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(YouTube)   Image Mangling Retrospective 2009: Submit a compilation of your 'shops. It's our tradition DIT   ( divider line
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2009-12-19 11:29:14 AM  
Each holiday season the Fark Pshop community has compiled short videos of our best/weirdest/lamest/most f'd up 'shops.

Let's keep the tradition strong! The link goes to one of my old examples. Feel free to use any software technique (video, slideshow, whatever) to compile your favorite entries. Experiment and have fun! Everybody welcome!
2009-12-19 12:45:08 PM  
2009-12-19 07:30:52 PM  
My faves for the year. (new window)
2009-12-19 08:00:33 PM  
So, HERE is my first try at making a video.
Used Windows MovieMaker to do it,
Mydeo to host it... all for free!

Note: Audio track plays the WHOLE song...
one of my all time favorites!
2009-12-20 12:28:56 AM  
Well, here we go for The "Best" of 2009. Didn't we just do 2008?
2009-12-20 12:40:30 AM  

Parasitic_Spin: Scuba: I laughed at the Michael Jackson thing :)
Wicked: Great job! Making the movie is fun, yes?

Thanx. Just for you, I've made a compilation of all my Michael Jackson shops (new window). Enjoy.
2009-12-20 08:03:45 AM  
Link (new window)

OK, this took WAY longer than I thought it should. It was my first attempt at a video as well. I used Photostory 3, as suggested by Herb Utsmelz (thank you!). I used the "Create Music" function, so if the soundtrack drives you crazy, just remember: My theme was "The Best of the Worst".
2009-12-20 10:00:44 AM  
Click HERE (new window) to bring back awful memories of Mr. Lizard's tremendously amateur 'shops. Took a while to go through that many images and then find music and then... well... it was worth it!
2009-12-20 04:54:01 PM  
Some of HoboSong's favorites from 2009 (hot popping action)

/never did a video before
2009-12-21 12:47:23 AM  
Here's mine. (new window)

(Still working out an audio issue)
2009-12-21 11:10:34 AM  
wavion 2009 - version 2.0

Okay, I redid mine; I fixed the lip-sync on the animated featurette, and I made the stills move around a bit.
If you have a fast connection, be sure to watch the HD version (linked) in Full-Screen mode!

2009-12-21 08:34:35 PM  

Ennuipoet's Big Ass Movie
Fark Retrospective 2009^

If you are watching at a public computer, the second song of the soundtrack is decidedly Not Safe For Work. (Don't blame me, blame the Dropkick Murphys)
2009-12-22 11:45:50 AM  
i50.tinypic.comView Full Size

Better than the converted Flash version.
2009-12-22 01:09:45 PM  
Seeing all of these compilations makes me appreciate what an incredible body of work you Farkers have put together. Great job everyone.

If I posted all of my entries for 2009, the run time would come in at just a shade under 10 hours, so I opted to go the abbreviated route.

I present for your viewing gloom, Supdog: 2009 Wins (at the time of this post)

There is a high-res version. You need only to click HQ in the control panel at the bottom.
2009-12-22 06:45:47 PM  
Here we go, hope I've got this straight!

Link (new window)
2009-12-23 04:35:07 AM  
Well here's my 3:48 minutes of randomness from 2009. It's my first movie, first audio editing, and first YouTube upload. The future is now officially scary. Thanks Fark!
2009-12-23 06:12:50 PM  

ggpics.smugmug.comView Full Size

Watch the HD version if your machine has the horsepower to do it. If not, go buy a new computer that does. ;-)
2009-12-24 11:10:31 AM  
Well... here is my first serious attempt at making a video.

It's kind of an ode to my old school geekness, some youngsters probably wont get it.

ElectronChaser's 2009 Review (new window)
2009-12-25 03:58:52 AM  
This time of year usually brings me to hyperactivity, kinda like this:
i367.photobucket.comView Full Size

But since photo story 3 tm wouldn't let me add that gem, I vote hoar.

My 2009 LET IT GO presentation (with new window goodness)... If I didn't name you in the movie, you'll just have to wait til next year.
2009-12-29 04:40:21 AM  
Here's my 2009 Year in Review. Thanks for all the laughs, you guys.
2009-12-29 10:06:34 PM  
Via the miracle of mid 1990's technology, I give you....

HD 2009^!
2009-12-30 11:16:02 AM  
just a big thanx! to all you way talented 'shoppers.
hoping the hosting is okay on this 2009 flick of mine Link (new window)
2009-12-30 04:56:17 PM  
youtube goodness...
(new window)
2009-12-30 05:13:26 PM  
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