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(Straits Times)   Doctor warns that you cannot spread your legs properly when you are wearing a micro-mini skirt   ( divider line
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177 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2003 at 3:12 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-02 09:38:25 PM  
While they are very sexy....

Take it off!

Then you can, read the headline.
2003-04-02 10:05:02 PM  
Pshaw. All she has to do is lift it up, no leg hindrance then.
2003-04-02 11:16:54 PM  
In fact, the mini skirt has also been said to cause cellulite.

Reveal, yes. Cause???
2003-04-03 12:53:05 AM  
I'd like to see this article killed and buried for sake of all sexy legs and the mini skirts that cover them.

Miniskirts and those elf boots, in the eighties, were the cause of the more dead kittens, by my hands, than I care to remember.

On second thought, excuse me a minute.
2003-04-03 03:16:29 AM  
alton - only a minute? :(

In fact, the mini skirt has also been said to cause cellulite.

that is a horrid, horrid shiatstain of a sentence. it essentially says that "it is true that a rumor exists." go journalism majors go.
2003-04-03 03:18:13 AM  
I alwas likes going to the Museum with my girlfriend and finding a quiet corner and slipping the skirt above her hips for a little bit of randy fun.
2003-04-03 03:19:42 AM  
Should have been a PSA. But wait, then girls wouldn't wear them any more would they>??
2003-04-03 03:20:19 AM  
I wish to volunteer to research this article. Spread'em girls.
2003-04-03 03:21:55 AM  
this is a worthless post
we need to find an article about things that really matter like celebrity gossip or who might be gay
2003-04-03 03:22:15 AM  
Being female is the most common cause of cellulite.

And we all know women hurt themselves to conform to whatever may be considered pretty or trendy at the time. I don't even pay attention anymore. Too much mindless sheep mentality.
2003-04-03 03:22:50 AM  
ARRGH! Nabbed by filters.
2003-04-03 03:24:43 AM  
Surprisingly Ez 2 m45+uba+3 2.
2003-04-03 03:25:17 AM  
That's my sex life killed.

/honest :/
2003-04-03 03:26:34 AM  
inside Soviet Russia, cellulite gives you skirts!
2003-04-03 03:26:47 AM  
This article needs pictures
2003-04-03 03:27:38 AM  
Well... more pictures, anyways.
2003-04-03 03:28:26 AM  
On the upside, brazilian bikini lines aren't at all bad for your health..
2003-04-03 03:28:45 AM  
What's this doc talking about?
Sharon Stone does it all the time.
2003-04-03 03:30:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 03:31:03 AM  
I think there is not enough random humping going on in the world.
2003-04-03 03:34:06 AM  
GIS for miniskirt.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 03:35:24 AM  
Sexy hurts?
2003-04-03 03:36:48 AM  
The Straights Times could be the most bland, uninformative, propaganda'd newspaper outside of Iraq. This is a serious article compared to most other things they print.
2003-04-03 03:38:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 03:39:11 AM  
Could'a fooled me, I've seen quite a few legs spread by gals wearing Mini's. They didn't seem to to have much of a problem to me!
2003-04-03 03:40:00 AM  
Someone please end this boobies drought.
2003-04-03 03:41:13 AM  
In my neverendless quest for knowledge, Google gave me this:

[image from too old to be available]

Skirts, flirts.
2003-04-03 03:41:35 AM  
this should have gotten an 'IRONIC' post
2003-04-03 03:41:44 AM  
The model in the pics with the article (or the article with the pics, however you see the glass) seemed to be able to spread 'em well:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 03:43:39 AM  
Mini Skirts cause Mega squirts.
2003-04-03 03:45:01 AM skirts...micro mini skirts...whats the next step up? Whatever it is, can't be good for kittens.
2003-04-03 03:47:27 AM  
Nooooo! Am I the only one who can't view the bikini wax picture?!!
2003-04-03 03:48:08 AM  
I tried to read the article but I was afriad that the next line would read something like this:

"And if whilst wearing a mini-scirt you're sexualy assulted, its your own fault you little hussy. Gods looking at you and he thinks your evil...[rant, rant, foam at moutn, etc]"

Is the whole site like that?

Mini-skirts are good, but they can be used for evil, for the sake of all, NO FAT CHICKS!
2003-04-03 03:50:28 AM  
what's everyone's opinion on the skort?
2003-04-03 03:52:36 AM  
Skort = Deceptive. Evil.
2003-04-03 03:54:17 AM  
" skirts...micro mini skirts...whats the next step up? Whatever it is, can't be good for kittens."

The nano-skirt, just a single looped carbon nanotube.

The pico-skirt, based on a quantum super string. The model is both wearing it and not wearing it at the same time until you look at her.
2003-04-03 03:55:05 AM  
Eh, speak for youself. I wanna see some cute big girls in tiny skirts.
2003-04-03 03:57:31 AM  
Skorts are quite possibly one of the greatest teases.

Next to blueballs.
2003-04-03 04:00:19 AM  
This goes out the all the Cola's in the world...wherever you may be.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 04:01:03 AM  
The pico-skirt, based on a quantum super string. The model is both wearing it and not wearing it at the same time until you look at her.

Hehe thanks Blumf. I laughed my arse off at that.
2003-04-03 04:09:53 AM  
It must be difficult being a woman these days. My concern is that so many American woman are beginning to look like men. Fewer have groomed and painted nails. Most consistently wear pants. When was the last time you saw a woman in high heels? Women are beginning to spit and swear, too.

Being feminine is a state of mind, a style. Maybe women do not have the time to feel pretty. Subtle sexualty with clothing is often more attractive than blatant slutiness. Do you view the magazine covers? Almost every one gives some form of sexual advice to women. Why? Don't be so insecure about your bodies; be proud instead.

I am convinced that American women in the 1950s had intercourse more often than women today. They were probably more relaxed, too, having less pressure from media to remove their clothes and to compete. Sexuality is a private matter. Buck the trend and respect yourself.

Thank God that I am a man, because society is easier on us.
2003-04-03 04:12:53 AM  
Orchard Towers, the place where that foot doctor was, is nicknamed "Four Floors of Whores" because its a mall during the day, then at night the bars open and they are full of Thai, philipino, malay hookers

I go there all the time
2003-04-03 04:14:36 AM  
Did anyone else get the impression that the author wanted all women to wear burlap sacks, flat shoes, no cosmetics and probably not wash.

Wonder if they have some sort of Luddite fetish?
2003-04-03 04:24:29 AM  
The only thing uncomfortable about wearing a miniskirt is the whole not flashing people on purpose thing.
2003-04-03 04:26:41 AM  
hey DanielVovak, I'd like to see YOU in in tight-fitting skirts, high heels, perpetual-wedgie thong, and a lacy (albeit, SCRATCHY) bra every day. Maybe you'll find it, oh i dunno, COMFORTABLE?
2003-04-03 04:27:19 AM

big image, and my my new html techniques are VERY stoppable.
2003-04-03 04:27:34 AM  
I like the whole ladies flashing me on purpose thing ;)
2003-04-03 04:28:47 AM  
I like doing it, unless there are children or lecherous men around.
2003-04-03 04:30:37 AM  
none here...that's for sure.
pound pound pound.
2003-04-03 04:31:42 AM  

Nope....not a child, or lecherous man.
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