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(BBC)   Edwina the duck dies aged 22. To be cremated slowly in an orange sauce   ( divider line
    More: Sad, toast, fond, drinking, breakfast, sauce  
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2009-12-30 02:06:21 PM  
and mango salsa
2009-12-30 02:24:07 PM  
Edwina the duck? She has passed.
She's breathed her unfortunate last.
But as per her wishes
You'll ind her delicious
At this evening's nightly repast.
2009-12-30 03:23:13 PM  
and smiling
2009-12-30 03:24:11 PM

RIP Edward Cullen

2009-12-30 03:26:31 PM  
Ducks are cool, man. Good on the table with some ginger too. But they make for some pretty mellow pets if you decide not to eat it.
2009-12-30 03:27:51 PM  
(copy and paste)
2009-12-30 03:28:15 PM  
Another celebrity dies from the crack demon. Tragic.

2009-12-30 03:28:38 PM

RIP Ina Garten

#2 [TotalFark]
2009-12-30 03:29:06 PM  
"With deynty meates that were dere,
With partryche, pecoke, and plovere,
With byrdes in bread ybake,
The tele, the ducke, and the drake"

- 'The Squire of Low Degree'
2009-12-30 03:30:38 PM  
That's it! I'm throwing a duck on the smoker this weekend.
2009-12-30 03:30:44 PM  

gorgor: RAPE RAPE
(copy and paste)

Duck fark
It's awwwwwwwwwright.

/didn't click on link
//taking wild stab
2009-12-30 03:32:26 PM  
It's not news, it's...
2009-12-30 03:32:34 PM

                    R.I.P. Duckman
2009-12-30 03:32:49 PM  
2009-12-30 03:32:52 PM  
i141.photobucket.comR.I.P Howard the Duck
2009-12-30 03:35:14 PM  
Put Edwina back in bowl.
2009-12-30 03:35:52 PM  
oh oh a RIP thread.. some farkers are going to get annoyed
2009-12-30 03:36:01 PM  
FTA: The birds' ages have been calculated through the BTO's ringing scheme.

They cut them in half and counted the rings?
2009-12-30 03:36:22 PM  
He got turned into a duck as well?

2009-12-30 03:41:04 PM
R.I.P. Daffy
2009-12-30 03:41:45 PM  
Are you sure he wasnt going "To be creamated slowly in an orange sauce." ?

Yuuummmm........Orange Duck Pate
2009-12-30 03:44:05 PM  
Shakespeare's Monkey I miss Duckman that show kicked so much ass.
2009-12-30 03:44:17 PM
2009-12-30 03:45:28 PM  
Someone needs to call the Chinese and get them in this.
They know duck.
2009-12-30 03:45:52 PM

RIP Darkwing Duck

2009-12-30 03:46:54 PM  
Honestly! 22 years old? May as well cook a decoy.

Wait for the funeral and cook a great granddaughter or two.

/Still a good headline subby
2009-12-30 03:50:21 PM

2009-12-30 03:54:47 PM  

What "Edwina" may look like...


2009-12-30 03:55:31 PM
RIP Duck Dodgers

2009-12-30 03:56:37 PM

R.I.P. Edwin Hubble

2009-12-30 03:56:51 PM


/hot like Saffy
2009-12-30 04:03:20 PM  

The couple will be singing this song...

I want a new duck
One that won't try to bite
One that won't chew a hole in my socks
One that won't quack all night

I want a new duck
One with big webbed feet
One that knows how to wash my car
And keep his room real neat

One that won't raid the ice box
One that'll stay in shape
One that's never gonna try to migrate or escape
Or I'll tie him up with duck tape

Link (new window)
2009-12-30 04:04:57 PM

R.I.P. Daisy

2009-12-30 04:10:16 PM  
I roasted a duck for Christmas dinner. It was delicious. It was also delicious the day after Christmas.
2009-12-30 04:33:21 PM
R.I.P Duck Amuck

/More drumsticks this way.
2009-12-30 04:33:31 PM

/epic thread was epic
2009-12-30 04:38:49 PM  

studebaker hoch: /epic thread was epic

Link me
2009-12-30 04:39:49 PM

2009-12-30 04:41:36 PM

This. Is an Ex. Duck.
2009-12-30 04:42:36 PM  

averagejoe42: RIP Edward Cullen

Tell me Buffy did it, tell me Buffy did it!.
2009-12-30 04:43:29 PM

2009-12-30 04:43:34 PM  
You're despicable.
2009-12-30 04:43:36 PM  

Ringtailed79: studebaker hoch: /epic thread was epic

Link me

Here you go
2009-12-30 04:43:49 PM  
Oh, fortuna!

/the smaller version
2009-12-30 04:49:05 PM
R.I.P. Destroyer Duck
2009-12-30 04:52:09 PM  
(copy and paste, NSFW)
2009-12-30 04:54:17 PM  
Mickey: Hey, Darnold Duck-
Darnold: Quick, quick! You mean my name 'Duck' or you mean the word, 'duck'?
Mickey: Yes, but...
Darnold: ... That is... you use 'duck' connoting title rather than action? ... Quick!
Mickey: Yes, but...
Darnold: ... That is... 'duck' is a verb rather than a noun? Tell me quick quick!
Mickey: Yes, but...
Darnold: ... Ahh!... Then I can remain standing!
2009-12-30 04:58:00 PM

Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?
I tell you, I gotta plead ignorence on this thing,
because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first
started here that this sort of thing is frowned upon...

2009-12-30 05:06:29 PM

Has Edwina gone on a holiday?
2009-12-30 05:07:57 PM
RIP Duckie

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