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(SanDiego U-T)   "No, you can't build a housing develpment here. There're toads"   ( divider line
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48 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Apr 2003 at 4:08 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-04 02:05:31 PM  
Okay, all the people who support the toad should give their houses to the 280 families who wanted to live there.
2003-04-04 02:59:10 PM  
There are probably turtles there, too. Won't somebody think of the turtles?
2003-04-04 04:12:29 PM  
Where's Bucky O'Hare when you need him?
2003-04-04 04:14:28 PM  
We need some black boobies today.
2003-04-04 04:15:23 PM  
Mmmm, the good ol' Interstate Commerce Clause. Is there anything it can't do?
2003-04-04 04:17:26 PM  
Cool? What's cool about denying people a place to live to protect a goddamn frog?
2003-04-04 04:18:06 PM  

Great hornytoads ! this will kill my bottom line !

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-04 04:18:49 PM  
If we can't build houses, the toads have already won.
2003-04-04 04:23:58 PM  
Yay. more environmentally considerate planners.

We need more people like that :)
2003-04-04 04:24:42 PM  
Man fark people, if we'd just stop reproducing like rabbits this wouldn't be a problem.
2003-04-04 04:25:08 PM  
They can have my crappy apartment. Oh, wait, the 280 "families" were probably rich frkks who already have 3 homes.

Yay Toads!

Overpopulation. Stop having kids, and there will be room for everybody, plus the toads!
2003-04-04 04:25:25 PM  
It's not like they're kicking people out of their homes for the toads. They're just saying build your damn new subdivision somewhere else.
2003-04-04 04:25:28 PM  
ph34r teh t04ds.
2003-04-04 04:25:55 PM  

Obviously, there just weren't enough snail darters in the area . The Liberal Media Lawyer Whining Complex was forced to find something else.

So, whatever happened to People Eating Tasty Animals anyway?

2003-04-04 04:27:37 PM  
You know, all these toad-loving hippies are really making it hard to enjoy our place as the dominant species on the planet.

Damned hippies.
2003-04-04 04:27:58 PM  
That's not a proper contraction.
2003-04-04 04:28:25 PM  
"We thought you was turned into a toad."

/O Brother Where Art Thou
2003-04-04 04:29:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

They were afraid the suburban kids would lick them.
2003-04-04 04:29:57 PM  
"04-04-03 04:27:58 PM Kpar90
That's not a proper contraction."

no, the court determined it was not a proper construction.

go toads!
2003-04-04 04:30:49 PM  
What dumbass thought this was cool. It's still pretty farked up when someone buys land and then can't do with it as they see fit. If the Army Corp wants to protect the damn toads it SHOULD BUY THE LAND.
2003-04-04 04:31:01 PM  
why is this news? environmental concerns shut down construction projects everyday
2003-04-04 04:32:21 PM  
Toads are just nifty.
2003-04-04 04:32:43 PM  
sorry guys, I support the toads. We don't need to pave the entire planet.

Also, I realize not everyone read the entire article, but an alternative plan that would have allowed the developers to build but would have left the toads habitat undisturbed was proposed but rejected by the developers.
2003-04-04 04:34:54 PM  
"It's still pretty farked up when someone buys land and then can't do with it as they see fit."

Caveat emptor. They should have done an environmental impact study before buying the land.
2003-04-04 04:35:09 PM  
Sounds like the developer should go after the people that sold them the land in the first place. Endangered species are fine and all that, but the land does belong to the people who purchased it.
2003-04-04 04:35:38 PM  
So, whatever happened to People Eating Tasty Animals anyway?

2003-04-04 04:36:18 PM  
The wildlife service proposed a plan that would have allowed Rancho Viejo to continue its project by excavating soil used for fill from land outside the area rather than from the toads' habitat. The developer did not accept the alternative.

So the developers were presented with a solution that probably costed more than they were willing to pay. Oh well.
2003-04-04 04:36:19 PM  
Oh yeah, I feel really sorry for those developers. Their kids might have to go to state colleges now, that's really terrible.

I'm not a hippie, and I support the toads.
2003-04-04 04:38:40 PM  
Costed??? I think I've beended on the computer too long!
2003-04-04 04:39:39 PM  
That's really cool that you can just make up new contractions like that.
2003-04-04 04:43:38 PM  
Frickin North County has made some hideous landscapes turning entire mountain ranges and foothills into cloned red tile stucco houses. I hope after they rejected it they kicked him in the balls and slapped the back of his head!
2003-04-04 04:43:43 PM  
Ha ha. I toad you so.
2003-04-04 04:44:54 PM  
Just something to chew on...

I went to a conference in San Diego back in 2000. The big news story on the front page of the newspaper was that as of the time of the story there were no new housing starts in San Diego County that cost less than $200,000.

Man I'm glad I live in the midwest.
2003-04-04 04:45:04 PM  
I've got a problem with excavating soil, anyways. Where I grew up, it's very hilly, and flatland just looks boring and depressing to me. But nothing is worse than seeing someone completely level a piece of property to road level by cutting into a red clay hill. Not only is it an eyesore, but it contributes to soil erosion and adds massive amounts of silt to our streams. All that just to put in a Mom & Pop gas station. Sigh.
2003-04-04 04:47:33 PM  
Great Tagline.
2003-04-04 04:49:35 PM  
Nobody is going homeless because the toads were allowed to stay on their natural habitat.

If toads can stop the spread of suburban conformity architecture hell then I say way to go toads.
2003-04-04 04:51:01 PM  
not a great use of the [image from too old to be available]

Sure it's funny when someone ELSE has their property devalued. I suppose the marxists among you wouldn't care if "the man" came and took everything made with semiconductors because it had some special environmental impact that had been unforseen.

I just love how hippies are willing to be charitible with OTHER PEOPLE's PROPERTY.

Now not using the compromise solution was stupid of the developer, unless he can somehow get more money from a government buy out than through the compromise.
2003-04-04 04:51:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
go ahead, click it - you know you want to
2003-04-04 04:51:17 PM  
A shiny nickel for anyone who can explain to me why we need to protect species.
2003-04-04 04:52:17 PM  
I support the toads too, and I'm one of those who believes that only those are veterans and those that have done public service should be allowed to vote (Robert Heinlein had a major influence on my politics).
2003-04-04 04:52:17 PM  
BlueDog, because separation is an illusion.
2003-04-04 04:55:12 PM  
Save the planet--shoot a real estate developer.
2003-04-04 04:56:53 PM  
Shiny nickel still available.
2003-04-04 04:58:27 PM  

I think I'm one of the only girls I know who actually likes the movie Starship Troopers. I just love the scene where the girls and the guys are showering together! Integrate the military! Equality!
2003-04-04 05:01:24 PM  

I just love how hippies are willing to be charitible with OTHER PEOPLE's PROPERTY.

I'm glad you've found something to love.

Peace be with you.
2003-04-04 05:02:04 PM  
I like toads. Fried, grilled, or broiled. Especially the endangered ones because they tend not to have much of a spine. Kind of like a Federal judge who won't stand up against the demands of some pussy environmentalists.

/flame bait
2003-04-04 05:02:32 PM  

04-04-03 04:17:26 PM

Cool? What's cool about denying people a place to live to protect a goddamn frog?

right now these people will have to live on the streets!
2003-04-04 05:04:05 PM  
MikeWeath, sounds like you want to grind commerce to a halt.
2003-04-04 05:04:08 PM  

Toads eat bugs. Like Mosquitos. Mosquitos carry diseases, like West Nile. I'd rather have more toads than have more mosquitos.

Remember the Black Death? One of the reasons it spread out of control was a century long practice of killing cats - the evil familiars of witches. No cats, ergo, nobody to kill off the rats. Ergo, there's a rat population boom. So when the black death starts to spread by fleas to rats, there's nobody to kill the rats and keep the number of infected fleas down.... which leads to, byebye 1/4th the population of England.

2003-04-04 05:05:03 PM  
Lareine, sorry to hear that you're a loser and embarrassingly jealous of successful people.
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