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(NYPost)   It is better to get caught smoking pot in an NYC bar than it is to get caught smoking a cig   ( divider line
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62 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Apr 2003 at 5:59 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-01 03:38:17 PM  
2003-04-01 04:25:42 PM  
Cigs have been labelled a Class A carcinogen on the same level of asbestos. This has more to do with Federal OSHA law compliance than local preference. Right or wrong this will soon be everywhere. Federal regulations for workplace safety are brutal. Ask anyone who works in a factory or mine.
2003-04-01 04:46:35 PM  
It is times like this (rare that they may be) that I am glad to surf totalfark... but smoking pot in NYC would just add to my already elevated anxiety level - I'd be so paranoid I was gonna get busted, robbed or whatever I would be my own buzzkill.

And that is just a dumb waste of pot.
2003-04-01 06:03:53 PM  
I swear, Ah just loaded fark an there was a pic of uh guinea pig standin' on uh keyboard an some haxor crap. Anyone??
2003-04-01 06:04:22 PM  
Makes sense - smoking pot is much less harmful than smoking cigarettes.
2003-04-01 06:05:05 PM  
I'm gonna be spending a lot more time in bars and clubs now that I don't have to breathe toxic air and dry-clean my clothing afterward.
2003-04-01 06:05:13 PM  
i can say this -- that'll NEVER happen here in vegas. given the amount of money international people bring in and the fact that europeans and asians smoke like goddamn chimneys ... never happen. thats why we can smoke in malls here. well, the malls attached to casinos.

i love this town.
2003-04-01 06:05:21 PM  
Umm.. either will do..
2003-04-01 06:05:49 PM  
Yah Mon! I smoke Marleyboros
2003-04-01 06:06:32 PM  
Jebus- Ze site vas hacked but all ist well.
2003-04-01 06:06:41 PM  
Testing testing one two three.
2003-04-01 06:06:58 PM  
You know, smoke never really bothered me in bars an clubs until I moved to Caleyfornyuh an realized how klane thuh air could be. NYC will preshate thus, though hit may take tom.
2003-04-01 06:07:31 PM  
Oy yeah and why is mah text being Germanized?
2003-04-01 06:07:37 PM  
... and what the feck happened to my post? a-h instead of -I- and -u-h- instead of -a- ??
2003-04-01 06:08:12 PM  
Oh shiat The site is still farked
2003-04-01 06:08:56 PM  
Jebus: It's the Fark April Fools day stuff. Complain about it and you make yourself look like an idiot -- say it's funny and you stand an equal chance of looking like an idiot. It's best to probably just roll with it and make sure you copy your posts in case you need to repost them legibly.
2003-04-01 06:10:05 PM  
Yew kin still murder folks there though, right?
2003-04-01 06:11:07 PM  
Well ok then! It's off to NY we go!
2003-04-01 06:11:08 PM  
Perfect fit for that filter.
2003-04-01 06:11:16 PM  
.. ahh, got it. I didn't know what day of the week it was, let alone the actual month, date and year. Sorry.
2003-04-01 06:11:22 PM  
This is just fine.
2003-04-01 06:15:04 PM  
Run that by me again?

Smoke pot, I pay $100.
Smoke tobacco, *they* pay $200-$1000.

Exactly how is it "better" for me to pay the fine, instead of them?
2003-04-01 06:16:22 PM  
OK.. how many people saw "the pigs" hack page?
2003-04-01 06:16:29 PM  
2003-04-01 06:16:50 PM  
just not with cigarette smoke.

This is dumb. If they must, they should make some "air purity standard" allowing bar/club owners to decide if they want to install giant hepa filters or just go smoke free. but, whatever... i'm not in NY.
2003-04-01 06:17:38 PM  
OMG was fark just hacked?? HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA... ahem... sorry guys.
2003-04-01 06:18:44 PM  
yeah, i just noticed that too
2003-04-01 06:19:26 PM  
made my post make more sense...

Smoke Mere Pot instead of cigarettes!
2003-04-01 06:19:30 PM  
I thought that arguement was convoluted at best. Going by that logic it's probably best to just smoke your own turds 'cause there ain't no tobacco law against it and it's not illegal like pot.
2003-04-01 06:20:19 PM  
i have the window still open where it was hacked. now, if i have enough sense to save it as a picture, and post it...
2003-04-01 06:21:10 PM  

2003-04-01 06:22:53 PM  
Cigarette speakeasies: the new crackhouse...

anyone by chance have a picture of losergirl handy?
2003-04-01 06:23:10 PM  
&wt;dis is a test, it's onwy a test - weawwy - just seeing if de fawk fiwtew messes wif text inside htmw bwackets - yada yada yada>
2003-04-01 06:23:29 PM  
Nevew mind dat.... Check out what dis sick wittwe bastage posted.. ?
2003-04-01 06:24:12 PM  
okie dokie then
2003-04-01 06:25:11 PM  
You mean you guys are just now entering the world of fark filters?! Shiat, I've been p0sting comments all day for my amusement. Well I'd say I'm the only one who is obviously retarded enough to find this amusing, but thanks to farkers everywhere I'm not!

Yee Haw
2003-04-01 06:26:07 PM  
you had me at "it's better to smoke pot". . . .
2003-04-01 06:26:15 PM  
2003-04-01 06:26:17 PM  
Wong wive de safety nazis, pwoud to wuin de wives of miwwions evewywhewe. hey, I dink i just saw a kid wun wif scissows. dewe shouwd be a waw against wunning wif scissows.
2003-04-01 06:26:24 PM  
I was serious
2003-04-01 06:26:29 PM  
A-Z please repost, too lazy to figure out for myself.
2003-04-01 06:26:37 PM  
Anyone up fow a twip to Amstewdam?
2003-04-01 06:28:21 PM  
ok, i know i am repeating this...but did anyone just see the fark hacked frontpage, maybe it was an april fools joke. oh well haha
2003-04-01 06:28:33 PM  
2003-04-01 06:28:59 PM  
Dat's weiwd, I saved de hacked page to my hawd dwive and when I just went to open it, it was de usuaw page... Dis hackew stuff is confusin'.
2003-04-01 06:29:10 PM  
Best it is not to get caught smoking either.

/Sun Yoda
2003-04-01 06:29:43 PM  
otay its stiww hacked obviouswy...
2003-04-01 06:29:51 PM  
Amesterdam Ave? Sure, although I think the pot is better down around the Teens (or the 100's if you're brave)
2003-04-01 06:30:01 PM  

Speaking as a New Yorker (and a nonsmoker, most of the time) I still think this is really stupid. Banning smoking in bars?

On the upside, I won't have to worry about getting my clothes of skin burned by morons who can't bear putting down that cig while they dance. What the hell is wrong with those people? Smoke or dance, pick one!

I thought smoking areas would be fair, but Mayor Mike didn't ask me.

2003-04-01 06:30:55 PM  
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