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(Daily Mail)   People with names beginning with D live shorter lives, have life long poor self-esteem, and are born to poor parents. Drew Curtis says goddamnit so much   ( divider line
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2010-01-03 11:13:38 PM  
Are they being Darwined?
2010-01-03 11:30:49 PM  
David Letterman

Donald Trump

Dave Thomas

Davis Spade

Yep, off the top of my head that's a whole laundry list of losers right there.
2010-01-03 11:38:21 PM  

Norad: David Letterman

Donald Trump

Dave Thomas

Davis Spade

Yep, off the top of my head that's a whole laundry list of losers right there.

Actually..... they all have pretty serious emotional problems.... I'd hate to be trapped in a room with all of them overnight.

/Arthur for the win!
2010-01-03 11:40:09 PM  
This is on the same level of retard as numerologists. Probably become important to our society.

Flying Spaghetti Monster help us all.
2010-01-03 11:44:23 PM  
FTA Proof? Adam lived until the grand old age of 930, according to the Bible i'm totally convinced.
2010-01-04 12:05:33 AM  
This psycho-babble greatly amuses Darryl Strawberry
2010-01-04 12:26:31 AM  

Arthur Jumbles: /Arthur for the win!

I'll alert the media.
2010-01-04 12:34:48 AM  
If your middle name is Wayne or Lee you're more likely to end up a serial killer or other criminal.

Classic Middle Name (new window)
2010-01-04 12:47:19 AM  
static.tvguide.comView Full Size

thinks this is bullshiat
2010-01-04 01:13:25 AM  
So that explains it.

//named after the Hesse book
2010-01-04 01:14:29 AM  
welp, sucks to be a Dennis right now :/
2010-01-04 01:14:48 AM  
So, my cousin "Dee Dee" should already be dead?
2010-01-04 01:15:29 AM  
Well... I'm not dead yet. I do go by my middle name (James) though, since people recognize that as an actual name and I don't have to spell it out each time.
2010-01-04 01:15:55 AM  
Apologies if any Dustins are in here, but there were 3 of them in my school and I don't think any of them graduated. They all had redneck parents, too.
2010-01-04 01:16:17 AM  
Is it too late to change my name? Probably wouldn't help now though. The damage has been done.
[image from too old to be available]
2010-01-04 01:18:36 AM  
As a real-life Darren, I wanna be disturbed by this but, meh. Just me get screwed again, typical.

/As how bizarre that name is otherwise...
2010-01-04 01:19:19 AM  
My name is Adrian so fark off you Degenerates
2010-01-04 01:21:20 AM  
celadoncreations.typepad.comView Full Size

Darryl and Darryl would like a word with the author.
2010-01-04 01:21:49 AM  
Brother's name: Damon
Sister's name: Deena

My name: no 'd' anywhere.

I'm still so farked.
2010-01-04 01:21:50 AM  
*shrug* Humans look for patterns in chaos.
I could just as easily point out that the 4 [name redacted]s I have come in contact with were all high-strung, self-centered and aggressive. Does that constitute a useful pattern? No.
2010-01-04 01:22:56 AM  
My name starts with D, and I like it. Best damn letter in the alphabet!

Of course, I was a straight-A student also.

This study didn't take many factors into consideration, and the assumption that people unconciously associate their first initial with the meanings of letter grades is.... a desperate running leap of reasoning at best.
2010-01-04 01:23:22 AM  

Arthur Jumbles: Norad: David Letterman

Donald Trump

Dave Thomas

Davis Spade

Yep, off the top of my head that's a whole laundry list of losers right there.

Actually..... they all have pretty serious emotional problems.... I'd hate to be trapped in a room with all of them overnight.

/Arthur for the win!

Especially Dave Thomas, he died years ago.

2010-01-04 01:23:24 AM  
I wonder how that holds for countries that don't use D grades, here if you got below a C- they gave you an I..(incomplete)
2010-01-04 01:23:54 AM  

drjekel_mrhyde: My name is Adrian so fark off you Degenerates

So's mine, dude. *high five*

/feels sorry for his brother, Dan
//actually, no he doesn't
2010-01-04 01:24:48 AM  
King David, Donald Rumsfield, Dennis Hopper and Duncan Heinz would disagree.
2010-01-04 01:25:05 AM  
I'm alphabet irrelevant, I guess, in all my iterations. I've had two legal names, neither of which began with A, B, C, or D. And I'm not dead.
2010-01-04 01:25:27 AM  
This is going to suck for my nephew Dylan. He can always go by his middle name.
2010-01-04 01:25:32 AM  
And, they claim, it could all be down to a subconscious link to school grades, where A represents high achievement and D near failure.

:) Full Size

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2010-01-04 01:25:58 AM  
nndb.comView Full Size

Died at 69, adopted (never knew parents), but brought us SO MUCH BACON!
2010-01-04 01:26:59 AM  
2010-01-04 01:27:08 AM  
So apparently I'm a low-self esteem serial killer that will not live to the average life expectancy.

2010 sucks so far.
2010-01-04 01:33:18 AM  
Are they still hung up on Princess Di?
2010-01-04 01:35:33 AM  
FTFA - Why Ant will live longer than Dec... A first name beginning with D 'could wipe 10 years off your life'

y'know, if my name were "Dec", I think I'd have low self esteem too.

(of course, my name is Erich, and I have pretty low self esteem already...)
2010-01-04 01:36:03 AM  
Correlation vs. causation, so on and so forth...yawn...
2010-01-04 01:37:38 AM  
Zig Ziglar objects strongly to this study.
2010-01-04 01:37:49 AM  
It's just that all the Daryls bring the average down.
2010-01-04 01:38:24 AM  
I smell a science failure.
they didn't mention whether or not people whose names begin with the letter F die sooner than those who have D as a first initial. I'm going to guess that it's because the data didn't stack up with their B.S. story.
2010-01-04 01:39:04 AM  
Thats right! Its magic.its not that poor people have poor children who cant afford to eath as healthy, work tougher jobs, have less of an education and make less money causing lower self esteem and these parents happen to like names that start with 'D'. Its the letter 'D' that does it.
2010-01-04 01:39:08 AM  
Dave Thomas was the man! Too bad they got rid of the first wendy's in downtown columbus years ago

2010-01-04 01:41:21 AM  
hbo.comView Full Size
2010-01-04 01:43:02 AM  
Abe Vigoda is still alive, so it must be true..
2010-01-04 01:44:52 AM  
img177.imageshack.usView Full Size

Poor ensign Dern, he never stood a chance.

2010-01-04 01:45:49 AM  
God Damn. My name is Daniel Douglas Donaldson. No joke. Except to my parents.
2010-01-04 01:48:58 AM  
What's worse is that my full official nickname is Darren da Drunk Dumbass.

/not really
//but still a really Darren
2010-01-04 01:49:15 AM  
dvdmedia.ign.comView Full Size

This guy probably agrees.

/Hot like that watery tart that just lobbed a scimitar at you
2010-01-04 01:49:47 AM give me your ans.........
2010-01-04 01:52:32 AM  
My real name starts with D too :/
2010-01-04 01:56:37 AM  
what a load of complete and utter bullsh________________
2010-01-04 01:57:39 AM  
Knew a kid named Dustin back in school, boy oh boy, was he a tool...
2010-01-04 01:59:22 AM  
My name starts with a D. I'm Dave. I like my name and only an Arse could come up with such nonsense. I was a good student from a middle class home.
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