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(   Art teacher suspended for letting kids express their feelings about the WTC attack through crayons.   ( divider line
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3436 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Sep 2001 at 8:39 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-20 08:44:56 AM  
I'm reasonably sure it was the 'go for the artery' comment that prompted the suspension
2001-09-20 08:49:08 AM  
Maybe she listens to too much G Gordon "If the ATF comes to your house aim for the head" Liddy on the radio.
2001-09-20 08:52:34 AM  
Maybe she should have prayed with the children instead.
2001-09-20 08:56:35 AM  
Compare and contrast:
2001-09-20 08:56:56 AM  
She would have lost her job if she would have prayed with them too.
2001-09-20 09:00:22 AM  
heres their webpage if anyones interested probably not - but the 'meet the principal' page ...........nevermi nd
2001-09-20 09:10:59 AM  
Nice job there. Some people in other comment thingies also told you but this is an other example that your lives will change forever, to the worse: Stupid radio channels, stupid censorship on what to tell your children, stupid doofuses who would David Starr every Arab, Carnivore etc, etc.

/Me has pity on those who are forced to live with these facts and can't do squat to change it. Come on people, don't let them muffle your free mind! RE-VOLT!
2001-09-20 09:22:31 AM  
I'm with Blackvampyr on this one, it's the "go for the artery" comment that got her suspended. Any school that would punish an art teacher for allowing the kids to express their feelings about something like this should be shut down, as that's the *best* teaching she could do.

However, a lesson in "How to Hijack with a Knife" is a rather extreme. Wouldn't "I really don't know, Billy" have been easier to say?!?
2001-09-20 09:56:00 AM  
I am very impressed with the way my childrens school aproached the situation.
Of course they are going to see or hear something about it, and I was glad that they got to be expressive in an environment with other children feeling the same way they did.
Not to mention, I have never had to explain "What happens when the WTC is attacked", that was not in my Mommy manual.
2001-09-20 09:56:43 AM  
Yeah the headline didn't really give away what she was likely fired for. I doubt it was the drawings. What a dumbass to admit she said that though, to think it was appropriate.
2001-09-20 10:10:21 AM  
I am sure the teacher was doing it to help the children. I think she thought that they might feel better expressing themselves. They were given the option. I also believe that when a child asks can a knife kill, he/she didn't know a knife could be used for anything but cutting the crusts off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "How does a knife kill Miss Crabtree?" "Well there is a vane in the neck called the jugular, and if that gets cut, the person would bleed to death. Knives are very dangerous, only let an adult touch them" Then the kid goes home with something he learned and has a better understand of. Kids are smarter then we think, but also more innocent. He could have just been telling his mother he learned something and hearing a child say "If you cut the jugular you will bleed to death" Knowledge to a child, but adult would find it shocking to hear from a child.
2001-09-20 10:37:50 AM  
Hear, hear 3M.

It is not if she demonstrated the act 'How to cut a human up' in class is it??
2001-09-20 11:16:35 AM  
Thats right parents! Destroy this teachers career for explaining the way it is to kids, bet half of the ouraged parents let the kids watch south park.
2001-09-20 11:22:07 AM  
CaptainSimian--I bet you're right! I don't see where the teacher did anything wrong. She was answering their questions truthfully. If they're old enough to ask they're old enough to know IMO.
2001-09-20 11:53:55 AM  
This is just the beginning - soon we'll all have recorders placed in our homes for the govt. to monitor us ... for our 'security' of course.

Not too hard to modify telephones to send/receive while still on the hook.
2001-09-20 11:58:43 AM  
Yay! more repression by our public schools. That'll be 25 new Ritalin and Paxil addicts no for each kid.
2001-09-20 12:57:29 PM  
Wwweeeeee! 2 posts in one day. :)

(2 out 35 submitted ;)
2001-09-20 01:05:34 PM  
Ahhhhh, yes! America: The land of over the top, knee-jerk reactionists!
2001-09-20 01:17:59 PM  
It's sad that all it takes is one Christian parent to ruin anything anymore.
2001-09-20 01:56:50 PM  
The parent that complained was probably some tite assed "stuff all your feelings deep deep deep down inside and don't cry about anything" type of person that is so farking repressed that she can only shiat b.b.'s

I have a 7 year old and we talked about many of the "technical" aspects of the tragedy. Now that he understands it, he's not as afraid of what happened, just saddened by it.

This is truly a sad day and a perfect example of why my wife and I homeschool our kids.
2001-09-20 07:53:21 PM  
Twitch--my husband and I plan to homeschool our child if possible. He's not born yet...but that'll give us time to look into it.

I'm not entirely sure public school teaches kids what they REALLY need to know....
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