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2003-03-28 09:14:54 AM
Ahhhh makes me proud to live in Milwaukee

Although I do laugh when I drive to Chicago or wherever on 94 and see the Bong Rec Area. Woooooo!
2003-03-28 09:40:54 AM
2003-03-28 10:00:25 AM
I hear Congressman Bob Annis has had simliar trouble.
2003-03-28 10:00:48 AM
Back when the Wayne's World movie was still popular there was a politician in my area named Schwing running for Congress. He had a similar problem with people taking his signs because they all read "Schwing for Congress."
2003-03-28 10:56:39 AM
I haven't seen that many signs stolen since Free Blowjobs Here ran for congress in '98.
2003-03-28 11:41:17 AM
Shouldn't the DEA tear this guy a new asshole?
2003-03-28 12:23:17 PM
Police are on the lookout for a suspect described as a blonde male wearing Vans. He's reportedly selling the signs to hire Van Halen for his birthday party.
2003-03-28 02:44:38 PM
How sad. Beavis and Butthead were not "stoners" nor did they ever (iirc) makes jokes about "stoners". They are wannabe rockers, tough guy jokesters vs. their peer group, laughable nothings outside it. I hope Mike Judge sues the ass off this guy.
2003-03-28 02:46:08 PM
My hometown elected an offical named "JEFF ART: A breath of fresh air!". His campaign signs looked uncannily like "JEF FART: A breath of fresh air!". One sign is hanging in my garage.
2003-03-28 02:46:15 PM
He should sell shirts - problem solved.
2003-03-28 02:48:20 PM
"Dude, where's my sign ? "

2003-03-28 02:49:25 PM
Still isn't as good as the Bush, Dick, and Colin trio.
2003-03-28 02:50:21 PM
2003-03-28 02:54:02 PM
enter stoner joke here:
2003-03-28 02:54:43 PM
I mean ere
2003-03-28 02:57:01 PM
I have to wonder who wrote this article, and who they wrote it for. Anyone who doesn't already know what 'stoner' implies probably won't find this article amusing. Everyone else can do without the explanation.

Nice to see the guy has a sense of humor about these things. Stealing campaign signs is one thing, but if someone stole a plaque that was screwed into the front of my house, they'd better hope I don't spot them.

I don't own a gun, it's much more fun to stab people.

/bad day at work
2003-03-28 02:57:58 PM
In CT we had a guy running for something and his name is Ed Munster.
2003-03-28 02:58:50 PM
Finally something to do tonight in Milwaukee.
2003-03-28 03:03:01 PM
hey dude - where in CT? It wasn't STONINGTON, was it?
2003-03-28 03:04:24 PM
Erm...there's no such place as the University of West Virgina.

There is, however...West Virginia University. And yes...they get kinda picky about people not calling them WVU.

...because they're åsshats.

Go to Marshall University instead. It's nice here...and not skanky like at WVU.
2003-03-28 03:04:41 PM
My congressman's name is Jo Bonner. During the campaign last year some kids went around and removed one of the Ns from a lot of his 4x8 signs.

/good times..good times
2003-03-28 03:06:18 PM
"Pat Stoner, 58, said he doesn't remember anyone connecting his surname to the drug culture until the 1990s."

Jeez dude watch "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" they use the term several times.
2003-03-28 03:10:11 PM
...so um, anyone live near there?
I would like a sign.

no... seriously - someone speak up.
2003-03-28 03:11:05 PM
OMGLOLOL!!!11 This one time, at a movie theater, someone scratched off the "ON" on the hand dryer mahine!!!! Guess what it said?!?!? "PUSH BUTT"!!!! That was the funniest EVER!!!

/sarcasm 0
2003-03-28 03:12:36 PM
Bill Boner ran for some office in (I think) Tennessee back in the 80s -- at the time I was working for a company that did political telephone surveys, and I later saw a photo of one of Mr. Boner's campaign signs in a National Lampoon "True Facts" column.
2003-03-28 03:12:48 PM
Ice-Nine: Yeah, well at the arcade, someone scratched out the N on the tokens machine. "Tokes"
People are silly.
2003-03-28 03:13:59 PM
I was gonna post that this morning, but I was too busy.
2003-03-28 03:16:35 PM

Um, I am a dudette. And it was in Bongville.
2003-03-28 03:16:46 PM
I went to University High School in Los Angeles, and Stoner Avenue ran right along-side the campus. Several people stole street-signs.
2003-03-28 03:17:15 PM

Don't forget:

"Rub hands under (w)arm (air)" LOLOLOLolol!!!!111
2003-03-28 03:18:16 PM

no really - it might make a good story.

(I work for a CT paper...)
2003-03-28 03:28:10 PM
There really isn't much else to do in Wisconsin this time of year. Trust me. I spent my formative years only a few miles away from Bong Recreation Area.

Sort of off the topic, but I had a gym teacher whose last name was Deichl. She had very short hair and was on the mannish side. Coincidence??
2003-03-28 03:34:22 PM
lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mountaineers!!!

I was raised a mountaineers fan...i'd get disowned if i ever rooted for Marshall

...my brother actually got kicked out of WVU..dumb arse
2003-03-28 03:36:46 PM
My parents still have a "Dole/Kemp" sign in their garage that we had converted to Roll/Hemp with a marker and some whiteout.

/nostalgic for college
2003-03-28 03:37:44 PM
Any time I go up to Troy, Wisconsin for a Phish show, I camp at The Bong Rec Area. It's just too perfect. Really pretty place, taboot.
2003-03-28 03:38:09 PM
The head of the Md. Bar Assn (many of whom are regularly found in bars) is Harry Pitt.
2003-03-28 03:39:51 PM

Actually, I think he was in the Middletown area. His last name may have been spelled like the cheese, muenster, I'm not sure.
2003-03-28 03:44:00 PM
Ummm, NICU8697: It's East Troy, Wisconsin. I believe you're referring to Alpine Valley.
2003-03-28 03:45:54 PM
i think i still have a "tom crapo" sign.

mono..doh- I laughed too when i saw the bong rec. sign on the way to chicago...took a pic
2003-03-28 03:56:09 PM
Ha Ha.

I used to work for congressman Norm Dicks up in Tacoma. The campaign signs were real popular with the local college kids -- just slap a little piece of white tape on the front, and you've got a fine NO DICKS FOR CONGRESS sign.

Seem to also remember a guy from new england running for congress a couple years ago, name was Dick Swett.
2003-03-28 03:58:19 PM
I'm pretty sure this guy is my Alderman. I'll have to look at the map of the districts again.

Hey, SatanicSnowWoman? You sound like my kind of gal. Drop me a line. If you're looking for something to do, we should hang out.
2003-03-28 04:12:56 PM
Herb Fry's signs were very popular when I was in college. Though he kept coming to compass to win votes, so we didn't have to steal too many signs.

Huh... Herb Fry.
2003-03-28 04:22:21 PM
Anyone from the north Kansas City(esp. Gladstone) area remember Wayne Beer?

Beer for School Board

The perfect dorm decoration. I wish I was home so I could take a picture.
2003-03-28 04:25:13 PM
There was a guy running for State Assembly last year.

He won.
Assemblyman Daniel L. Hooker
2003-03-28 04:30:35 PM
We have a Red Bud Lane... Signs get stolen all the time.

MaxxLarge -

If he's your Alderman - steal some signs for us!
2003-03-28 04:31:56 PM
We had a guy running for office with the name of Harry Combs. Nobody stole his signs, though. Can't imagine why...
2003-03-28 04:32:50 PM
My bad Wisconsinite, it is East Troy/Alpine Valley. What happened to West Troy?
2003-03-28 04:38:11 PM
I also can't believe that nobody has expressed interest in the outcome of the campaign.
My life would be complete the day the world learned that:
Stoner beat Logic.
2003-03-28 04:43:23 PM
bill boner ran for some office here in Nashville a few years ago. his sign was blue and and a large white bone with the word boner written above the bone. it was pretty funny (or at least my friends who stole his signs thought so.)
2003-03-28 04:58:49 PM
Reminds me of Richard Rider who ran for office here. He learned that using the diminutive of his name on his signs was a bad idea.
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