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(This Is Local London)   Bin Laden flees to Somalia, as if they didn't have enough problems   ( divider line
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9094 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2001 at 1:00 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-21 05:12:28 PM  
Top of page 6?
2001-09-21 05:12:52 PM  
Britney is dumb. Dumb chicks suck.
2001-09-21 05:19:53 PM  
Grrrrl23, not only do they suck, they usually swallow too.
2001-09-21 05:28:21 PM  
Best book I read on Vietnam was "On Strategy: The Army War College's Critique of the Vietnam Conflict". They don't cut themselves (or anyone else) any slack. And they don't blame it on the anti-war movement. It basically could be subtitled "How not to fight a war".

The support for the terrorists will dry up. Then we will hunt them down and kill them. Or if you prefer the more sanitary "bring them to justice"....
2001-09-21 05:47:38 PM  
I can't help but think that a 6'5" white guy with a turban, beard and accent might stick out a tad in Somalia.
2001-09-21 05:50:01 PM  
There's an idea. We could just fire one of those super-lasers that all the C&C players say we have across Somalia at about six feet off the ground. It will only hit bin Laden.

Problem resolved; ticket closed.
2001-09-21 06:10:37 PM  
Terrorists were so much easier to deal with before explosives...

"Ve are the Judean People's Front. Crack suicide squad. Suicide squad! Attack!"
[image from too old to be available]
"That showed 'em, huh? Oooh."
2001-09-21 06:11:57 PM  
OOOOH! Someone has l33t skillz in website construction! Hmm... Here:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-21 06:16:57 PM  
This new format makes me ill.
2001-09-21 06:23:48 PM  
I'll bet it does wonders to cut down on the bandwidth, though. Have you noticed that the average Fark-article regularly hits 3000 views?
2001-09-21 06:29:30 PM  
Brillant work by Bush here.. first he will be bombing one country that might not even have Bin Laden, second, he farks up and calls this a Crusade which pisses off Pakistanis.

I GUARANTEE that the Pakistani government will not survive past December.
2001-09-21 06:34:30 PM  
In case no one remembers Somalia has no official government and the UN has completely pulled out because of casualties that were being suffered. Americans would not want to go anywhere near Somalia and neither would the US Military. This country is run by clans in different areas still and is also about 80% Sunni Muslim. So Bin Laden will have much support there, maybe even more than in Afghanistan and there will also be many more people to fight with.
2001-09-21 06:47:08 PM  
If Bin Laden secures the cooperation of the clan leaders there, Somalia will be exactly the most difficult place for the US to extract him from. Go read the book Black Hawk Down if you don't believe me. *grumble*
2001-09-21 06:53:32 PM  
If any of you really believes bin Laden's in Somalia I got a camel to sell you

If he's smart he's in the hills, spreading rumors
2001-09-21 07:14:12 PM  
For all we know, the Taliban could have leaked the "story" that Bin Laden is headed to Somalia.
2001-09-21 07:26:19 PM  
can I just say that was the boobies I ever submitted, oh yes.
2001-09-21 07:29:18 PM  
We still owe Somalia a good ass kicking. I still have images in my mind of those cockroaches dragging our heli pilots down the street.
2001-09-21 07:33:10 PM  
WHAT?! OK I'm new, what is 'boobies' doing in there?!
2001-09-21 07:36:47 PM  
This new format is a due result from the rapid growth of our dear Farkistan. Lest we become unhappy because of decisions from on high, we may hear the rumblings of a civil uprising, or worse..........A COUP.

Are you compaliners threatening our leader DREW?

Must we call down the wrath of FALKEN upon you?

I though not. Therefore, I say to you. These are tough times we live in. Page tabs are with us. How long? Who knows. That devil Osama Bin Laden has stolen our bandwidth, and by God, together we will prevail!!

2001-09-21 07:38:56 PM  
It's past midnight and I drank too much. Now I'm scared.
2001-09-21 07:44:30 PM  
...And if you could trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance, JUST ONE CHANCE, to tell our farkistani leaders;

2001-09-21 07:53:23 PM  
2001-09-21 07:57:57 PM  
I'd have to agree, DOWN WITH THE TABS!

Or at least make em work right, they're acting veery strange in how they're dividing the comments.

Londongirl: haha another newbie falls for it. The Filter: gets em every time.
2001-09-21 07:58:24 PM  
go to ms word and type in all capitals Q33NY . make it size 47 . change the font to wingdings. freaky
2001-09-21 08:10:41 PM  
Deox - you could do that with anything --> Q33ML6ONZ
2001-09-21 08:59:31 PM  
our army is 40% smaller than the army of desert storm which was considerably smaller than the world war2 army, but our h-bombs are 1000x stronger than the a-bomb of ww2 which means it can still kick 100% ass
2001-09-21 09:10:37 PM  
'Must we call down the wrath of FALKEN upon you? '

what that about me or Wargames?
2001-09-21 11:58:37 PM  
Where am i. Helooo! Where oh where will this silly post go.

i love boobies.
2001-09-22 12:11:54 AM  
I like the page tabs, but they need to work.
2001-09-22 12:23:25 AM  
I'm pretty sure the tabs system ate one of my posts.
2001-09-22 12:23:37 AM  
Holy shiat these pages tabs are annoying, ixnay tha' angen pag tays!
2001-09-22 01:38:27 AM  
Page tabs suck! But then, I don't have to suffer with a dial-up connection. Broad bandwidth spoils you very quickly.
2001-09-22 02:37:40 AM  
I agree with Fb-, this paging thing is pissin me off.
2001-09-22 03:02:07 AM  
how to bring him before the gun point?
2001-09-22 04:47:57 AM  
As Jihad Leader of Farkistan. I have declared a Jihad on tabs, a Jihad on Drew Curtis for implementing them and a Jihad on

Can I issue Fatwas from my Farkistani post?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-22 08:51:18 AM  
please for the love of jebus kill these page tabs
only heathens use modems anyway
2001-09-23 02:01:38 AM  
Thanks for bagging the tabs Drew. Great party. I wish I coulda been there.

Anyway, I don't think Benny Lauden is running, yet.
I might have to go to Tennessee for a while. I will write later. Do you all have PGP?

~ Pinky ~
2001-09-23 02:09:33 AM  
The Afghan "Freedon Fighters" won because the US armed and financed them. Reagan backed them and then after they won he bailed out on them. If he had continued humanitarian aid to the region Afghanistan could be our best ally. But he didn't. The "Sons of Liberty" became criminals overnight.

Go figure.

~ Pinky ~
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