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4296 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-21 12:17:06 AM  
He must be a Communist!
2001-09-21 12:31:19 AM  
Ah, the good ole days. Before this PC bullshiat!
2001-09-21 12:34:33 AM  
because if someone dares to defend North Korea, they MIGHT BE A COMMUNIST!

that should be the phrase of the day. "You might be a communist"
2001-09-21 12:59:34 AM  
Oops. My stupid "" tag fell off.
2001-09-21 01:00:27 AM  
Crimeny. I meant sarcasm tag.
2001-09-21 01:15:20 AM  
Or, you could just watch CNN.
2001-09-21 01:48:48 AM  
But if you watch CNN,

"You might be a Communist".
2001-09-21 02:48:02 AM  
on the other hand, if you don't watch CNN, you might be a communist!
2001-09-21 05:09:54 AM  
The propaganda primer is some pretty interesting reading.

You know who the REAL communists are, though? It's those pinkos at Fox News.
2001-09-21 05:56:50 AM  
I think you have to revive Daffy Duck to spread the word
2001-09-21 08:11:03 AM  
My spleen might be a communist.
2001-09-21 08:14:27 AM  
If I knew how to link a picture, I'd put up one of a Nike tennis shoe.
2001-09-21 11:20:16 AM  
(Thank you for correcting my spelling of "propaganda." :) )
2001-09-21 11:20:51 AM  
Yea, Fox news is twice as evil as CNN. NPR rulez.
2001-09-21 03:58:07 PM  
I own a tape of that daffy duck thing! it rocks!!! he owns a scrap heap... for like the war effort... and he sings a song about all the things the war needs... and its in the news paper... so hitler sees it... and so he breaks a case that says "in case of emergancy chew rug" or something like that... (that was funny for so many reasons) so he chews along a line to a room and he shoots a goat rocket at america... and the goat eats alot of the scrap... then it gets hickups... ect ect I haven't seen it in years
2001-09-21 05:29:59 PM  
CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc.... They all suck.
#1 source for news is FARK.COM

"If it's news, it's on fark" (sorry Drew)
2001-09-21 11:13:45 PM  
Yeah, NPR rulez...


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