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(Metafilter)   The Bartender gives tips for those of you who are worried that the war will hinder your ability to "hook up with foreign hotties"   ( divider line
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75 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Mar 2003 at 11:04 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-29 05:59:44 PM  
I have enough problems picking up local hotties, thankyouverymuch.
2003-03-29 08:15:55 PM  
Yeah, here in the frozen upper midwest, it's good to have finely honed foreign hottie pick-up skills.

Sometimes a few girls will come over from Wisconsin, and we're like, "Hey, wanna see my provolonee?", or "Hey, could you do me a FAVRE?"

They love that.
2003-03-29 08:28:18 PM  
If these pick-up tips worked, then wouldn't all Canadian guys have girlfriends already?
2003-03-29 11:11:33 PM  
From what I know of Canadian women, "wanna smoke some of my weed?" or "can I see you on your webcam while your husband is out of town?" usually works for pickup lines....
2003-03-29 11:12:26 PM  
Screw that pretending to be Canadian crap. I'll walk around with a Texas flag on my backpack, a UT baseball cap, a Shiner in hand, and speak with a drawl.
2003-03-29 11:12:28 PM  
Canadian joke: What does making love and American beer have in common? Answer: They are both *%@# near water.)

Wow. How do you mess that up?
2003-03-29 11:12:28 PM  
That was a really poorly written article, but the effort was good. Viva La Canada.
2003-03-29 11:13:04 PM  
I think I love Canada now.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-29 11:13:14 PM  
Let me practice: Oot... Aboot... Got it.
2003-03-29 11:13:17 PM  
i think there's a canoe missing from that article.
2003-03-29 11:13:20 PM  
Hey, my middle name is 'Foreign Hottie,' so there!
2003-03-29 11:14:17 PM  
The only foreign hottie I am interested in at the moment is a Republican Guard commander enjoying some willy pete.
2003-03-29 11:14:20 PM  
Making love in a canoe dammit.
2003-03-29 11:14:26 PM  
Nah, these tips are to act like Canadians who don't want girlfriends...they just want to travel around and screw foreigners.
2003-03-29 11:14:58 PM  
Picking up chicks from Iraq should be pretty easy. All you have to do is promise not to shred them.
2003-03-29 11:15:14 PM  
Imagine the person of your evening dreams running off with some less-than-dashing Spaniard, Brit or German instead of a good 'ol Yank just because our President wants to settle a score with an evil idiot.

Brit or German? Do they both oppose the war?

Where did all the British troops just go to that looks all hot and sandy like ...erm,Iraq?

And dont get me started on Tallest Buildings and Free standing structures.........
2003-03-29 11:15:32 PM  
Bartenders are idiots.
2003-03-29 11:17:01 PM  
How nice and shallow!!!
2003-03-29 11:17:01 PM  
This advice is bogus.
Most other countries think Canadians *are* Americans.

Pretending you're English, on the other hand, works when you're trying to pick up an American girl..
2003-03-29 11:18:21 PM  
2003-03-29 11:18:23 PM  
I think it's funny that Kokanee is listed as a Canadian microbrew. I don't think there's any way you can qualify it as a microbew...and I think we all know which company really owns Columbia Brewing.
2003-03-29 11:20:09 PM  
What's wrong with nice and shallow? We're talking about hooking up, not marriage. Play the fantasy.
2003-03-29 11:21:58 PM  
"Bartenders are idiots. "

And they still get so much more tail than you or I ever will, my friend.
2003-03-29 11:23:48 PM  
An idiot with a bar fly in his bed is still an idiot.
2003-03-29 11:25:19 PM  
GIS for "Bar Fly"

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-29 11:25:33 PM  
The other option is to be able to speak intelligently about your viewpoint and the view of your country.
2003-03-29 11:26:01 PM  
Kind of anti American article. Even if your against the war you shouldn't have to pretend to be someone else.
2003-03-29 11:26:17 PM  
VitaminB I sense bitterness.
2003-03-29 11:27:13 PM  
Nah, I just hate that whole fake nice guy persona.
2003-03-29 11:27:59 PM  
"An idiot with a bar fly in his bed is still an idiot."

And he still got laid.
2003-03-29 11:28:47 PM  
thanks HurlyBurly I just tossed out my life ambition.

make it go away..make it go away!
2003-03-29 11:29:59 PM  
Is it hard to get laid in Mexico, I thought you guys were like rabbits.
2003-03-29 11:30:23 PM  
Hey I gave y'all the nice pic early in the thread with no comments! Don't be biatching about stuff now.
2003-03-29 11:30:45 PM  
I don't think this is quite a "pick up a foreign hottie" article so much as a "survive in another country" guide. I appreciate the tips, at least, even though I won't be leaving the country any time soon. It's still stuff to think about, that Americans are disliked this much elsewhere.
2003-03-29 11:32:02 PM  
"Is it hard to get laid in Mexico, I thought you guys were like rabbits."

No, it's as easy as getting it on with your mom.
2003-03-29 11:33:26 PM  
Ah, 0 to mom in 2 comments, impressive.

/Bows before your grand wit.
2003-03-29 11:33:51 PM  
Here ya go. Those crazy 'mercuns.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-29 11:34:39 PM  

FIBs are hardly a good representation of a typical American.
2003-03-29 11:34:48 PM  
Hey, Hurly no biatchin here, I wish i was in Canada Now.

*wink wink*
2003-03-29 11:34:59 PM  
VitaminB you did make a racial comment about mexicans, you tool. Your wit is surpassed only by your utter lack of intellect.
2003-03-29 11:35:06 PM  
Ditto what Askheaves said.
2003-03-29 11:35:13 PM  
Did somebody say mom?
2003-03-29 11:37:07 PM  
what is an FIB?
2003-03-29 11:37:33 PM  

You'd have to be a Cheesehead to know, and appreciate.
2003-03-29 11:37:34 PM  
Doccm9, I see humor is lost on you.
2003-03-29 11:37:47 PM  
Floridian In-Bred?
2003-03-29 11:38:01 PM  
"Ah, 0 to mom in 2 comments, impressive.
/Bows before your grand wit."

Thank you, I figured I'd lower my comments to your level to impress you.
2003-03-29 11:38:46 PM  
Okay, whats a FIB?
2003-03-29 11:38:47 PM  
ahh. Humor is not lost, I am just stirring up the melting pot.
2003-03-29 11:40:39 PM  
03-29-03 11:37:07 PM Doccm9
what is an FIB?

[image from too old to be available]

/I got nothin'
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