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(X-Entertainment)   X-E's tribute to the 'Gremlins' Colorforms Playset   ( divider line
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76 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Apr 2003 at 9:10 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-04 08:18:56 AM  
Man, I need to start submitting more articles from XE. Every single one, no matter how stupid or trivial sems to be accepted.

I appreciate nostalgia, and reliving childhood, and all that jive, but y'all needs to grow up.
2003-04-04 08:32:28 AM  
~~ Sinatra <3's Silly Putty ~~
2003-04-04 09:10:41 AM  
Spiderman Colorforms were way cooler.
2003-04-04 09:15:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

hee hee hee....
2003-04-04 09:18:45 AM  

It is one of the laws of Fark.

XE, retroCRUSH, every farking retarded StrongBad email, that Japanese newspaper, the Russian paper that is translated with Babbelfish, and the Smoking Gun link must be posted at least 2 times per day.
2003-04-04 09:24:14 AM  
aww I don't like the links :(

sad farkers indeed.
2003-04-04 09:26:56 AM  
Yea, verily Theflyingdutchman speaketh the truth.
2003-04-04 10:02:13 AM  
While Matt had to leave the Garbage Pail Kid's movie, I had to leave Gremlins when I was a kid. My mother brought me home after I excused myself to the bathroom seven times to avoid the scary parts.
2003-04-04 10:34:53 AM  
Matt XE - Serious question: What kind of deal do you have with Fark? How do you get so many things posted? Are you guys just good buddies, or is it some kind of business relationship? Just curious.

I liked the Garbage Pail Kids piece, by the way. Err, yo
2003-04-04 10:35:33 AM  
Opps, trying to say "Err, your write up, not the movie."
2003-04-04 10:36:54 AM  
wow, some of those pics were disturbing
2003-04-04 10:38:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-04 10:41:24 AM  
Once again Matt destroys something good and pure from my childhood. Whats next on the list Matt? I will never be able to watch that movie the same way again.
2003-04-04 10:58:11 AM  
hmmmmmmmmmmm im gonna post like every farking article from xe i can find from now on............ great way to get lame article post numbers up.
2003-04-04 11:43:19 AM  
While I am not actualy laughing out loud, I was quite amused by that article so I will respond with LOL!!!

2003-04-04 11:58:10 AM  
wow... what is it about farkers that they find the need to biatch about links that nobody forces them to click on? I mean fark people, are you just complete utter morons, or just all unemployed/ really- bored- at- work -because- my- job- sucks, but- I- can't- find -a -better- one- so- I'll -lurk -on-Fark- all -day -and -biatch -about- the- posted -links,- but -won't actually- surf -anywhere- else,- nosireee, -I mean- its- not like -I a-ctually- PAID -for- fark- or- anything.

Just curious...
2003-04-04 12:30:37 PM  
I think I actually have all of my old colorform sets lying around my attic somewhere.

I might also still have a box of Transformer shrinky-dinks up there as well too. Seriously, I can never understand how I found coloring things and putting them into the oven a fun thing to do.
2003-04-04 12:42:03 PM  
Who cares how many of your submitted articles actually make it to Fark? It's not a contest, it doesn't make you any more respectable here, and no one really cares who submitted the article to Fark.

If you want to see your submissions on Fark, get a totalfark account and submit all the links you found on Metafilter, Memepool, or OKFlavor, (they're all stealing from each other anyway). You can then see your submission on an actual web page, along with the 300 other people who sbumitted the same link.
2003-04-04 01:12:01 PM  
Hizzout: It's not a contest

For some reason, it is to me...
2003-04-04 01:12:36 PM  
To anyone biatching about the article...

Here's a decent host.

and here's two decent blogging tools.

Then you can be king of your little realm.
2003-04-04 02:38:21 PM  
Just an FYI: speaking for myself, I wasn't biatching about the article. I honestly just want to know what sort of arrangement some of these sites have to get all their stuff posted on Fark all the time.

Does anyone know the deal?
2003-04-04 03:19:29 PM  
Even though I'm well past the point of having smooth skin in my pelvic region, I've remained a huge fan.

That's a little more information than we needed, thank you very much.

2003-04-04 03:36:08 PM  
Great article Matt, as usual...
For Matt XE or whomever is interested, I found a set of Corey Feldmen dingbat-type font here:
2003-04-04 04:33:06 PM  
Wonder if there was a "Hobgoblins" Colorforms Playset.
2003-04-04 07:05:30 PM  
Damon_Ryde I think they get posted because alot of work goes into writing them, FARK has always link sites that produce their own content right from day one.
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