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(Fark)   Fark's 2009 Headline of the Year contest, Round 2: April through June   ( divider line
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6150 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2009 at 6:51 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2009-12-21 08:18:11 PM  
Theyre all so very awesome.
2009-12-21 08:55:02 PM  
wtf is this??? they all sukz. I subitted all of theez better.
2009-12-21 09:00:03 PM  
Great work subbys!
2009-12-21 09:02:31 PM  
Wow, voting is pretty darned close on this one.
2009-12-21 10:04:32 PM  
Sad thing is, IMHO, the majority of the headlines in this round beat all of them in the first round.

/just sayin'
//Great job all around tho
2009-12-21 10:08:15 PM  
Sweet zombie Jesus, I'm glad we don't have to rank our picks.
2009-12-21 10:09:33 PM  

Keystone Copout: Sad thing is, IMHO, the majority of the headlines in this round beat all of them in the first round.

/just sayin'
//Great job all around tho

Thought it was just me - I checked a lot more boxes on this one than the 1st.

You guys are freakin' hilarious. Thank you for all the laughs this year. :)
2009-12-21 10:11:11 PM  

Headline of the Year candidate: Puppy eats alphabet magnets, poops next Dan Brown novel

This must win or I have lost all faith in fark
2009-12-21 10:17:57 PM  
Anonymous tip FTW!
2009-12-21 10:23:54 PM  

Headline of the Year candidate: A look inside North Korea, a nation so backward and brain dead that it makes Arkansas look like the Algonquin Round Table by comparison. Don't feel bad that you didn't understand that reference, Arkansas

Headlines like this are why I love you funny bastards. This really is the best time of the year to be a farker.
2009-12-21 10:30:58 PM  
I still love "you picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel" as that is the kind of quality pun i expect from farkers.
2009-12-21 10:31:13 PM  
Also thought these were much better than the ones from earlier today.
2009-12-21 10:38:01 PM  

Superrad: April through June blows January through March away on overall awesomeness. July through September better step it up.

Waiting for this one in the next round:

Special Olympians around the world express heartfelt "Faaaannn gyuuuuu" to Eunice Kennedy Shriver

...has to be the winner for '09! Just has to be.
2009-12-21 10:59:23 PM  
I still say I got robbed!

♫ Now the man near her back is close to her crack as he raises his hand near her thigh, and the girl who is a crooner is everyone's ruiner, as he grabs her ass and everyone gets mace in their eye ♫

Enough of the pity party...good work subbys.

Next year I will be your master! BWAHAHAAAAAhackhackcoughcough
2009-12-21 11:03:49 PM  
Eats Shoots and Leaves has got to win. That headline is SO full of win. I think its my favorite of the year (though the 'girls dorm room has peephole reversed...' from last post is pretty rad).
2009-12-21 11:37:13 PM  
Oh god, my aids just flared up.
2009-12-21 11:46:59 PM  

Headline of the Year candidate: Man at Panda Express eats shoots and leaves

Plugging this one. Mainly because I find it funnier than the current top three. IMO, the Dan Brown one was an especially cheap shot.
2009-12-22 12:25:43 AM  
I concur that this round is much better than the first.

Good work!
2009-12-22 12:48:35 AM  
Again, stating that I'm not voting for ANY headline with Puns in it this time around. Sorry, it's been used TOO MUCH this year.
2009-12-22 12:56:08 AM  
I had tried to submit that Russian Boxer article with the headline "Best Blonde Boxer Battles Big Black Babe" but someone had already done it with something worse :(

/got nothin'
2009-12-22 01:32:48 AM  
there isn't a"juan moore" yet, but i still LOLouded for a Tuesday morning. thx farkers.
2009-12-22 02:50:18 AM  
I loved the LaGrange gag last year, but this time it's just rehashing it. Same with the blind guy "as far as he knows," also done last year. Hell, I got one or two redlighted this year on that same gag myself.

I guffawed at the Dan Brown shot, but yeah, it's a cheap and easy shot, and not actually clever. I felt similarly about the Home Depot one, because I really don't like them, but again it's not actually very clever.

I really like the math teacher one and the "I before E" one for cleverness, but they aren't actually that funny otherwise.

From this list, though I picked more than one, probably my favourite is the Rick Astley one.

And I agree, wordplay is getting overworked this year. A pun is truly funny when it connects on more than one level, in an elegant way. Most I've seen this year are reaching and not elegant.
2009-12-22 03:27:21 AM  
Wow, April - June sucked
2009-12-22 05:53:21 AM  
Gotta go with "anonymous tip," Richard

/survey says?!
2009-12-22 06:48:48 AM  
2009-12-22 07:31:17 AM  
Love headline of the year.
It's the moooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeaaaaar
2009-12-22 07:57:08 AM  
I never get tired of pi jokes
2009-12-22 08:40:10 AM  
weeeee1!!!!11!11!!1!!! ELEVEN!!!!
2009-12-22 08:47:35 AM  

fookin eejit: I never get tired of pie jokes

2009-12-22 09:56:43 AM  
2009-12-22 11:21:18 AM  
Also voted. Not a bookmark in any way. No sirree.
2009-12-22 11:44:22 AM  
Nothing will ever be better than Juan Moore.
2009-12-22 02:54:46 PM  
2009-12-22 03:32:41 PM  
DesertDemonWY [TotalFark] Quote 2009-12-21 08:14:28 PM
Lots of great headlines in that batch

Who you calling a batch?!?!
2009-12-22 07:04:06 PM  
"Pats Pass on Past Pat Pat Pass. Past Pat Pass passed pissed" wasn't even in the monthly voting poll, so I'm nominating it here.
2009-12-22 07:37:15 PM  
Man at Panda Express eats shoots and leaves
Can you get better than this?
2009-12-22 11:21:26 PM  
2009-12-23 01:49:50 PM  
Anonymous Tip, oh lordy
2009-12-25 01:01:20 AM  
So much good work
2009-12-27 12:22:53 PM  
The puppy/magnets one really deserves to get into the finals.
2009-12-27 02:20:02 PM  
2009-12-27 02:27:49 PM  
2009-12-27 02:39:14 PM  
It's hard to choose damn you fark!
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