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(Detroit Free Press)   "Anyone sticking tubes up my rectum has to meet a fair number of fairly strict criteria"   ( divider line
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2003-03-30 07:14:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-30 07:23:41 PM  
Aliens, Art Bell surrender.
2003-03-30 07:35:42 PM  
Anyone sticking tubes up my rectum has to meet a fair number of fairly strict criteria
Same here, she has to charge no more than 200 bucks an hour, be discreet and wear a sexy nurse uniform (especially those white hose with the lines up the back and garters) and while she has the hose up there...................never mind.
2003-03-30 07:36:29 PM  
We have met the enema, and it is us.

A puckered rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
2003-03-30 07:43:00 PM  
Yuck! Good gawd, why couldn't this have been one of the articles where I read the comments first.
2003-03-30 07:53:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-30 08:00:14 PM  
two words;
2003-03-30 08:31:00 PM  
Despite being available in a smattering of spots throughout Michigan


*snif* a smattering... hehehe
2003-03-30 08:31:38 PM  
Thanks Generation_D I laughed so hard, my burrito fell off my tray and onto the floor. The dogs now have control of the burrito.

shiat too much FoxNews.
2003-03-30 08:31:42 PM  
BeaverBoy - you beat me to it. I was just going to comment on the 'smattering' bit.
2003-03-30 08:32:32 PM  
Oh, was it necessary for them to give a description of the process?
2003-03-30 08:32:38 PM  
Sort of goes without saying, doesn't it?
2003-03-30 08:35:55 PM  
Eh, you can do this at home for free with a garden hose and a tube of Astroglide.
2003-03-30 08:36:23 PM  
Best. Headline. Ever.

Fark can just shut down now.

(Well, after the photoshop of things going in and out of my rectum, that is)
2003-03-30 08:37:59 PM  
Thanks, but no thanks.
I'd much rather stick to a diet that is high in fiber than do that "shiat."

Besides, I'm a farkette. I already have doctors once per year sticking things in areas that aren't really supposed to go there. I will not volunteer for more.
2003-03-30 08:38:20 PM  
Insert PICKLE reference here. NO pics please.
2003-03-30 08:39:20 PM  
I don't blame em. Anyone wanting to finger the inside of my anus either has to be A)a doctor, or B)not a man.
2003-03-30 08:39:46 PM  
heh. Farked at 13 comments.
2003-03-30 08:41:10 PM  
Shouldn't this have the ironic colonic tag?

And, where are the pickle jokes?

2003-03-30 08:41:49 PM  
Gerbils surrender.
2003-03-30 08:42:32 PM  
I will never look at a Turkey baster again.

At least they have a cure for Cancer...
2003-03-30 08:44:42 PM  
All the toxin cleansing mumbo jumbo is camouflage. This is sexual and they should admit it.

When I pay somebody to spank me and say "Fr. Peter has been a naughty girl" I feel better, but I don't need to claim some holistic health benefit.
2003-03-30 08:45:07 PM  
2003-03-30 08:45:27 PM  
Well, I see Heuer slipped one in already.

2003-03-30 08:46:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-30 08:47:16 PM  
all i can think of is that jackass episode where he got a colonic in a santa suit. sick!
2003-03-30 08:47:45 PM  
it's "cognitive dissonance" you two bit hack of a journalist!
2003-03-30 08:50:04 PM  
What's your take on this, Hytes?
2003-03-30 08:52:32 PM  
Chloe surrenders.

Or so I've heard.
2003-03-30 08:52:37 PM  
Wow, SquirrelWithLargeNuts, the only funny thing about that is that it makes NO SENSE!

Richard Gere sticking a hamster up his ass equals homosexuality? Hilarious!
2003-03-30 08:54:08 PM  
Richard Gere never stuck a hampster up his ass

it was a gerbil
2003-03-30 08:56:05 PM  
2003-03-30 08:56:35 PM  
Dead Meat: "Isn't there something that can done?"

Wash Out: "Well, there's a delicate corneal inversion procedure; umm...'multioptipupiloptomy.' But, in order to keep from damaging the eye sockets, they gotta go in through the rectum. Aint no man gonna take that route with me."
2003-03-30 08:59:25 PM  
"Cough cough",,Can you hear me NOW?!?
2003-03-30 08:59:28 PM  
You mean richard gere "the human habitrail"? Sweet revenge for having to endure his latest films.
2003-03-30 08:59:42 PM  
I do believe the great cornholio beat him to it.

are you threatening me?
2003-03-30 09:00:37 PM  
Foolish or not, plenty of people are giving colonics a shot. Sobel said her clinic has picked up steam in the past couple of years.

Did anyone else read that as "steamers"? Okay, maybe not.
2003-03-30 09:01:50 PM  
This is a sick, sick practice. I saw a thing on TV where they showed people getting this done. They didn't show the insertion obviously, but they did show the CLEAR tubes in action. I'm still haunted by the experience.
2003-03-30 09:04:45 PM  
2003-03-30 09:05:06 PM  
This should get the ironic tag, because these colonic people are full of shiat.
Get it? Get it?!
2003-03-30 09:07:48 PM  
Clients tell Sobel when they feel uncomfortable so she knows when to reverse the flow.

If you're a patient, you've just had a stranger stick a tube up your ass. I would think you wouldn't have to wait until said stranger starts pumping stuff up the tube to 'feel uncomfortable.'
2003-03-30 09:08:33 PM  
what do you call a Jamacian proctologist??

2003-03-30 09:08:44 PM  
/insert tubgirl pic here
2003-03-30 09:09:29 PM  
Whatever happened to just drinking beer and eating burritos?
2003-03-30 09:10:24 PM  
Rectum? damn near killed em'

2003-03-30 09:10:39 PM  
"cognitive dissidence" That's funny!!

GIS for cognitive DISSONANCE:

[image from too old to be available]

Methinks he needs a colonic.
2003-03-30 09:11:02 PM  
WCU_Guy: You stole my thunder...
2003-03-30 09:12:29 PM  
Maybe I just need to restart Opera or my computer, but the page kept reloading over and over again every few seconds.
2003-03-30 09:14:45 PM  
"I've been telling everybody I'm doing it. My husband is getting so mad," she said. "If it makes me feel better, why not?"

uhhhhhh, divorce? If your hubby were going around town saying he let stangers stick things in his butt wouldn't it put you off?
2003-03-30 09:15:26 PM  
"Anyone sticking tubes up my rectum has to meet a fair number of fairly strict criteria"

If I had a nickle every time I heard that, I'd...have a nickle.

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