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(Yahoo)   'Infinite Justice' name canned for being offensive. (suggest alternatives)   ( divider line
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3747 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Sep 2001 at 5:35 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-20 05:38:28 PM  
... and in the midst of all the important, life-and-death events in the world, the War of Semantics rages on ...
2001-09-20 05:40:21 PM  
Infinite Fark!
2001-09-20 05:40:33 PM  
bombs away
2001-09-20 05:42:15 PM  
Operation: Terrible Resolve
2001-09-20 05:44:39 PM  
Operation: Git them folks of barbariousness unspeakatude!
2001-09-20 05:45:19 PM  
Operation who the hell are we fighting
2001-09-20 05:46:05 PM  
Operation Whack-A-Mole
2001-09-20 05:46:12 PM  
Operation Turban Unravel
2001-09-20 05:46:45 PM  
Operation: Hopeful re-election
2001-09-20 05:46:59 PM  
Operation Interminable Asskicking
2001-09-20 05:48:11 PM  
Operation Foot up their ass.
2001-09-20 05:48:32 PM  
Smooth as glass
2001-09-20 05:48:34 PM  
Operation 3:16
2001-09-20 05:48:50 PM  
Operation Opening a can of whoop ass.
2001-09-20 05:49:30 PM  
Operation the wacky game for dopey doctors - no that's been used
2001-09-20 05:49:58 PM  
Operation This is going to hurt you more than its going to hurt me.
2001-09-20 05:50:03 PM  
Operation Jumped to Conclusion
2001-09-20 05:50:14 PM  
Operation World Vs. Afgahnistan
2001-09-20 05:50:27 PM  
Operation Big Foot Little Bugs
2001-09-20 05:50:28 PM  
Operation: Ben Dover Bin Laden
Operation: Karma is Greasing your Ass
Operation: Waking Giant
Operation: Ezekiel 25:17
2001-09-20 05:50:56 PM  
Operation: Big Stick
2001-09-20 05:51:32 PM  
One more--
Operation: See this foot? I'm going to check your oil with it.
2001-09-20 05:52:19 PM  
Operation Don't make me come over there
2001-09-20 05:52:20 PM  
Operation Oops Sorry, Wrong Target, Oh nevermind.
2001-09-20 05:53:03 PM  
Operation Justice Texas-Style


Operation II: the Revenge
2001-09-20 05:53:15 PM  
Operation You wish you didn't do that
2001-09-20 05:54:52 PM  
Desert Storm 2: Electric Boogaloo
2001-09-20 05:55:42 PM  
Operation Penultimate Justice

"the Christian struggle from 11th to 13th centuries to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims -- and the present"

Actually the Crusades were to recapture Jerusalem from the "infidels", which was a general term referring to
the Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem. Indeed, many hundreds
of thousands of Jews were slaughtered in, and on the way,
to Jeruaslem during the Crusades.

So its ironic that these Muslims who objected to use of the term 'Crusade' so easily forget this time when Muslim and Jew fell together against the evil Pope and his army of
medieval Knights
2001-09-20 05:55:45 PM  
Operation TIT.
2001-09-20 05:56:18 PM  
Operation: What surplus?
2001-09-20 05:56:18 PM  
Operation: Mindcrime
2001-09-20 05:58:12 PM  
Operation: War Bonds Anyone?
2001-09-20 05:58:23 PM  
Operation: We lost a missile somewhere in the mountains and we're quite attached to it so we'll go and get it now, ayright???
2001-09-20 05:58:23 PM  
Oh, Bloody Spork!!

Operation BeefCake!
2001-09-20 05:58:53 PM  
Suite: Madame Blue
2001-09-20 06:00:22 PM  
2001-09-20 06:00:41 PM  
Operation: Our God Is Bigger Than Your God ;)
2001-09-20 06:01:32 PM  
Desert Storm: The Next Generation
2001-09-20 06:02:13 PM  
That name needed to be scrapped because it was stupid, not because it was offensive. It sounded like an AYB thing: "For great infinite justice". The irony of softening it up because it offends is bizarre... "Excuse us for being offensive in naming the campaign that's gonna bomb the hell out of your ass."

There was a passenger on that PA plane who had a conversation with a GTE operator in the final minutes. His last words to fellow passengers who were allegedly involved in overtaking the terrorists were "let's roll". So how about Operation: Let's Roll.
2001-09-20 06:03:11 PM  
Operation All Your Base Belong To Us
2001-09-20 06:04:02 PM  
Operation Camel Toe.
2001-09-20 06:04:08 PM  
Operation Great Justice

"Move troops! For Great Justice!"

Haha, funny...?
2001-09-20 06:04:13 PM  
Operation: Anal Rape
Operation: Rotorooter Reaming
Operation: Buggerfark
Operation: DIE PIGfarkER DIE
Operation: Flaming Buttplug of Doom!
Operation: Kill em all And let their diety of choice sort it out.
2001-09-20 06:04:33 PM  
Operation Nonoffensive War Front
Operation Put the Gays of the Front Line
Operation Overkill
Operation Dont Get Killed
2001-09-20 06:05:21 PM  
Operation as long as you promise that Liam wont come over ever, ever, we wont do a thing ;)
2001-09-20 06:06:27 PM  
Operation: Parking Lot

(We're getting accused of being warmongers, what have we got to lose?)
2001-09-20 06:07:04 PM  
09-20-01 06:04:02 PM Flowerdale :
You win.
Move along folks, move along.
2001-09-20 06:09:52 PM  
Operation: get the Dune Coons
Operation: I gave too much surplus away
Operation: republicans need to blow something up
Operation: brush fire
2001-09-20 06:10:13 PM  
Operation: We Answer to A Higher Authority
2001-09-20 06:10:56 PM  
Operation Just Keep the oil Flowing, ok?
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