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(Lexington Herald Leader)   Radar shows Pentagon was chosen target all along   ( divider line
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5382 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2001 at 9:12 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-21 09:26:51 AM  
Can we please get some funny news today?
2001-09-21 09:27:30 AM  
2001-09-21 09:59:02 AM  
No one will ever know for sure, the Pres. made the right choice to stay away and maintain a working government.
2001-09-21 10:10:06 AM  
The Prez didn't make that decision, but you're correct - it was the right decision.
2001-09-21 10:43:24 AM  
I'm still not convinced. However, I do believe that the PA plan was headed to Washington, possibly for the Capitol or for what other secondary target had not hit.
2001-09-21 12:15:51 PM  
well whoever made it, fark all you who think he should have gone to washigton. Lets see, keep the government going or take a chance of being fried by thousands of pounds of jet fuel and making the country fall to pieces without its leaders, hmm hard decision.
2001-09-21 01:36:42 PM  
I dunno, I thought the thing about the psychopaths was pretty funny news.
2001-09-21 04:05:09 PM  
I don't understand why the transponder can be turned off by anyone. Seems like it should be permanently set in the "on"
position, especially after 9-11.
2001-09-21 06:13:25 PM  
Can they put a police officer on a plane? Kinda like a guard.....

Am I banned or something? Lets hope people can see this....
2001-09-21 06:13:49 PM  
hmm thats wouldnt let me vote for a photoshop.
2001-09-22 12:00:47 AM  
that's because you were gonna vote for the wrong one, Mykatissatan... just saving you from doing something you'd regret ;p
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