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(Fark)   Fark Party Portland and Seattle! Friday/Saturday   ( divider line
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49 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2003 at 11:51 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-03 11:53:41 AM  
Um..........didn't you get my RSVP? I can't make it! Party cancelled!
2003-04-03 11:54:54 AM  
forcast is Rain
2003-04-03 11:56:37 AM  
and mostly sausage
2003-04-03 11:57:20 AM  
2003-04-03 12:00:34 PM  
We'll be there.
2003-04-03 12:01:19 PM  
OK, errrr, maybe I take that back, I'm liking my odds
2003-04-03 12:02:34 PM  
OK, I take that back. Not in the mood to see the terrorists win once again
2003-04-03 12:06:28 PM  
Gah, you should have done this last week when I was in Seattle for Wrestlemania.

Oh well :)
2003-04-03 12:08:18 PM  
I will be there! oh, wait, nevermind, I'll be getting drunk in kansas...
2003-04-03 12:17:05 PM  
shortest thread ever?
i will be demonstrating my anti-social
behavior and will not be there.
for those that are:

2003-04-03 12:20:06 PM  
one more try to post a friggin map...
shortest thread ever?
i will be demonstrating my anti-social
behavior and will not be there.
for those that are:

2003-04-03 12:24:21 PM  
I'll be there. I'll be the white guy wearing the Columbia rain jacket and the Timberland hiking shoes. Oh, and my hair will be a little wet from the rain.

My friend is coming too and will be the one in the tie-dyed t-shirt and Birkenstocks and will smell of patchouli.

We're a little shy, so just walk up to us and introduce yourselves. We will probably pass you on the street, or be sitting away from the group, so be sure to find us.

If you don't see us, ask my brother where we are. He hangs out at Pioneer Courthouse Square. He will be all dressed in black and carrying a skateboard and hanging out with some homeless kids, bumming smokes and change from strangers. You can't miss him.
2003-04-03 12:27:23 PM  
hmmm, an evening hanging out with internet losers or suicide...

where's that rope?
2003-04-03 12:29:22 PM  
Hey! I think I know your brother! Does he hang out with the foot-baggers? And as for you, I swear I saw you at the last Saturday Market, and your friend at the Peace March. Wow, what a small world.
2003-04-03 12:35:13 PM  
If you go to Oregon, be sure you don't protest the war. You'll be branded a terrorist and thrown in jail for 25+ years. (No joke.)
link here
2003-04-03 12:35:27 PM'll be fine...we all know that farker/farkette ratio...plenty of flirtin' to be had...;)
2003-04-03 12:57:20 PM  
04-03-03 12:35:13 PM GimpRulez
If you go to Oregon, be sure you don't protest the war. You'll be branded a terrorist and thrown in jail for 25+ years. (No joke.)
link here

Not what the article said.

Now who wants to have a FARK party at Tony Packo's?
2003-04-03 01:01:16 PM  
this is disturbing. very disturbing.
2003-04-03 01:03:18 PM  
I hope all you other farkettes from the Western Washignton region will be attending - am I the only chick planning to go?
2003-04-03 01:06:04 PM  
or WASHINGTON! Still remembering how to spell this morning...
2003-04-03 01:20:36 PM  
Is the Candlelight still on the agenda? That's my after-work-on-Friday-hangout, so I ought to be there for sure. I guess I'll just look for Drew and a bunch of starry-eyed tagalongs.
2003-04-03 01:20:37 PM  
aww, come on girls. dont you want to have all us handsome young farkers competing for your attention?
2003-04-03 01:23:51 PM  
For any underage farkers who would still like to party, please contact myself or theslowblade for unofficial fark afterparty info. We will be throwing down a little houseparty action on top of Capitol Hill for the late night.

Please note: If you are under the age of consent, ugly yourself up as much as possible and don't flirt.
2003-04-03 02:02:23 PM  
Where is the Candlelight?
2003-04-03 02:05:48 PM  
w€€€€, gonna be fun!

(esp. the official unofficial afterparty...;)
2003-04-03 02:06:24 PM  
Word on Crystal Ballroom -

Main Ballroom -

Friday April 4
Direct Productions presents
DJ Rising Sun

Buju Banton was born Mark Myrie, youngest of fifteen children, on Salt Lane, a slum outside Kingston that had no running water. His parents were direct descendants of the independent, rebellious Maroons who fought hard against the British to preserve their freedom. His nickname Buju (meaning breadfruit, a moniker given to chubby children like him) is a reminder of his proud heritage. Much later he took the last name Banton, a word for talented storytellers, after a favorite performer, Burro Banton. At age 13, Banton took up the mike to become a sound system deejay. Not long afterward, he began recording.

Each generation has a voice that convincingly conveys past tribulations, contemporary triumphs and future aspirations; throughout the 1990's, the voice of Jamaica has been Buju Banton. Buju has dominated Jamaican music with a rough gravel yet keenly melodic deejay (the Jamaican equivalent of a rapper) delivery, transcending the parameters of dancehall reggae and serving as a globally embraced artistic paradigm for the 21st century.

"My efforts here are not to crossover but to go through boundaries and borders freely and be heard by all people who are citizens of the free loving earth," reasons Mr. Banton. "Like the title, I'm an unchained spirit, a free spirit and my intention is to make sure this one goes out across the world to satisfy the musical and spiritual hunger of the nation, to bring us closer today than yesterday to our freedom and our need to come together to solidify the human race."

Midlevel -

FRIDAYS in Lola's Room
"Shut Up and Dance!"
DiscJockey Gregarious
10pm - $3 - 21 & Over
"This night has reached sublime fruition. The crowd is perfecto; intelligent enough to appreciate underground dance classics by Kraftwerk, Soft Cell, and Nitzer Ebb without being afraid to go balls-to-the-wall silly dancing to Stacy Q, Run DMC, and Digital Underground. You must be warned - if you're looking for generic, cookie-cutter, tired '80s dance songs, this is probably not the room for you. I'm also prone to throw in modern dance staples by Pulp, Interpol, and Blur. I really don't know what I'm doing, but I know I LOVE it!!!"
- DiscJockey Gregarious
2003-04-03 02:38:47 PM  
Buju Banton is the Don. That's gonna rock too.
2003-04-03 07:15:58 PM  
I'll be there.
Again, that should be reason enough for everyone else to show up.
2003-04-03 09:46:23 PM  
I can't make it. The boss said I have to work. Yesterday was payday, no check in my pocket. No check today, motherfarker owes me 1600 bucks. I think I will go to jail Saturday for manslaughter. I know I'm going to the Winthrop Brewing Co. and visit the I hate my job support group in a few minutes.-Eric(wanted to attend and hates his boss)
2003-04-04 12:25:06 PM  
Wheres the seattle meet at??
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