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(BBC)   Then suddenly, out of nowhere, came this kitted-up football team together with a referee and two linesmen. Britain suffers 9-3 defeat   ( divider line
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2003-04-03 08:16:45 PM  
This is the most positive thing to come out of this entire horrible business so far.

Quote: Behind the "pitch" were old defensive military positions, trenches used two weeks ago by the Iraqi army. By Wednesday they had become dug outs, sand pits for children to play in.

That gives me hope for the future.
2003-04-03 08:34:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 10:26:07 PM  
If Sadaam was in control, those kids would be tortured and killed if they lost. At least with British/American forces peaceful Iraqis know they aren't going to get killed over a football (soccer) game.

I agree with you Jalora, this gives everyone hope for the future.
2003-04-03 11:03:58 PM  
our most crushing defeat of this great campaign...... VICTORY!
2003-04-03 11:05:33 PM  
Yeah, those Brits aren't so tough without their cuddly fans backing them up:

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-03 11:11:12 PM  
This is a pretty cool story
2003-04-03 11:45:29 PM  
I agree.... very cool.

you won't be seeing this on Al JaZeera TV....farktards.
2003-04-04 01:03:24 AM  
Very cool.
2003-04-04 01:11:04 AM  
2003-04-04 01:11:35 AM  
Servers them bloody right for thrashing us on the rugby field last weekend ;-)
2003-04-04 01:11:48 AM  
ehh....I don't want to sound like farking Bob Costas or Ken Burns here, but it is pretty godamm cool how sports can bring two cultures together for a little while.

/all verklempt
2003-04-04 01:11:50 AM  
Nice to see somethings never change...we still suck at football.
2003-04-04 01:12:20 AM  
"While the Umm Khayyal XI made merry, skipping around the robust tackles and passing the ball around with glee. "

Let's all say that together, shall we?
2003-04-04 01:12:28 AM  
Feel-good propaganda.... but cool nonetheless.
2003-04-04 01:13:07 AM  
Nice to see somethings never change...we still suck at football.

Clearly somethings should be "some things"...never mind. I agree as well that this is the best thing to come out of this war.
2003-04-04 01:13:12 AM  
haha good story
2003-04-04 01:13:12 AM  
This is how all wars should be fought.
2003-04-04 01:13:14 AM  
Reminds me of a similar story during Xmas eve WWI when the Germans and Brits came out of their trenches for a soccer game. They played, talked to each other, told each other about their lives back home and even exchanged a few trinkets they had. Two days later they were back killing each other.
2003-04-04 01:13:40 AM  
I have always thought that the old boring Army/Navy football games would be more interesting if the Marines had a team.
2003-04-04 01:14:37 AM  
Al Jazeera will report something like, "While the soldiers were busy playing games, women and children were dying"

Or something like that. I find it amusing that they were even kicked out of Iraq
2003-04-04 01:17:51 AM  
Call me an old softy if you want, but I'm grinning.
2003-04-04 01:18:09 AM  
Korean soccer babe that may or may not be a man? But since we do not know we cannot discuss penis length or girth.
2003-04-04 01:19:19 AM  
yeah..they were kicked out of Iraq for being so pro Iraq..hahahahah hahahah..oh wait..
2003-04-04 01:19:27 AM  
Oh boy soccer.
2003-04-04 01:20:55 AM  
SpinnerGirl : Al Jazeera report things from an arabic perspecive - the US media reports from a US bias. In fact they where not kicked out of iraq - they quit broadcasting there in protest at restrictions on their reporters.

In truth the BBC is about the most impartial out there.
2003-04-04 01:20:57 AM  

I had forgotten about that. Also during the battle at Gettysburg, the troops would share the same watering hole at night, then back to fighting during the day. I could be mistaken though since I haven't touched a history book in a couple of years.

despite the fact the article is propaganda, it's still feel good propaganda.
2003-04-04 01:22:09 AM  
They say football but they really mean that whole soccer thing, right? The one with no hands and that black and white ball and that whole "hooligan" thing? I mean, we all know that football is a real man's game and is only played (correctly) in America.(North that is)
2003-04-04 01:24:14 AM  
The terrorists have won.
2003-04-04 01:24:23 AM  
I would love to take a gander at Al Jazeera's english page but it is always offline. hmmmm
2003-04-04 01:24:26 AM  
Gus_283: yea you call it soccer - as opposed to that rugby with body armour and a 5 min rest every 30 seconds that you colonists play and call football ;-)
2003-04-04 01:24:53 AM  
sorry, just felt like posting

oh wait.. ::thinks::... picture caption: "KICK THE SOCCER BALL!" ... yay i made it on topic
2003-04-04 01:25:41 AM  
Uncle_Git, to be honest with you, I heard something about that on the news this morning and of course being that I think it was on FOX, I'm sure the story was straight from the spin zone. However, I've been sick of Al Jazeera for a while, due to their reporting on the situation in about bias. But I guess that's just my opinion, although apparently the NYSE shares it with me.
2003-04-04 01:25:46 AM  
Of course, the Poms were at a disadvantage right from the start because they had to keep checking over their shoulders to see if the Yanks were shooting at them.

2003-04-04 01:25:46 AM  
EnuFF with all this sensitive shyt. We are at war people!
but your game faces on, the enemy must not our weakness.
2003-04-04 01:25:46 AM  
I was just thinking, maybe the world hates the US because we don't like soccer. (football)
2003-04-04 01:25:53 AM  
That made me smile. Sort of similar to the soccer game in WWI except they played against civilians, not the enemy.
2003-04-04 01:25:56 AM  
oh fark nevermind, link instead
2003-04-04 01:26:05 AM  
I wish all the world's problems could be solved through soccer... of course, if that were the case, we'd be at the ass end of the United Nations with Namibia and Liechtenstein.
2003-04-04 01:27:38 AM  
Drat!! I should have read the thread.
2003-04-04 01:28:28 AM  
Phelpsbomb; That and the fact that we can't play hockey correctly and probably have no idea what GO is besides what we saw in "A Beautiful Mind."
2003-04-04 01:28:56 AM  
Diablopin and Lollygaggers

yeah...I've read where during the Civil War, the hostilities would "generally" end at nighttime, and it was very common for the Blue and the Gray to trade rations and whatnot, like the North would trade coffee and sugar for Suth'nuh 'backa.

there's a really quick scene in the trailer for the new Civil War movie coming out, where it shows a Southerner handing something, over a river, to a Northern soldier. I wonder if it's a depiction of the trading that went on during the war.

/just sharin
2003-04-04 01:29:42 AM  
Spinnergirl : heh that's the problem with mass media in general - someone for proft corporation always owns it, and have a vested interst in ratings over reporting and integrity ;-)
2003-04-04 01:30:03 AM  
...Uhuhuh. Uhuhuuh. Then Noofa kick ball. Uhuhuh. But not ball, coach's head. Uhuhuhuh. Noofa laugh.

[/obscure Noofa Murphy reference]
2003-04-04 01:31:30 AM  
What is GO. (You rest your case)
2003-04-04 01:32:33 AM  
Oh if all you peeps don't aready - hang out in #fark chat online - linky to the left in that nice column there ;-)

Get the news 15 mins before it gets posted and compose your witty reply.

For those already IRC fluent - #fark on

It's great - insult each other in real time all day long ;-)

Hi to the #fark peeps.
2003-04-04 01:33:09 AM  
Stop saying football when you mean soccer
2003-04-04 01:33:57 AM  
Uncle Git, Gus 283:

You're both wrong, real men play rugby. It's like a combination sport, all the running of soccer with more hitting than football. Plus, you don't wear pads.
2003-04-04 01:34:03 AM  
Though I'm not european I still think soccer should be called "football". I mean, you use your foot right?
Football in the US... well...I dunno.
2003-04-04 01:36:42 AM  
Yep, Rugby is a tougher sport as is Aussie Rules Football (which isn't football or soccer).

But hockey is still best. You move faster, thus hit harder and fighting is allowed till you tire yourself out.
Plus, you can't run out of bounds!
2003-04-04 01:37:51 AM  
If George Dubya Bush played soccer/football like he runs the war, then every game he would score his own goal. (thrown out for the benefit of the European Farkers, before we invade you because Bush declares the E.U. part of the "Axis of Evil".)
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