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(Excite) Boobies Kent State women's soccer team accidentally prints calendar showing a little too much female in one picture   ( ) divider line
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75589 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Sep 2001 at 8:39 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-20 08:42:18 AM  
Someone PLEASE post that pic.
2001-09-20 08:47:42 AM  
damn, beat me to it
2001-09-20 08:50:35 AM  
Show me the "Money Shot!"
2001-09-20 08:51:22 AM  
2001-09-20 08:52:12 AM  
"vaginal region" = Meat Curtains
2001-09-20 08:54:54 AM  
Without pictures? I feel really cheated.
2001-09-20 08:56:52 AM  
"The photograph, which measures two inches by three inches and is centered at the top of the poster, shows Kent State defender Kristin Meister battling an Eastern Michigan player for the ball. The Eastern Michigan player's shorts are hiked up at an angle that show her genitalia in the photograph."
Heh Heh Heh... He said "Genitalia"... Heh Heh Heh
2001-09-20 08:58:12 AM  
I'm sure it will make its way to ;)
2001-09-20 09:02:04 AM  
Submitted without comment: her photo from the Kent State webpage.
2001-09-20 09:03:48 AM  
Whoops. My bad. Here's the link to her page.
2001-09-20 09:03:56 AM  
I want bush
2001-09-20 09:05:36 AM  
Picture, picture, picture, now, now, now
2001-09-20 09:06:41 AM  
Arrrggghh I take that back, I just followed Sharvs link. Can we have an attractive woman's bush instead?
2001-09-20 09:06:44 AM  
Sadly bush free:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-20 09:09:21 AM  
Its not miss Meisters beef curtains on display - Its the anonymous defender from East Michigan.. Who is she? I think we deserve to know.

May be they could hold an identity parade?
2001-09-20 09:12:18 AM  
We have Michigan wolverines and spartans. What's the Eastern MI mascot, the beaver?
2001-09-20 09:17:08 AM  
Crazy Ivan:
Identity Parade:

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2001-09-20 09:18:36 AM  
Mungo - bravo, first class!
2001-09-20 09:19:39 AM  
Speaking as someone who lives and works right near EMU, there are a LOT of hot women there. The female to male ration is like, 7 or something.
2001-09-20 09:20:58 AM  
Shane M: whats the team called ? (please let it be beavers...please let it be beavers... please let it be beavers...)
2001-09-20 09:21:14 AM  
"Will Roleson said the error was found when an unidentified person calling from a dorm notified the athletic department of the photograph."
athletic dept: Hello
"unidentified caller:" My bush is all over the place
athletic dept: we've heard that too. are you free saturday?

The guy looked at it 3 times before he approved it. Yeah, Im sure he did...
2001-09-20 09:46:48 AM  
Sadly, it is the E. Michigan EAGLES.
2001-09-20 09:51:20 AM  

Sorry, thought it was game day
2001-09-20 09:51:40 AM  
I wonder, Does she get paid for having a picture of her genitalia taken. Does she reserve all rights to this photograph. I can see a lawsuit for her in the future.
2001-09-20 09:52:03 AM  
bald eagles?
2001-09-20 10:01:01 AM  
Can you just imagine knowing a huge bunch of strangers have seen your holiest of holies? I bet the next game between these two is going to be a hoot.
2001-09-20 10:08:44 AM  
More bush for president!! HOO-RAY!
2001-09-20 10:19:08 AM  
first farker to put up the pic in this calendar gets a SHINY QUARTER!!!
2001-09-20 10:34:47 AM  
Am I the only one who clicked the link at the bottom of the page to the story about the inmate runathon. I thought it would be rife for jokes. Something like they open the gate and if you can outrun the dogs you go free. They said some of those guys ran full marathons and some ran more. They've also raised more than $250k for charities designed to keep kids out of prison since they've started.

That being said, I want to see the picture too.
2001-09-20 10:35:28 AM  
Karen Meister-burger Burger-Meister.
2001-09-20 10:36:26 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-20 10:43:33 AM  
Noooo!! Not Dale and his thong! Arghhh!
2001-09-20 10:58:03 AM  
Mungo- It's not just a thong, it's a "MAN THONG"!!!

Hopefully the chick isn't one of those beasts that looks more like an ugly man than a woman.
2001-09-20 11:04:52 AM  
GOOD GOD! That calendar is gonna be a HUGE seller...(wink, wink).

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
At least we now know what happened to 'Jesse' the wacked out MTV VJ.

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-20 11:40:28 AM  
O_M_F_G! catching a glimpse of a vertical smile will be the only chance for them to sell those calenders, look at the last one, that's a man baby!
2001-09-20 11:40:47 AM  
Good god! These are girls?

thats ok, maybe i DONT wanna see the labiation now.
2001-09-20 11:43:12 AM  
That's downright BRUTAL!!
2001-09-20 11:45:03 AM  
This would actually be an excellent test of my theory that any woman instantly becomes 10x hotter when you see her naked.

(Although...I guess if you rate a 0 on the "Hot-O-Meter" 10x better is still 0)
2001-09-20 12:24:26 PM  
I generally agree with your theory but there is one unaccounted for flaw.

Based on personal tests:
Some women actually become considerably nastier when you see them naked. I'm not talking about the obvious here...
Rather, I'm talking about a chick that you think is hot but ends up having a very unflattering body underneath the clothes.

On an unrelated note:
Female bodybuilders with breast implants are just downright disturbing.
2001-09-20 12:30:29 PM  
Ah, the Kent State site is farked!!!

I wonder how their IT dept. is taking the farking?
2001-09-20 12:46:22 PM  
Ah, my alma mater.
2001-09-20 12:49:32 PM  
When did chicks start playing soccer with no undies on?
(I know I'll be attending more games)...
2001-09-20 12:50:22 PM  
As an alum of Kent State I have to say that I am not in the least surprised.
The IT department is going to explode from the Farking, I'm sure.
*checks link*
Yup, there it went.

Eastern MI Eagles
Kent State Golden Flashes, no I'm not kidding, thats the 'mascot'(its an eagle too.) Make your own jokes.
I've already called some friends still in school to try and get one.
2001-09-20 01:25:42 PM  
Mungo Why did you post pics of the condiment holders??
2001-09-20 01:34:37 PM  
Links dead. Can anyone mirror the pics?
2001-09-20 01:51:29 PM  
Now, in soccer, you're not allowed to touch the vaginal region with your hands, you have to use either your feet, elbows, or head, right?
2001-09-20 02:41:22 PM  

Please shoot me! *dry heave*
2001-09-20 02:54:07 PM  
Oh god not to have a photo of this is just wrong, Drew. How dare you tease us so!!
2001-09-20 03:14:01 PM  
What makes it even funnier is the fact that the Kent State's women's soccer team is named "The Golden Flashes."
2001-09-20 03:27:11 PM  
CaptMorgan- this phenomenon is know as the wonderful are of padding
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