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(The Sun)   Couple copulate on floor at book signing   ( divider line
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356 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Mar 2003 at 3:35 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-29 10:13:35 PM  
Great quote: "It's 2003, darling. Why can't two people copulate in public?"
2003-03-30 03:38:35 AM  
I'll go do it somewhere today right away.
2003-03-30 03:39:27 AM  
"It's not often you see two people copulating on the floor at one of my parties."

Maybe she should throw better parties.
2003-03-30 03:39:44 AM  
Funny since the Woody Allen movie was just on..
2003-03-30 03:39:57 AM  
Holy crap - warn me if there is ugly humans involved!
2003-03-30 03:40:39 AM  
My answer to that is: Becuase one of the people looks like this - [image from too old to be available]

not sure if the remote linking will work, but heres hoping.
2003-03-30 03:41:29 AM  
The Sun is there
2003-03-30 03:42:09 AM  
this definitely sounds like a publicity stunt...
2003-03-30 03:42:27 AM  
I'd hit it.
2003-03-30 03:42:52 AM  
I want pics!! (only if she hot though)
2003-03-30 03:43:00 AM  
Whats wrong with that? I've been to a few book signings and it can get fairly damn boring in there. Kudos to the couple for providing entertainment.
2003-03-30 03:43:36 AM  
she= she's
2003-03-30 03:44:02 AM  
Uglydog, if she was hot, do you think she would be hitting ^that^ monstrosity up public no less.
2003-03-30 03:44:42 AM  
dude looks like Will Ferrell in those skits with him and what's-her-name as this old, dirty couple that are all amorous, and call each other "lover" all the time. but that's me.
2003-03-30 03:48:08 AM  
I've heard of many a porno where this is the plot....
2003-03-30 03:48:21 AM  
I dare anyone amongst us to make the headline into an alliteration.
2003-03-30 03:51:38 AM  
I believe it was the sketch The Lovers Car. I know it was on the last episode with Walken in it.
2003-03-30 03:51:40 AM  
stud and slut sex the scene at signing of scripture.
2003-03-30 03:53:18 AM  
Is that Aarkieboy?
2003-03-30 03:54:38 AM  
Female and fugly fool f*cking frowned upon by furious fans
2003-03-30 04:00:22 AM  
Maybe they were there for the other signing of the Pop-Up Book of Kama Sutra.
2003-03-30 04:02:20 AM  
Copulating in public must be one of those things that you can only do in polite society, cause I know if it went on around here, some redneck would put his boot in you or your girlfriend's ribs.
2003-03-30 04:06:18 AM  
For all I could understand in that article without having to read in over super-slowly like a re-re, it may as well have been written in Greek.

I swear the English have less master of their own language than us Americans sometimes.
2003-03-30 04:06:45 AM  
Felonious fornication follows at foreign folio function.
2003-03-30 04:07:50 AM  
"I swear the English have less master of their own language than us Americans sometimes."
Spot the funny and win a prize.
2003-03-30 04:07:54 AM  
Marquis of Bath? Looks like he could use one.
2003-03-30 04:12:06 AM  
I dare anyone amongst us to make the headline into an alliteration.

Couple copulates on candy colored carpet.

That doesn't really work, does it, Zeke?
2003-03-30 04:17:11 AM  
Twosome twirls titillatingly towards theatric travisty.
2003-03-30 04:21:47 AM  

Sex at a book launching ?

"See Dick with Jane.
See Jane with Dick.
See Dick in Jane."

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-30 04:22:19 AM  
That guy's face is such a buzzkill. "Ooh, that's kinda hot...Omigodlookathisfacenooooooo!"
2003-03-30 04:24:50 AM  
He's a member of the peerage. Of course, now it all makes sense.

There's something to be said for rampant democracy.
2003-03-30 04:25:16 AM  
I'm glad I'm not the only who was thinking along those lines, FatherG.
2003-03-30 04:26:08 AM  
"I swear the English have less master of their own language than us Americans sometimes."

"I swear the English have less master of their own language than WE Americans sometimes."

I hope that was a joke.
2003-03-30 04:29:11 AM  
Shouldn't that be "less mastery"?
2003-03-30 04:30:36 AM  
Dammit, all farked up and nothing to comment on...I need total fark.
2003-03-30 04:32:17 AM  
Yes, you do.
2003-03-30 04:32:41 AM  
Oh, I suck now.
2003-03-30 04:33:35 AM  
I find that my life is now an empty waste...
2003-03-30 04:35:37 AM  
Awww, come on, Foy, you should've been TF by now!
2003-03-30 04:39:08 AM  
gningis koob ta roolf no etalupoc elpuoC
2003-03-30 04:43:16 AM  
I'm not sure why, but this is reminding me of A Clockwork Orange for some strange reason
2003-03-30 04:51:05 AM  
The guy pictured, the Marquis of Bath, was not involved in the copulation. It was the launch of his book that the party was for.
2003-03-30 04:55:08 AM  
Yeah, the Marquis of Bath did have sex, in fact, it kinda sounds like some lesbo action.
2003-03-30 04:55:48 AM  
Minxy, but I have to pay...that strikes me as inherently immoral. Granted, give me a month or two more, and I'll have caved in, but for now, I can act morally superior. So everyone else sucks. Bastards. Such a waste.
2003-03-30 04:55:50 AM  
2003-03-30 05:00:46 AM  
For those non-British Farkers: you should know that the Marquis of Bath should be considered without a doubt Britain's most loony man.
2003-03-30 05:04:57 AM  
Just to point something out, the fellow in the picture WASN'T the one having teh sex... it was his book signing, but one of his ex-girls had sex with another guest.
2003-03-30 05:06:08 AM  
Ahh, Foy, you can't be truly superior until you dole out the cash and get some TF on your bad ass.
2003-03-30 05:11:19 AM  
Unfortunately, I'm busy actively talking myself out of spending money on all sorts of things (from new video cards to quality absinthe to the linkage heaven that probably is total fark). What is it, five a month? I'm afraid that it's only a matter of time...
2003-03-30 05:14:17 AM  
Since I survive as an author, I am concerned that I, too, will have men and women copulate during one of my book signings. Is it free speech, or is it merely sex? Oh my, the trouble of a story like this is that I'm not sure it was safe sex for the audience. Did anyone get hurt? Was a psychologist on hand for traumatized children? Authors sould be aware that the public loves them. It's good to be loved.

/At least the children were busy reading when it happened.
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