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90 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Apr 2003 at 1:14 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-31 09:27:41 PM  
Wow, I forgot this site was named Slashdot.
2003-03-31 09:29:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd hit it.
2003-03-31 09:38:55 PM  
And just why would the scientists not do that?
2003-03-31 09:41:38 PM  
That brings a tear to my eye.

Quick, someone grep me...
2003-04-01 01:17:53 AM  
hey, the article say's it's the biggest thing since herpes
2003-04-01 01:18:37 AM  
i think i caught this once...
2003-04-01 01:18:43 AM  
Oh....good. Because Ah was just sayin' how what thuh warld rilly needs izza large virus.
2003-04-01 01:18:52 AM  
2003-04-01 01:19:37 AM  
Ha. Right On! I've been filtered. Right On! ah' can go t'bed now. Right On! W3rd
2003-04-01 01:19:37 AM  
blah blah blah poop poop. Right On!
2003-04-01 01:19:39 AM  
what the hell is up with the crazy font?
2003-04-01 01:20:34 AM  
Wow, that really is one big virus (I have no idea what I am talking about)
2003-04-01 01:20:52 AM  
OK April Fools is in the air.

I like the windows joke though, anyone else get the hampsters hack page yet?
2003-04-01 01:21:48 AM  
Damn. I feel so left out. No virus, no funny font...
2003-04-01 01:23:13 AM  
I think I'm going to be a useless waste of bandwidth and post just to see if it'll filter me in jive or anything. Yawn. Yeah.
2003-04-01 01:23:17 AM  
Mike kicks ass. Absolute comedy...
2003-04-01 01:23:46 AM  
Um, did anyone else notice that Fark was "hacked"
2003-04-01 01:23:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

Panda Virus
2003-04-01 01:23:50 AM  
I got the hamster hack page. What the fark was that?
2003-04-01 01:23:54 AM  
The Haxoring was funny at first, now it's just annoying.
2003-04-01 01:24:02 AM  
Well damn. G'night, folks.
2003-04-01 01:24:19 AM  
fark was hacked for a minute there.
2003-04-01 01:25:09 AM  
Maybe these are the bugs thet cause cancer.
2003-04-01 01:25:44 AM  
How the hell do you get "hamsters" from "guinea p1g5"?
2003-04-01 01:26:11 AM  
"Giant virus" reminds me of saying "jumbo shrimp".
2003-04-01 01:26:24 AM  
I always miss the good stuff.
2003-04-01 01:27:01 AM  
Panda Virus

It's Finger-Ling-Ling Good!
2003-04-01 01:27:36 AM  
Me too. No hampster. No goblin or turtle.
Not even a Gere....
2003-04-01 01:28:23 AM  
April Fool's I'm tunkung on da hacked websete
2003-04-01 01:28:26 AM  
No guinea pigs either..
2003-04-01 01:29:05 AM  
April Fools, kids.
2003-04-01 01:31:32 AM  
Gotta keep it going!
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-01 01:38:32 AM  
This "hacking" was mildly amusing for about 3 minutes. Now its just a Pain In The Ass.

/no sense of humor tonite
2003-04-01 01:41:16 AM  
I am not a shrimp! I am a King Prawn!
2003-04-01 01:44:51 AM  
Windows, thuh virus yawl install.
2003-04-01 01:45:02 AM  
Qatmandu, it's not hackin'. It's April Fool's Day. Right On! . Right On! . Right On! . Right On!

Fear de Boobies. Right On!
2003-04-01 01:45:42 AM  
ok, what the heck is that. I'm from NY, not Georgia.
2003-04-01 01:45:50 AM  
I loved Muppets From Space Disco13. Watched it W my daughter and expected it to suck but I loved it.

And Guinea Pigs and Hampsters were mentioned if you bothered to read through the whole stupid 1337 sp34k p4g3.
2003-04-01 01:46:10 AM  
I got the Hamster Haxxor page too! But I haven't gotten filtered yet.
2003-04-01 01:47:07 AM  
Confabulat, I've seen very relatively large bacteria (visible size. almost of their cell a sort of sack containing chemical food) referred to as "giant microbes". Analyze that one.
2003-04-01 01:47:16 AM  
This is kinda like the dialectizer.
2003-04-01 01:49:23 AM  
I think whoever posted this article accidentally hit "Cool" when he meant to click on "Scary", unless he's some psychopath.
2003-04-01 01:50:22 AM  
The old muppet show episodes were hilarious, they were actually written to be pretty entertaining to adults too. I mean, can you imagine having Alice Cooper (at the beginning of his career, back before shock rock became commonplace) singing Welcome To My Nightmare on a kids show today?
2003-04-01 02:10:01 AM  
Anyone see the link on the sidebar?

A meningococcal survivor's story

2003-04-01 02:17:08 AM  
Iway ustjay arelybay otgay ethay eadlinehay, itway ustmay ebay away owslay ayday orfay emay.
2003-04-01 02:19:53 AM  
2003-04-01 02:22:28 AM  

/I miss Linux Zealot... oh wherefore art thou,
2003-04-01 02:32:02 AM  
I'm ascared to post on FARK on April Fools day. Crap, I just did.
2003-04-01 02:33:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
That wasn't funny.
2003-04-01 02:35:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
ARROWED! the mimiviruses, that is.
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