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(AZCentral)   Goose hits powerline, knocks out power. Maverick mourns   ( divider line
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39 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Apr 2003 at 9:09 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-02 08:57:37 AM  
Sure, he's mourning now, but I think Goose's death will serve as a catalyst for Maverick to finally start taking his career seriously.
2003-04-02 09:11:00 AM  
What? Not "dinner is served?"
2003-04-02 09:11:38 AM  
Well submitted submitter, funny.
2003-04-02 09:11:59 AM  
At least he has Iceman to comfort him in the men's shower...
2003-04-02 09:12:07 AM  
His goose was cooked.
2003-04-02 09:12:31 AM  
5 points to headline writer.
2003-04-02 09:13:17 AM  

whilst we are still on a Top Gun theme can i just say

Maverick's re-engaging sir

2003-04-02 09:15:57 AM  
Props for the headline. Crap story tho.
2003-04-02 09:16:47 AM  
Maverick...sorry...everybody...liked Goose.
2003-04-02 09:18:16 AM  
Great headline to open Fark to. Makes me not quite so sad that I decided to come into work.
2003-04-02 09:19:15 AM  
I'm afraid to post anything to any of these forums anymore.. two of the forums I've posted to in the last day have strangely vanished, title and all.
2003-04-02 09:21:13 AM  
The Night Rider unavailable for comment?

"Remember him when you look at the night sky"
2003-04-02 09:21:21 AM  
Farking great headline - 5.2 points.
2003-04-02 09:22:13 AM  
Guess he forgot to duck!
Now thats how you reduce your bill!
The power went DOWN!

sorry..that was fowl
2003-04-02 09:22:44 AM  
Great headline!
[image from too old to be available]

We'll miss you, Goose!
2003-04-02 09:24:24 AM  
dammit Henchman!

ok, how about "flyers begin final kamikaze raid upon inferior order which insist to suckle their young"? how do you like that, breast-users?

/oopsie, that includes me
2003-04-02 09:24:25 AM  
Poor Mav. "...everyone liked him."
2003-04-02 09:24:58 AM  
BosTony bows as he takes credit for the headline.
2003-04-02 09:28:13 AM  
I have to agree, great headline, i actually cracked a smile on that one. Only thing that could have been as off-the-wall is if he'd worked in a Mad Max reference, still, I doubt it'd have been as funny. Heh.
2003-04-02 09:30:06 AM  
2003-04-02 09:31:06 AM  
Great headline. I rate headline by whether or not they make me laugh out loud or just smile. This was LOL.

Slider: Goose who's butt did you kiss to get in here anyway?
Goose: The list is long, but distinguished.
Slider: Yeah, well so is my Johnson.

Goose: The defense department regrets to inform you that your sons are dead because they were stupid.

Goose: No. No, Mav, this is not a good idea.
Maverick: Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz a tower.
2003-04-02 09:34:01 AM  
Best headline in some time. Took a second, but I had to chuckle when it hit me.
2003-04-02 09:34:15 AM  
"You've lost that loving feeling....." Stuck in my head forever...
2003-04-02 09:35:27 AM  
Congrats, Bostony, enjoy this moment, this is your fifteen minutes (though hopefully you'll knock off some more snappy headlines in the future). Also, BamaTide: good to see another Bama Farker in da house.
2003-04-02 09:35:34 AM  
Goose: No Mav, introducing bill #846241 to the senate floor is not a good idea!

Mav: John McCain, permission to introduce my bill?

McCain: Negative Ghostrider, the floor is full.

*goose hits janitor in the hallway*


*dramatic music*

/alternate reality
2003-04-02 09:38:43 AM  
hmm so they think a flying bird just ran into the wire and was able to take it out? thats the way it looks.

I bet a flock of them were on the wire it sag'ed the one unlucky goose got cooked and in doing so broke the wire.

unless the goose was suicidal from migrating all the time.
2003-04-02 09:40:07 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-02 09:40:14 AM  
On a serious note, geese mate for life (like wolves). This leaves a goose widow out there for all you fowl romancers.
2003-04-02 09:41:00 AM  
"Apparently, a goose was flying somewhere ..."

Jeez, YA THINK!?!
2003-04-02 09:41:37 AM  
That's what he gets for flipping the bird at Kelley MicGillis.
2003-04-02 09:41:57 AM  
"she's lost that loving feeling"
"I hate it when she does that" or something to that effect.
2003-04-02 09:45:41 AM  
Actually, this is just a ploy to continue to have Meg Ryan references in Fark. Goose's wife, Carol Bradshaw, misses him too!
2003-04-02 09:45:55 AM  
Yee-haa, Jester's dead!
2003-04-02 09:46:50 AM  
"An APS worker found the deceased goose next to the downed line." hahahaha a pun hahahha
2003-04-02 09:47:58 AM  
"You've lost that loving feeling....." Stuck in my head forever...

You can't begin to imagine how many times I've had to sing the farking song, because somebody heard us talking.

"You guys fly for the Navy? Can you sing that song from Top Gun ?"

It ranks right up there with The Scotsman for songs that I cringe at the sound of...

2003-04-02 09:49:15 AM  
Carol Bradshaw?

Trying to see why my HTML didn't work.
2003-04-02 09:49:36 AM  
Agree. There are more and more of us here.
2003-04-02 09:51:22 AM  
Long live Jim "The" Goose

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-02 09:51:23 AM  
Come on, Mav, do some of that pilot shiat!
2003-04-02 09:55:50 AM  
...And from this day forward the game of "duck duck goose" will be played in a more somber mood as children across the world remember and reflect on this day's tragic events.
2003-04-02 09:56:08 AM  
Atleast he avoided Fabio this time...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-02 09:57:31 AM  
Maverick: This is what I call a "target rich environment."
2003-04-02 09:58:07 AM  

The Goose! I just watched that again last week when it came on late nite BBC1--

"Skag! You'll get yours!"
2003-04-02 10:00:06 AM  
This must be some new trend in the animal kingdom. Perhaps this is their way of protesting the war.

</tired of Top Gun references>
2003-04-02 10:00:17 AM  
Maverick: This is what I call a "target rich environment."

Funny story about that, apparently while they were filming the movie, the cast was invited to visit the "O" club at Mirimar. All of the women pretty much ignored them and went after the real officers...

2003-04-02 10:00:31 AM  
Is anyone else bored?
2003-04-02 10:02:01 AM  

2003-04-02 10:07:01 AM  
Maverick: She's lost that loving feeling.
Goose: No, no she hasn't.
Maverick: Oh, yes she has.
Goose: I hate it when she does that.
2003-04-02 10:08:18 AM  
Well, i found this on memepool:

Just the first one about the number of people who thought a spaghetti tree existed is funny. Nothing in there about a goose downed by a powerline....or fark's hoaxhack yesterday. I think fark should play pranks today and totally jack move the unsuspecting masses.

2003-04-02 10:09:52 AM  
Viper: "Good morning gentlemen, the temerature is 110 degrees."
Goose: "Viper's up here? Great! Oh shiat...."
Maverick: "Yea, he's probably saying holy shiat its Maverick and Goose."
Goose: "Yea I'm sure he's saying that."
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