceD punctuation?
2003-04-04 05:19:30 PM  

i gotta agree with you. not sure what the difference would be.
2003-04-04 05:20:52 PM  
How did it die? That's the important question. Did he cover it with paper cuts and then pour battery acid into the wounds, or did he swiftly decapitate it?

Or did he choke his chicken in front of the whole classs?
2003-04-04 05:20:53 PM  
What I don't understand about colleges is how classes like this are even there? Its just a ploy for people to get blind followers for their extremist causes.
2003-04-04 05:21:21 PM  
Well, back in the days I used to raise chickens for the county fair. We usually bought between 25 and 50 birds, you only showed 3 of them. Guess what happened to the other 22 to 47 birds?

Of course, if PETA were to attempt to protest any of this in my hometown, they would still be running from the lynch mob.
2003-04-04 05:21:22 PM  
"The undergraduate whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation, stated that the chicken died a gruesome and bloody death."

Don't biatch about the chicken if you can't deal with the consequences of your words...
2003-04-04 05:21:29 PM  
is fark farked? it's loading funny on my computer.
2003-04-04 05:22:03 PM  
The undergraduate whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation, stated that the chicken died a gruesome and bloody death."

Well duh! I'd fear retaliation also if the REPORT even called her a "undergraduate whistleblower"!

So what did this "artistic student" do with the chicken afterwards? Scrape it into the trash can? Put it back in the dufflebag with all the other books? Cause I sure can't see keeping it all day in the car/bookbag to take it home and dispose of it properly. Go figure, Burpley, hippyland.
2003-04-04 05:22:05 PM  
uh, nevermind, my computer is gay. refresh is my friend
2003-04-04 05:22:13 PM  
Jeebus, everyone's reacting to this like a headless chicken running around. Be cool, baby.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-04 05:22:28 PM  
I saw my grandmother kill a lot of chickens. And then clean them. And then cook them. From the coop to the table in about 45 minutes. I've never had any doubt where chickens came from.
2003-04-04 05:22:43 PM  
Anyone else suddenly feel bad for all that wheat that gets plucked? I mean...I don't know if I can eat bread anymore. I have been so removed from the food source. I totally forgot about the wheat's feelings.
2003-04-04 05:22:57 PM  
What did they do with the chicken after he killed it? I mean, if they plucked it and prepared it to eat, that'd be ok. But I'm guessing they just chucked it in the trash. What a waste of a living creature.
2003-04-04 05:23:00 PM  
Buncha panseys... they will all eat chicken at home or from some fast food place but when they actual have to see how the things are killed they get all pissy about it.

It is the real world people! we kill to eat, it has been this way for thousands of years.
2003-04-04 05:23:20 PM  
2003-04-04 05:23:42 PM  
In many states, you're allowed to kill your pets as long as it's done "humanely". I wonder if the people saying, "Oh it's just a chicken" would be saying the same thing if it were Fluffy or Fido who'd been slaughtered in his dopey art class.
2003-04-04 05:24:52 PM  
Better he plucked the chicken than fvucked the chicken
2003-04-04 05:27:15 PM  
Chickens are slaughtered everyday. This is a good thing, because I like chicken. But the real travesty here is that the "Art" school is not defending him. He's done nothing wrong and should not have to apologize. The fact that he did apologize invalidates him as an artist, and invalidates the school. Anyone who does not defend him does not defend art.
2003-04-04 05:27:33 PM  
Hmm.. pretentious pansy art student or sissy overreactive peta student.

I have to side with the pansy art student on this. Peta's to bothersome.
2003-04-04 05:27:43 PM  
Did he actually think this was a good idea? So then with that logic I guess I can take a class where I take a dog, kill it, fry it up with some noodles and call it dinner, all in an effort to make the point that us American's should be more open to certain Asian countries tastes in food?

Not even sure if that makes sense, but if nothing else, I just can't contemplate how anyone could harm an animal (to avoid a flame war) unless it was how they got their food.
2003-04-04 05:28:58 PM  


What else are we supposed to do to chickens before we eat them?

I guess we could eat them WITHOUT killing them first, but I would just feel bad gnawing on a squawking bird.
2003-04-04 05:29:48 PM  
Chicken lover!
2003-04-04 05:30:01 PM  
Only in Berkley...

Deep-fried chicken head photo in 5...4...3...
2003-04-04 05:30:14 PM  
Expulsion? This is the an example of how Tolerant and Open Minded the left is! This is stupid funny! I wondel if they would have said anything if say, a student dressed up as an Arab and blew up an efigy of Bush43? I dont think so, but a killing a chicken, thats going to far!

2003-04-04 05:30:15 PM  
i'm with Librement. if the guy killed the chicken the same way a farmer does, then he should not be prosecuted for "cruelty to animals." and what's the problem anyway? why are animal rights/vegans so farkin self-righteous that they want to take away a man's rights and his education because a chiken lost it's head. man is the supreme being. a chiken can't cut my head off, but i can cut a chiken's head off. therefore i win. i am better thatn the chiken. so i'm gonna eat it. PETA is no worse than the pro-lifers and the farkin christians. as far as they are concerned, they are right and everyone else is wrong. and they'll stop at (almost) nothing to make themselves feel better. like earth first and their whole fire bombing campaign. farkin idiots. i hate you all.
2003-04-04 05:30:36 PM  
lets try that again shall we.
Chicken lover!
2003-04-04 05:30:48 PM  
The old chicken ploy eh, Cato? Very clever.
2003-04-04 05:31:04 PM  
killing fido is pretty much the same as killing a chicken.. except the chicken doesn't worship you. just as the people in Korea.

eat up farkers..

yea.. thats a pressed dog.
2003-04-04 05:31:13 PM  
goddamnit i am failing today. here
2003-04-04 05:31:20 PM  
does anyone in here think that crap qualified as art?
2003-04-04 05:32:32 PM  
Dinner is served...
2003-04-04 05:34:04 PM  
It's annoying stuff like this that makes me hate modern art and artists.

Ok, great. You killed the chicken. Am I supposed to be shocked? Appalled? Enthralled by your genius? Challenged?


This is the reason why it should be illegal to exhibit art until you've passed some kind of test. The world doesn't need this kind of cut-rate exhibitionism just because someone wasn't paid enough attention to by their daddies, and, on a separate tangent, the world doesn't need cliched shock art. Let's group this in with all the photography portfolios that have pictures of the homeless and throw them into the Atlantic.

Ralph Stedman rules.
2003-04-04 05:34:48 PM  
killing fido is pretty much the same as killing a chicken.. except the chicken doesn't worship you. just as the people in Korea.

[image from too old to be available]

eat up farkers..

yea.. thats a pressed dog.
2003-04-04 05:35:00 PM  
PETA isn't mentioned in this article, folks.
There is a campus animal group that complained, but not all animal welfare/rights groups are related to PETA.
So stop picking on PETA each time an animal case is mentioned. Geez.

Personally, I think the statement the student was trying to make is valid, but this person went about it in a horriffic manner.
2003-04-04 05:36:25 PM  
Ralph Stedman rules

i agree
accept for the spelling.
2003-04-04 05:36:27 PM  
besides. the guy was right. if you can't stomach a chicken getting it's head cut off, then you need to think about what you eat. soemthign has to die for soemthing else to live. even plants die to become food.

and i don't think it qualifies as art.

fark-1 peta-0
2003-04-04 05:37:17 PM  
i also hate california.
2003-04-04 05:37:43 PM  

what the fark? do you think PETA would have agreed to this artists vision? PETA would have the same reaction.
2003-04-04 05:37:58 PM  
another slow news day what is going on i need news news (tappy arm)
2003-04-04 05:38:02 PM  
Not art: -1
Valid point: +1
Not appropriate for class: -1
Kneejerk Reaction: +1
Posted on Fark: Priceless.
2003-04-04 05:38:42 PM  
(TAPPING) OMG I need to go home
2003-04-04 05:39:37 PM  
I wouldn't call that art either Vroomazoom, it was more like a statement.

My favorite kind of chicken is Satay with some spicy cucumber relish. Mmmm ... I love Thai food.
2003-04-04 05:40:18 PM  
No harm done, if he plucked, gutted, and ate the chicken afterwards. It makes me laugh when people like my girlfriend cringe and say "ewww" when I handle raw meat before cooking, but they have no problems eating restaurant-prepared food. The dumbing down of North America continues...
2003-04-04 05:41:23 PM  
So when he did this, did it run around like a chicken with its head cut off?
2003-04-04 05:42:24 PM  
Ugh those are gruesome images. Especially the dog. Mods, can we get them linked, perhaps?
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