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(LA Times)   Criminals busy watching WTC related news on TV, crime drops.   ( divider line
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1391 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2001 at 8:55 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-21 09:15:16 AM  
Not really a fair trade-off now is it?
2001-09-21 09:21:06 AM  
"Deputies reported preliminary figures that showed robberies dropping from 96 to 52, and burglaries falling from 506 to 290."

Pardon my sheltered life, but what's the difference between being robbed and being burgled? Does burgling happen at home, and robbing at work? Or is there a monetary (value of goods stolen) difference?
2001-09-21 09:49:16 AM  
I think its if you are are present..if you are burgled, you weren't home or at your store.
2001-09-21 09:49:52 AM  
meh... too much studying...ignore my typos.
2001-09-21 11:47:48 AM  
yes, 'roobing' happens to YOU

burgling happens to your possessions
2001-09-21 12:11:13 PM  
and then of course there's good ole' fashioned larceny. . .
2001-09-21 12:52:26 PM  
I recal that crime was also down during the Monicagate thing. This was the true legacy of the Clinton presidency. Everyone was watching, wondering if there would be video of him gettin' hummed. Much less loss of life.

Clinton was a lot more entertaining. Not effective, but certainly entertaining. Politics is the entertainment division of the business world.
2001-09-21 01:16:02 PM  
I predicted that this would happen.
2001-09-21 02:10:51 PM  
Flirbnic: I predicted that this would happen.

2001-09-21 02:37:23 PM  
Every cloud has a silver lining.
2001-09-21 02:45:51 PM  
Alterian: thanks. I think I now have enough information to become an attorney. =o)
2001-09-22 12:29:13 AM  
Its nice to know that not all of California is made of bleeding heart liberals.
2001-09-22 12:31:30 AM  
Nothing like patriotic criminals, huh?
2001-09-22 12:54:31 AM  
burglary is when a person illegally enters or remains in a building or secured area in order to carry out a theft.

robbery is when an article or articles are taken from the original owner's actual posession, or violence or a threat of violence is used to commit the crime or facilitate the escape.
2001-09-22 03:21:26 AM  
It could be that America is all hyped up after the tragedy, and most folks are ready to see some blood. The criminals know this, and don't want to be stomped into a bloody puddle if they get caught by an angry mob.

It would be nice if all criminals could be patriotic, but for most, it is likely for self preservation reasons. read the article on Psychotics, and think of all those people in the world who have no conscience and compassion for others.
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