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(Hartford Courant)   150 battle blaze at chicken farm. Fowl play suspected   ( divider line
    More: Interesting, poultry farming, firehose, Friday morning, Moark Egg Farm, battles, firefighters, Fairyland Preserve In Willington, Sister M.T. Winter  
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2009-12-18 10:54:14 AM  
police describe the victims as "extra crispy."
2009-12-18 11:02:19 AM  
Now that's really clucked up.
2009-12-18 12:21:17 PM  
they should fry the perp

2009-12-18 12:22:52 PM  

Fire officials are trying to determine what caused the fire.

I suspect it was some combination of high temperature, fuel, and oxygen present inside the coop.
2009-12-18 12:23:33 PM  
DOH....I think that one physically hurt me...
2009-12-18 12:25:11 PM  
Breast of luck putting out the fire.
2009-12-18 12:25:15 PM  
Headlines like this really fry my gizzards.

/next up, truck with coleslaw, biscuits and beans headed to assist.
2009-12-18 12:25:22 PM  
2009-12-18 12:25:55 PM  
The carnage is described as delicious...

[reads article]
"No one was injured, and there were no chickens or eggs in the abandoned building..."

2009-12-18 12:26:03 PM  
2009-12-18 12:26:03 PM  
Firefighters have been working for hours on the coleslaw
2009-12-18 12:26:04 PM  
Hopefully there were no burning cocks during the blaze.
2009-12-18 12:26:41 PM  
I suspect supernatural causes--probably a poultrygeist.
2009-12-18 12:26:59 PM  
this must be what happened at the end of the cow revolution (new window)
2009-12-18 12:27:07 PM  
These puns are making me feel peckish.
2009-12-18 12:27:22 PM  
Painted my grandma's chicken house one time. Dropped my gum . . . thought I found it 6 times.
2009-12-18 12:29:13 PM  
It was the ultra violent splinter faction of PETA
2009-12-18 12:29:48 PM  

Karma Curmudgeon: OMGWTFBBQ!1

well done!
2009-12-18 12:32:19 PM  
150? That's not exactly a poultry number.
2009-12-18 12:32:19 PM
Make your own KFC sign at
2009-12-18 12:33:02 PM  

fernanernie: Make your own KFC sign at

Fark PETA.
2009-12-18 12:34:23 PM  
The coop,

The coop,

The coop is on fire...
2009-12-18 12:35:46 PM  
The article did not mention arson.
And Subby spelled foul wrong.

Oh... never mind
2009-12-18 12:36:52 PM  
A little bbq sauce will put out that fire.
2009-12-18 12:37:29 PM  
fernanernie: Make your own KFC sign at

Fark PETA.

I would but none of the ladies like meat.
2009-12-18 12:38:00 PM  
They should grill the suspects.
2009-12-18 12:39:01 PM  
I'll bring the BBQ sauce. Who's got the beer?
2009-12-18 12:39:51 PM  

fernanernie: he_Sponge
fernanernie: Make your own KFC sign at

Fark PETA.

I would but none of the ladies like meat.

What if it's organic and free-range? And voluntarily donated? I understand some of them will eat a roast beef sandwich. Why not some quality sausage?
2009-12-18 12:40:06 PM  
Who ordered the cajun style...?
2009-12-18 12:43:12 PM
2009-12-18 12:47:58 PM  
Their goose is really cooked, those turkeys!
2009-12-18 12:48:50 PM  

fernanernie: he_Sponge
fernanernie: Make your own KFC sign at

Fark PETA.

I would but none of the ladies like meat.

2009-12-18 12:53:40 PM  
They need the Bucket Brigade!
2009-12-18 12:58:51 PM  
This shirt, not yours.
2009-12-18 01:09:32 PM  
I'm just about to get the chicken achievement on MW2, so I'm feeling really jealous right now...
2009-12-18 01:21:41 PM  
Tastes like chicken.
2009-12-18 01:28:59 PM

Not afraid to battle 150 people.
2009-12-18 01:36:06 PM  
victims seen running from the flames...
2009-12-18 01:47:28 PM  
I was on ambulance duty when our dept was called in for mutual aid for this fire. The guys did a hell of a job last night as it was about 12 degress with a nasty wind. Didnt matter that it was a 'surround and drown', being on the nozzle in that weather will make you an ice cube in minutes. Hopefully, they had some decent re-hab set up for them. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
2009-12-18 01:50:48 PM  
What a complete cock-up. I'm sure the owners of the farm had some sort of poultry excuse, but I'm sure that a chick of their credentials will reveal an attempt to duck the pigs.

2009-12-18 02:01:58 PM  
I prefer extra crispy.
2009-12-18 02:40:38 PM  
Awwwww, man... this is a chickenshiat story.
2009-12-18 02:42:26 PM


/do you know what they do to those chickens?
//no but it's delicious
2009-12-18 05:08:23 PM  
I really am so sorry for the awful headline, peeps.
2009-12-18 08:09:10 PM  
I wonder if this article will win a Pullet Surprise?
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