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(Fark)   Dominee, the Farker laid up in a coma because of pneumonia is finally awake, and yes - the first thing he asked for was a beer. LGT original thread   ( divider line
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7152 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Dec 2009 at 5:56 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2009-12-13 02:26:57 PM  
His brother just posted the following in the thread on the Farkistan forums

I just came back from the hospital. They have the cap in the trach, it is SOOOO good to hear his voice. They removed the vent from the room while I was there and he is now completely off sedatives. The first thing he said to me this morning was "Do you have any idea how bad I want a beer?"

He is in very good spirits, joking with the docs and nurses. Now that he's able to talk he is really chatty. We spent almost 3 hours just talking and catching up. He's still a little loopy once in a while, but is mostly lucid.

I told him about this thread and his greenlight and how you all have been such great support. He asked me to send a big thank you to all you guys.

Thankyou to everyone who donated and sent well wishes in the first thread.
2009-12-13 02:28:15 PM  
great news.
2009-12-13 02:29:48 PM  
Awesome news for the holidays. Glad that he's starting to see the edge of the woods.
2009-12-13 02:30:08 PM  
Yay! Best wishes...
2009-12-13 02:30:24 PM  

I'll keep sending out the positive vibes for a complete and speedy recovery - cheers, Dominee!
2009-12-13 02:32:35 PM  
Let's celebrate by drinking ourselves into a coma!
2009-12-13 02:37:19 PM  
Great news indeed! I'll buy the first one!
2009-12-13 02:51:32 PM  
Good to hear.
2009-12-13 03:10:23 PM  
Well damnit, someone get that man a beer.
2009-12-13 03:14:55 PM  

csxtrainwreck: Well damnit, someone get that man a beer.

It's a moral imperative!
2009-12-13 03:47:08 PM  
They popped a cap in his trach?
2009-12-13 03:59:30 PM  
Great News!!
2009-12-13 04:07:24 PM  
Huzzah! Great news!
2009-12-13 04:12:48 PM  
This is the first I'm hearing of all this, but I want to send a beer my good wishes along also.
2009-12-13 04:18:59 PM  
that's awesome!
2009-12-13 04:20:39 PM
2009-12-13 04:30:19 PM  
He's a credit to Farker's everywhere.
2009-12-13 04:43:12 PM  
can haz bacon smoothee?
2009-12-13 05:01:18 PM  
2009-12-13 05:01:19 PM  
Wonderful news!
2009-12-13 05:21:34 PM  

that is great news.
2009-12-13 05:35:00 PM
2009-12-13 05:58:42 PM  
Yay! Get better, man.
2009-12-13 05:59:12 PM  
exit coma...obtain beer. I like that.
2009-12-13 06:00:35 PM  
Welcome back to the land of the living. Have a beer!
2009-12-13 06:00:46 PM  
The only appropriate response is hot-linking this:
2009-12-13 06:02:49 PM  
That is great news!
2009-12-13 06:04:31 PM  

Courtney Cox-Zucker: Let's celebrate by drinking ourselves into a coma!

I'm with you!
2009-12-13 06:04:43 PM  

beve: They popped a cap in his trach?

I read that as pooped.
2009-12-13 06:04:45 PM  
So I guess I cannot have his stuff? Good job, Fats Domino.
2009-12-13 06:05:01 PM  
Glad you're OK. I just donated a bit just to help with your bills.
2009-12-13 06:05:57 PM

Get well and drink a few on us! Glad to see things are improving. I know all too well how crappy (and dangerous!) pneumonia can be.
2009-12-13 06:07:10 PM  
I'm new here, but how long was he out for?
2009-12-13 06:08:00 PM  
Dominee is
2009-12-13 06:12:14 PM  
I just woke up myself
So I'm getting a kick
2009-12-13 06:13:23 PM  

mypalmike: Glad you're OK. I just donated a bit just to help with your bills.

Oh. I did not realize there was a place to donate. $25 coming your way! (new window) Medical bills are insanely high and if I recall he did not have insurance. Consider filing bankruptcy. Really.

It's the holidays and I'm in the giving spirit! I could have used that $25.00 for six months of TotalFark, but he needs it more than I do.
2009-12-13 06:13:51 PM  
obviously faking it...

just kidding...glad to hear he's awake again. Happy Holidays!!!
2009-12-13 06:15:02 PM

Ask and you shall receive.

//Keep getting better
2009-12-13 06:15:23 PM  
Awesome news is awesome!
2009-12-13 06:16:38 PM
2009-12-13 06:20:06 PM  
Wonderful to hear that! :D
2009-12-13 06:20:39 PM  

Bullet Ridden Stop Sign: I'm new here, but how long was he out for?

LGT means "Link Goes To"
You can catch up!
2009-12-13 06:21:40 PM  
... I have decent beer I'm not going to drink. If I could send it, I would. ):
2009-12-13 06:23:16 PM

2009-12-13 06:23:24 PM  
Great to hear!
2009-12-13 06:23:46 PM  
I don't drink but if that's what they want then dammit, give it to them already! Great news for Farkistan!
2009-12-13 06:24:15 PM  
Hooray! I'm so happy to hear it, I'd been wondering about this for a while now.

we need 500 CCs of beer, STAT!
2009-12-13 06:25:17 PM  
1. Contract pneumonia.
2. Degrade into coma.
3. Improve out of coma.
4. ???
5. Profit!
2009-12-13 06:26:27 PM  
Damn glad to hear this!
2009-12-13 06:26:31 PM  
Great news.

/Needed 'Obvious' tag
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