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55 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Apr 2003 at 3:17 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-01 03:17:57 PM  
RUN ! ! !
2003-04-01 03:19:37 PM  
Al Qaeda!
2003-04-01 03:19:53 PM  
the san jose sharks can help with the clean up, it'll blend in with all the messes that they have had this season anyway.
2003-04-01 03:20:17 PM  
Glad I stocked up on N95 masks and Purell!!!

I just have to put the alcohol foot bath near the front door.

Now where's that plastic sheeting......

2003-04-01 03:20:43 PM  
Captain Tripps, paging Captain Tripps, please report to the concourse...
2003-04-01 03:20:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-01 03:20:53 PM  
I hete-a vhee mufeees becume-a reeleety..
Bork Bork Bork!
2003-04-01 03:21:18 PM  
[nospam-﹫-backwards]a­H­Ah***7h|\t's tHE 83Zt aPr|1 ph0o15 J()ke Y'\/3 CN s() ph4r!
2003-04-01 03:21:19 PM  
I'd be pissed if I was one of the 194 other people who didn't have it, and I had to be stuck on that plane.
2003-04-01 03:21:36 PM  
We have SARS all over Toronto these days. Nothing but media hype. Doesn't bother me.

*cough cough*

Oh, crap!
2003-04-01 03:21:47 PM  
San Jose ist neat, but nicht as neat as a plane full uff Chinese karryingkt ze AIDS.
2003-04-01 03:21:50 PM  
Lets send dose San Josinians back to vere dey kame from! Or, I dought ze only dink dat killed people in San Jose vas boredom.
2003-04-01 03:21:51 PM  
I think it's about time the media quit fellating the war-porn lovers for a bit and give a little more attention to this.
2003-04-01 03:21:53 PM  
Well, I cetainwise hope the plane gets better soon. Last thing we need is a bunch of sick Boeings...

Hail Big Brother!
2003-04-01 03:21:54 PM  
Anyone else see the hacked front page?
2003-04-01 03:22:10 PM  
Yeah, this was all over the news radio out here. The radio's claiming 5 people showing SARS symptoms, and it sounds like they're getting the plane ready to take off again, up to SFO. Not sure why they want it up there instead of down here.
2003-04-01 03:22:20 PM  
Here is the CNN/Reuters version.

(I hate the Washington post)

What I also don't like is the only people getting tested are the four suffering symptoms, the rest are free to move about the country. And we don't really know how to diagnose this thing or how it spreads.
2003-04-01 03:22:43 PM  
I hate when movies become reality...
2003-04-01 03:23:21 PM  
2003-04-01 03:23:30 PM  
Damn ! Another April Fool's story, this time from the Washington Post ! What story will be next, "Geraldo Rivera forced from Iraq, Peter Arnett fired" ? Are they getting these stories from World Weekly News ?

(I hope I'm not filtered.)

[image from too old to be available]

2003-04-01 03:23:37 PM  

De only wahtahmellun dat really wo'ries me anymo'e are biological illness and weapons. Damn dese wahtahmelluns are scary. Slap mah fro! It always reminds me uh De Stand. If ah' look out mah' window tonight and see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rin'in' some bell, I'm duct tapin' de crib shut. Right On!
2003-04-01 03:23:42 PM  
Virus has killed 63 people 6+3=9
Flight number is 128 1+2+8=11

It's a trap!
2003-04-01 03:24:09 PM  
0|-| p!ZsIng |-|3ll! aS !ph ! WASn'T 3|\|()ugH of 4 HYp0C|-|0nDR1AC, n0W 1 |-|avE 70 |
2003-04-01 03:24:18 PM  
Th3 W@1|
2003-04-01 03:24:25 PM  
So yesterday one of my professors goes, "Hey, by the way, I was in China last week, so no one sit in the first two rows in case I got it."
2003-04-01 03:24:59 PM  

The own we thung dat reawly worries mi anymur ure biological illness en weapons. Dumn dase thungs ure scary. It always remunds mi uf The Sten. If em look ut mi wundeww twonight en see Kureem Abdul-Jabbar rungung ar bell, I'm duct tapung da house shut!
2003-04-01 03:25:24 PM  
damnit, one person already in SF reportedly with this illness. Now a plane is near here with it too? Gah, this sucks. I'm going to go plug my hepa filters in and not leave the apartment ever again.

cut-n-paste is your friend on fark filter day
2003-04-01 03:25:25 PM  
HA! to all the people who thought it was going to be AIDS to kill us all.
2003-04-01 03:25:40 PM  
Ididntdoit - I bow to you sir.
2003-04-01 03:25:43 PM  
Time two halt unternational flights frum Asia.
2003-04-01 03:26:01 PM  
I just heard about this and I am pissed. You think you're big stuff, SARS?!? Wait till this summer and we'll see who's the king!


West Nile
2003-04-01 03:26:40 PM  
This is bad. Very very bad.
I am a travel agent, and in my professional opinion...
"we all gonna die!"
2003-04-01 03:27:29 PM  
Clearly we must waste our time hand-wringing and soul-searching over why this virus hates us so.
2003-04-01 03:27:48 PM  
I finally ask a serious question, and the filter makes me look like a moron. Note to mods: I don't need a filter to look like a moron!

Wait. That didn't come out the way I meant...
2003-04-01 03:28:14 PM  
Another story

Also, we can't trust the numbers out of China (where this supposedly started) - they covered it up for months to avoid disrupting their communist party meeting.

150 new cases reported in the last two days in Hong Kong.

Not trying to scare anyone, but it is better to be informed than not. Watch my filter now...
2003-04-01 03:28:20 PM  
It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel *cough* *ack* WHUMP.
2003-04-01 03:28:37 PM  
Airway ewardessesstay areway ownay eingbay otectedpray.
2003-04-01 03:28:40 PM  
It couldn't have happened to a nicer flight.
2003-04-01 03:29:33 PM  
DslainteC - you mean you haven't gone to Shoppers to pick up your N95 mask yet? tsk tsk...
2003-04-01 03:29:37 PM  
Yeah, I called in SARS to work yesterday. Turns out I didn't have it after all.

Go figure.
2003-04-01 03:29:50 PM  
WTF is with the piglatin filter?
2003-04-01 03:30:40 PM  
May-Oway-Oway-Nay ... atthay ellsspay EWay'ERay ALLway ONNAGay ARKINGFay IEDay!
2003-04-01 03:30:46 PM  
Jeebus! My boss and I have been debating whether I should fly to San Jose because we don't have any local people with the right skill set to handle a problem at Cisco. Fark them, I'm staying here!

And she was laughing at my reluctance today at lunch.
2003-04-01 03:31:34 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-01 03:31:54 PM  
Do you think we found Thaddam'th biological weaponth?
2003-04-01 03:32:15 PM  
M-O-O-N ... dat spells VE'R-r-rE ALL GONNA FAR-r-rKING DIE!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-01 03:33:37 PM  
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pansy? I'll show you pansy!
2003-04-01 03:34:02 PM  
DslainteC - ya' mean ya' ain't gone t'Shoppuh's t'pick down yo' N95 max' yet? tsk tsk...
2003-04-01 03:34:02 PM  
Send 'em to Baghdaddy
2003-04-01 03:34:03 PM  
62 people out of, what, 7 billion? I'm not a statistician, but I'll take those odds

This is worse than the media-induced shark attack hysteria a couple of summers ago
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