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(BBC)   North Korea does not want arms inspections, worried theirs are not tan enough   ( divider line
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79 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Mar 2003 at 7:34 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-29 07:36:29 PM  
2003-03-29 07:36:35 PM  
HAHA good tagline
2003-03-29 07:36:59 PM  
third post?
2003-03-29 07:37:18 PM  
Not the best headline ever,
but pretty damn good.
2003-03-29 07:39:31 PM  
2003-03-29 07:39:46 PM  
yeah... keep actin like that and we'll just leave you all alone to your secluded arms 'tanning' selves...
2003-03-29 07:39:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
what the fark is that..
2003-03-29 07:39:50 PM  
Funny headline! But I'm going to have nightmares after looking at the photo of the 'woman' who wrote the article.
2003-03-29 07:39:58 PM  
Damn, we're not even halfway through in Iraq and the media is already gearing us up to support war against N. Korea...

/tired of getting played
2003-03-29 07:40:31 PM  
It's not the Korean arms you gotta worry about, it's the Kimchey (sp?), that stuff is lethal.
2003-03-29 07:41:14 PM  
NK don't want inspections?

Duh. My guinea pig could had had that figutred out months ago.
2003-03-29 07:42:16 PM  
that's one smart guinea pig.
2003-03-29 07:44:19 PM  
Wow, that's actually not as scary to me as our troops getting suicide bombed over in Iraq...
2003-03-29 07:46:47 PM  

Props to the submitter for the headline!
2003-03-29 07:47:37 PM  
the headline wasn't very good, too cheap a pun.
2003-03-29 07:52:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

He was right all along. We just can't trust those heathens.

/Yo no tengo nada
2003-03-29 07:56:36 PM  
So the US wants to act unilateraly with Iraq, Iraq wants us to act multilateraly. The US wants to act multilateraly with N.Korea, N.Korea wants us to act bilateraly.

My head hurts.
2003-03-29 08:00:25 PM  
We shouldnt inspect them anyway. Not till they have food over there for our inspectors to eat.
2003-03-29 08:04:02 PM  
So the US wants to act unilaterally with Iraq, Iraq wants us to act multilaterally. The US wants to act multilaterally with N.Korea, N.Korea wants us to act bilaterally.

My head hurts

Welcome to international relations
2003-03-29 08:08:26 PM  
Every Gov't in the news is dumb.
The world is run by idiots.
They should all learn to play the boardgame "Diplomacy."
2003-03-29 08:10:45 PM  
Words of warning:

[image from too old to be available]

You only think I guessed wrong - that's what's so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha-ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia", but only slightly less well known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian, when *death* is on the line!". Hahahahahah!

/More nothing
2003-03-29 08:11:35 PM  
I know why the Koreans eat Kimchi. It's the only thing that will keep you warm through a Korean winter. I never quite could stomach it for breakfast, though.

And any Farkers who want to learn something about propaganda wars should start reading KPNA articles.
2003-03-29 08:20:17 PM  
I swear to farking GOD, Bush better not attack North Korea next. I mean, with Syria and Iran right there, it is way more ecnomical to wipe them out, then ship all the troops over. See, makes sense right?
2003-03-29 08:21:15 PM  
Well as long as we (US miltary) has its toys out and warmed up, we could mosey over to N. Korea and let Mr. Asshat know that we don't "approve" of his country's nuclear weapon stance, and then we can show him what we're gonna do about it. And then simply remind him that should he "choose" to detonate the "one or two" weapons that he might have, that we might "choose" to detonate a couple "hundred" of ours ensuring his complete destruction. After all, we all want to be friends. :)
2003-03-29 08:36:46 PM  
"North Korea does not want arms inspections"

Of course france will be coming out soon saying inspections are working fine.
2003-03-29 08:39:39 PM  
Oh, that's a lovely idea, IronMdn. Then China (or Russia, who also shares a border with North Korea) can toss a few of their fissionables at the US, and we can toss a few back, and twenty years later my mutant offspring are hunting the last pitiful remnants of humanity through the abandoned concrete canyons of New York City. may have something there, after all...
2003-03-29 08:45:07 PM  
Slow learners.
2003-03-29 08:54:07 PM  

*this bad joke brought to you by...*
2003-03-29 09:41:26 PM  
No one gives a shiat about North Korea. The administration dosn't give a shiat because there's nothing to gain, no oil to steal, er, 'use for the rebuilding process'.

It also dosn't destablize the rest of the area, since So-Kor, Japan and China are all about as stable as you can get. Nothing ever's going to happen with NK.
2003-03-29 09:48:51 PM  
Bomb them anyway.

/US redneck
2003-03-29 10:14:04 PM  
damn Mutated-Snoopy,

first of all, well done with the Princess Bride quote.

secondly, your bio is almost an exact copy of mine. Except for the traveling to Mexico, being a minute faster than me in running, and being born in '82, other than that, you are my long lost twin.

I say 'Hi'
2003-03-29 11:09:06 PM  
When is North Korea going to send arms inspectors to the United States?

It seems to me only right since George Bush is the biggest threat to stability of the North American continent.
2003-03-29 11:50:52 PM  
I agree with SockMonkeyHolocaust, If the US wants to see their goods, they should get to see ours. It's only fair.
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