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(NBC5i)   Panhandling to be a thing of the past in Dallas,Texas. Firefighters already complaining   ( divider line
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96 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Mar 2003 at 10:06 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-27 05:11:58 PM  
Yeah, nothing says "Hero" like giving Firefighters the finger.
2003-03-27 05:53:16 PM  
Should charities, such as the Dallas firefighters "Fill The Boot" campaign be allowed to panhandle?

I say we all vote yes and rig the voting.
2003-03-27 06:20:05 PM  
Vote yes? It seems that Yes is winning 2-1 already, before this link is even posted to main Fark.
2003-03-27 07:04:49 PM  
Yes, they should.

They're facing a similar situation in my hometown. I'm eager for them to get it sorted out so the Fire Fighters can get back to collecting.
2003-03-27 07:29:08 PM  
Texas sucks. They hate poor people, they hate charity workers, they hate anyone that's not a rich oil executive. Look how Dubya acts. He sends hundreds if not thousands of Californians to war but won't help California fight terrorism. Why? California's full of hippies and poor mexicans in his eyes. And no one hates poor mexicans more than a wealthy Texan.

So in trying to stick it to the poor and homeless the Texans screw firefighters and others. What about the Salvation Army bell ringers come Christmas? What about food closets at Catholic churches ( Baptists don't give away food, they just yell at you in typical christian hatred )? What armed police force is going to round up all of those beggers, firemen and church people? This law is one of those laws that is subjectively enforceable. If they want to arrest, harrass and torture you they'll have one more reason. God this nation's going to farkin' hell and Texas leads the way.

2003-03-27 10:10:41 PM  
Panhandlers are annoying. Mimes are too, but in a scary way.
2003-03-27 10:10:59 PM  
give panhandlers the chair!
2003-03-27 10:12:52 PM  
couldn't have said it better CrazyCurt
2003-03-27 10:13:41 PM  
Want us to save your burning trailerhome? That will $5,000 up front. Oh, the cash in IN the smoldering-rubble-formaly-known-as-your-home? Too bad.
2003-03-27 10:14:38 PM  
Thank you, Jesus!!!! There are so many bums now in downtown dallas, I was taking out the trash one morning and the freakin' bum by the dumpster was asking for handouts! It was only 9am!!
2003-03-27 10:14:42 PM  
Give panhandlers the boot!
2003-03-27 10:14:51 PM  
Ugh. Stop by Downtown San Francisco sometime and you'll see why anti-panhandling measures are so sorely needed.
2003-03-27 10:15:48 PM  
As one who lives in Dallas, I'm glad the great Mayor Laura Miller has finally had the courage to turn the Christmas bell ringer for the Salvation Army into criminals.

BTW, she's a majorcoont.
2003-03-27 10:16:42 PM  
orlando panhandlers are definitely out of control, but i wouldn't call for an end of panhandling firemen.
2003-03-27 10:16:51 PM  
You guys must not have the problem we have here in Texas. Maybe it's our year round tolerable weather, but every single day at every majoe intersection, we have one to three people with signs and tin cups asking for a hand out.

Allowing charities would just open a loophole that invalidates the whole thing. Isn't giving money to a homeless person technically charitable?
2003-03-27 10:19:01 PM  
Come to Santa Cruz where I live...the bums almost out number the people walking on the street. Last week, one yelled at me while I was crossing the street..this is the same guy who has arguments with the trash cans...sad really.
2003-03-27 10:19:08 PM  
The firefighters "fill the boot" (for the MDA) at road interscetions in my hometown. One day, I was out helping gather donations, and a call came though. Two of the guys were gathering change in the boots they actually wear on calls, so they dumped the load right there on the sidewalk and asked me to pick it up. Off they go, and leave me to pick up $500 in loose change.

Do you know how hard it is to pick up change off a wet sidewalk? They're like little suction cups! DAMNIT!
2003-03-27 10:19:19 PM  
CrazyBurt: Have you ever lived in Texas? Perhaps if you have you would know that Texans are some of the most compassionate and friendly people in the nation. We just don't have tolerance for seeing bums on every street corner day after day.

Also, nice generalization about everyone being a rich oil executive. Proof you have a small mind and let stereotypes run wild. There are nearly 30 million people in this state - only a couple hundred are oil executives.
2003-03-27 10:19:30 PM  
if you want to be charitable give a big tip to a waitress at least she deserves it.
2003-03-27 10:19:40 PM  
CrazyCurt: Screw California. Nothing but a bunch of liberal, chickenshiat, yellow cowards that might as well be France for all I care. We'll send all the bums your way. BTW, Firefighters are allowed to collect at malls and privately owned lots. Just not at stop lights.
2003-03-27 10:19:53 PM  
why cant they have containers in business like the animal shelter one or money for the blind.
2003-03-27 10:20:33 PM  
Ugh why can't they do this in Memphis? Anyone who's ever been to downtown Memphis knows that you can't walk 10 feet without getting bummed on. There are a few 24 hour places to eat where I live out in midtown, but going to any of them late at night means you WILL get a bum ask you for change or cigarettes.
2003-03-27 10:21:49 PM  
I agree CrazyCurt. Let's pass a law to do away with the homeless by making life even more difficult than it already is for them.

Luckily there is always the homeless to kick around.
2003-03-27 10:21:55 PM  
I'm in San Antonio, and I don't care about fire fighters doing their Fill the Boot drives.

What I can't stand are that at every major intersection there are always, minimum:

4 people selling newspapers
2 kids selling candied apples (health dept. hasn't shut them down??)
4 beggars (usually wearing gold jewelry)
10 tourists (who think they have exclusive right-of-way)
8 teens handing out crap from some local cult/church (what's the difference?)

All of these morons are dodging in and out between moving cars, slowing them down, and slowing others down when a dumbass stops to buy/donate something.

Personally, I'm more and more tempted every time to just step on the damned gas and eliminate the problem myself.
2003-03-27 10:23:03 PM  
Thank you Dallas!

I've almost hit 3 bums since i've lived here, because they stand in the middle of the street, because some asshat starts to wave some money out the window at a green light!

It's dangerous on Dallas Streets with SUVs flying around.

I agree... San Francisco is the worst!
2003-03-27 10:23:18 PM  
Certain parts of Dallas are not fun to drive through. Take the Hampton & Fort Worth intersection in Oak Cliff. There's always three of four crackheads trying to sell you pixie sticks and a few homeless people begging. They don't just sit there, either, they'll walk up to the drives side window and wave at you, tap on the window, etc.

I agree that firefighters, etc, should be exempted. The others should be shot on sight (the homeless do have resources at their disposal, so I have no sympathy for them if they're out on the streets begging.)
2003-03-27 10:23:18 PM  
CrazyCurt: I take it your highness will not be venturing forth from Curtopia to grace us with your presence any time soon?
2003-03-27 10:25:27 PM  
Why don't you people ask why there are so many homeless people, instead of trying to figure a way push them off on somebody else.
2003-03-27 10:25:35 PM  

To paraphrase George Carlin, the homeless should get a f*cking job!. I work my ass off to make ends meet, and I'll be damned if I'm giving money to damned panhandlers.

A local station decided to investigate panhandling at a common location--a highway rest stop. They did the usual 'need gas money' routine. They made over $600 in 8 hours. This seems to be *average* for panhandlers around here. That is 10 times the average salary for someone who actually WORKS for a living. I have no sympathy nor pity for them.
2003-03-27 10:25:53 PM  
WHAT? How can they just go and make the Texas Panhandle illegal?
2003-03-27 10:26:27 PM  
A church that a friend of mine goes to actually raised money and bought a homeless family a house and found the husband and wife jobs. After a couple months, the family quit their job and went back to begging. Why? Because they said they could make more money begging than they could working an actual job. Ugh.
2003-03-27 10:26:32 PM  
CrazyCurt: I take it your highness will not be venturing forth from Curtopia to grace us with your presence any time soon?

I actually laughed out loud at that. What did people like Curt do before the internet? Stand in their kitchen with a towel for a cape and a wooden spoon for a royal scepter?
2003-03-27 10:26:45 PM  
Crazy Curt: Mayor Miller is one on the most left-wing liberals in the state. Her previous job was writing for the Dallas Observer, sort of the for the metroplex.

Not your typical oil-company lover and poor-people hater.
2003-03-27 10:28:07 PM  
Funny, they are doing the same thing here in Chapel Hill, but then "experts" are saying it may not be legal to make panhandling illegal. I once got hit up by some guy in the school cafeteria. There's no way to get up there without some kind of ID, so I figured he worked there and it was fine to give him something. Then a week later Im waiting at the bus stop and the guy hits me up again.
2003-03-27 10:28:25 PM  
Not all Texans hate Mexicans. For instance, I just hate the ones that stink.
2003-03-27 10:28:37 PM  
Seattle had some anti sitting on the sidewalk ordinances courtesy of the former city attorney and failed mayoral candidate Mark "Darth" Sidran. Unfortunately for him and us, all his ordinances were unconstitutional and eventually overturned. Unlike SF, Seattle's the homeless panhandler's haven right now. I ought to know, living in the middle of it. But nothing quite says screw the yuppies I like things how they are better than allowing society's underclass to roam freely in your streets. Provided they don't have an opinion about the war, of course.
2003-03-27 10:28:49 PM  
Also, the same friend actually broke a bum's nose after he stuck his head in the window of his car and grabbed his shirt, yelling "WHERE MAH DOLLA, MANE!? GIVE ME A DOLLA!". Memphis bums are f.ucking awful.
2003-03-27 10:29:25 PM  
DC has it's share of homeless people too.

They'll ask for money for food, but if you offer to buy the food yourself and give that to them, watch how irritable they get.
2003-03-27 10:29:49 PM  
I'm not sure I'm clear on the defenition. I don't see anything wrong with raising money for charities. The other day there were some girl scouts set up outside the strip mall down the road, selling cookies. Would this be considered panhandling?
2003-03-27 10:31:18 PM  
Laura Miller? I'd hit it (with a bat, what a wench)
2003-03-27 10:31:59 PM  
BTW, very clever ploy to force all the bums to the suburbs in order to repopulate the downtown area with the coveted white man and force the black man further down the Trinity.

2003-03-27 10:32:13 PM  
The other day there were some girl scouts set up outside the strip mall down the road, selling cookies. Would this be considered panhandling?

A strip mall is not a public street. This law bans panhandling on public streets. If a homeless guy stood outside a business and approached every potential customer, he would be removed ASAP. Not so with a Girl Scout.
2003-03-27 10:32:38 PM  
I believe in the philosophy that people shouldn't give money to panhandlers anyway, but make formal donations to charities and organizations who are much more efficent at making use of the money. What's more useful in the long run- someone giving a guy $10 that he may or may not spend wisely, or someone donating $10 to an organization that will make sure it goes towards what it should?

By the way CrazyCurt, I'm not from the US, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that there are probably lots of poor people who live in Texas, just like anywhere else. Don't stereotype.
2003-03-27 10:32:49 PM  
They can't do this. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Peoiple have a right to ask other folks if they would like to donate to a charity. They have a right to stand on the street and play their guitar and have a case open for people to donate to them.

What is with people? Can't you just ignore the guy who asks you for a dollar?

I think what the problem is is that you don't LIKE having to walk by the guy and ignore him cause you feel like a jark for not giving him any money.

It's like when I'm in the theatre and this lady all of a sudden gets up and walks to the back of the theatre asking for donations to some cause. They're in your face, and you feel guilty if you don't donate because you know you should and you can afford to give up a cup of coffee so someone else can have some food to eat or so they can cure some disease.

They have no right to pass legislation like this.
2003-03-27 10:33:02 PM  
Great to hear that Spooner, good thing I dont stink. Anyway anyone in Dallas know the bum that always sits in front of the Galleria? Ive lived here for 3 years and he's been there every time I pass by, with his little lawn chair and shiat.
2003-03-27 10:33:03 PM  
Actually, its not about hating charity, its about what amounts to in car muggings by panhandlers and charities. Some charity people were at the intersection of 635 and midway and practically robbed me by coming to the car, begging me to roll down the windows and asking for money. I decided to give some change just to get her the fark away, and then she said "you can give a dollar too" when she saw I had actual cash. I felt robbed. It was crap. They shoulda banned it along time ago. Practically every intersection of 635, central, the tollway, all have panhandlers/beggars at them now and its frigging ridiculous.
2003-03-27 10:34:23 PM  
Sam Kinison said it best. If a homeless person comes to me begging, i kick him right in the ass. They can kiss my fat two home
2003-03-27 10:35:07 PM  
Did Fark just delete an article from Pravda about the war? I was going to comment on it.
2003-03-27 10:35:09 PM  
The weird thing about those girl scouts was that they were set up in the worst place possible: Outside a Dollar Store where people could get cookies of equal quality, in greater number, for less money.
2003-03-27 10:36:48 PM  
I think the bums at 635 and Midway do tag team panhandling. You drive by and there's the "vet" thats looking for work and ten minutes later on the way back there's the woman that has four rugrats at home she has to feed.
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