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(Some One) Boobies Penthouse pet Kyla Cole out in the cold (not safe for work)   ( divider line 70
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7878 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2003 at 4:30 AM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-04 05:38:39 PM  
furry furbie
2003-04-04 07:29:27 PM  
2003-04-04 07:57:14 PM  
She's no Aria Giovanni, but she's still a damn hot brunette. Looks great with blue hair too:

2003-04-05 12:02:33 AM  
Blue hair and blue nipples. That's like that smurf porn site someone else submitted....(fishes it out of the rejected Fark links pool).... here NSFW
2003-04-05 12:14:50 AM  
Thats hot

er.. cold.

I mean... I'd hit it.
2003-04-05 12:18:08 AM  

Wow, thats a great picture. I love it.
2003-04-05 03:41:30 AM  
Thanks. :-)
2003-04-05 04:20:13 AM  
That sweater looks warm, very warm.
2003-04-05 04:37:55 AM  
seems to have alot in the trunk
2003-04-05 04:39:49 AM  
Does the cold cause shrinkage for women too?
2003-04-05 04:41:01 AM  
I'm really diggin the blue look.
2003-04-05 04:42:02 AM  
That god-awful excuse for a boobies post ruined some perfectly good scrambled eggs and guacamole toast I was eating. For pete's sake man! It looks like she is getting ready to take a giant shiat in most of these pics!!
2003-04-05 04:46:08 AM

much better ones than what was posted
2003-04-05 04:48:04 AM  
Man, she could do with a little midwinter pruning, I could hang some ornaments on that
2003-04-05 04:51:59 AM  
Titillating headline...but sadly that was all. Ah well, back to work.
2003-04-05 04:54:24 AM  
Damn I'd hit that!!! A nice wake up call for my Saturday morning!
2003-04-05 04:55:03 AM  
She's a lesbian, what do you expect?
2003-04-05 05:04:34 AM  
That's one hary muff.
2003-04-05 05:12:57 AM  
wondering about the blue nipples on the wldncrzy14 links
2003-04-05 05:14:00 AM  
I'd just like to thank Galem for posting the funniest pic I've seen in ages....Best chuckle I've had in years.
2003-04-05 05:14:06 AM  
i wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers
2003-04-05 05:23:37 AM  
I bet shes got a great personality.
2003-04-05 05:31:31 AM  
Gross-looking pussy :(
2003-04-05 05:55:43 AM  
I wouldn't kick her in the cracker for eating the bed.
2003-04-05 05:58:21 AM  
Very nice Jimi, but the original post is very good as well. Kyla Cole's just SO damn hot!
2003-04-05 06:04:11 AM  
damn... grey eyes and dark hair.... I'm in fvckling love.

nice beaver too.
2003-04-05 06:08:14 AM  
Picture 12 should be in an advertisement with the caption "Do you suffer the heartbreak of muff mites?"
2003-04-05 06:12:03 AM  
Damn she's fine.

It hit it for days...weeks...months...Until I couldn't hit it no mo. Then I'd hit it again.

She's SuperBad
2003-04-05 06:25:58 AM  
NOT a good way to end my friday night. goddamnit, no kitten killing for next couple of hours.
2003-04-05 06:31:12 AM  
I'd lick her where she wees
2003-04-05 06:34:33 AM  
Metaljimdeath, you do know there are other boobies on the internet besides the ones one fark?
2003-04-05 06:35:04 AM  
ya'll are some real classy farkers.
2003-04-05 06:43:58 AM  
2003-04-05 06:53:42 AM  
I love that movie
with the girl on girl action
in the free section
2003-04-05 07:20:23 AM  
Best picture by far:
2003-04-05 07:28:40 AM  
I think this lil lady needs a bit of hedge clipping
2003-04-05 07:42:35 AM  
Hmmmm.... furry.
2003-04-05 08:18:29 AM  
That link has too many words in it. How dare it!
2003-04-05 09:46:21 AM  
That's not hairy, thats NORMAL!!!

Jeez, ya think we've all been looking at porn too long? Too many manicured bushes have skewed our view of whats's hilarious, but if you think about it, haven't you noticed most folks have gotten more critical of the boobies they see? I mean damn, how can you criticize HER?? Especially because in real life very few of us could even get close to something as hot as that.

And don't start with the 'my wife/girlfriend makes her look blahblah' or 'I did a girl or two who looks like that balhblah'. Everyone knows you're lying, so don't try.....
2003-04-05 10:22:30 AM  
Some of the best tits on the web....great smile also!!!
2003-04-05 10:25:49 AM  
I'd hit it....with a razor.
2003-04-05 11:26:14 AM  
Feh. One or two kittens may die, but dutch boobies are like kitticide.
2003-04-05 12:34:56 PM  
Whoah! A Penhouse hottie who's a non-blonde and has a normal amount of hair on her coont! There's hope for me yet!
2003-04-05 01:00:36 PM  
Her blue eyes... Daaang they are mezmorizing.
2003-04-05 01:14:13 PM  
Kyla Cole (the real thing!)
Kyla Cole (AWESOME!!!)
Kyla Cole (please share!!!)

2003-04-05 01:15:39 PM  
No No, nice look...very um...70's
2003-04-05 01:29:21 PM  
Will someone please post the phone number of the girl in the pictures - I would like to make love to her.
2003-04-05 02:13:17 PM  
Fur pie doesn't sell
2003-04-05 02:20:00 PM  
and a Please.
2003-04-05 03:04:42 PM  
no-thinks of her as a jennifer garner?

the wig pics sealed it for me
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