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(Atlanta Journal Constitution)   City council refuses to rename street 'Don King Plaza' following hair-raising meeting   ( divider line
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37 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Mar 2003 at 9:22 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-27 07:26:43 PM  
But the Rev. Al Sharpton, a (Don) King supporter, said a street named after (Don) King would motivate at-risk youths to redeem themselves.

2003-03-27 09:24:47 PM  
We have already won.
2003-03-27 09:25:55 PM  
Only in America.
2003-03-27 09:27:18 PM  
Funny. Headline. Ever.
2003-03-27 09:30:04 PM  
Where else but America, could a thug rise to "fame" and fortune on the coat tails of others?
2003-03-27 09:31:07 PM  
Insert Don King"ism" word or phrase here...

"Only in America can the black man be kdjakdn;mfao;diud;oaiufdakjfa;ldable because of his kdjfl;akdnboiudfoiudfu8357849574istehghey..."

Or something close to that...
2003-03-27 09:31:19 PM  
...and I care...why?
2003-03-27 09:32:20 PM  

Or something close to that...

Wrong. You hit it right on the farking head.
2003-03-27 09:33:16 PM  
Anything that encourages street thugs to improve themselves and pursue a career in organized crime can't be all bad, eh?
2003-03-27 09:33:17 PM  
Reminds me of that time Chris Rock went to Howard Beach (mostly Italian neighborhood for those of you not from NYC) to rename Cross Bay to Tupac Shakur Boulevard... funny stuff.
2003-03-27 09:41:15 PM  
Didn't Don King kill someone when he was younger?
2003-03-27 09:41:22 PM  
What a HAIR RASING meeting that was! The controvery about this issue is very HAIRY.
2003-03-27 09:44:49 PM  
Ya beat me to it Scrotar.
2003-03-27 09:45:23 PM  
Finally, a head line that is both funny (punny) and accurately reflects the article. Well done say I
2003-03-27 09:45:23 PM  
Awaiting Jesse's statement on this.
2003-03-27 09:49:06 PM  
Don King is an asshole.

I would like to hereby thank the FARK mods for NOT installing an "asshole" filter, while simultaineously bringing even more attention to the fact that there is no "asshole" filter.

Thank you,

Dr Learned
2003-03-27 09:50:58 PM  
03-27-03 09:24:47 PM TheTerrorists
We have already won.

2003-03-27 09:52:45 PM  
GIS for Don King

And if this doesn't work, I promise to leave the image stuff to the pros until I'm actually good at it.
2003-03-27 09:53:41 PM  
Didn't think so. I's three dogs with goofy hair.
2003-03-27 09:57:11 PM  
03-27-03 09:49:06 PM DrLearned

I would like to hereby thank the FARK mods for NOT installing an "asshole" filter, while simultaineously bringing even more attention to the fact that there is no "asshole" filter.

We have brought down your loathsome imperialist 'asshole filter'.
2003-03-27 10:31:22 PM  
Macy Gray and the Bride of Frankenstein
were unavailable for comment.....
2003-03-27 11:31:04 PM  
The Terrorists
We have brought down your loathsome imperialist 'asshole filter'.

Maybe these terrorists aren't so bad after all?
2003-03-27 11:32:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-27 11:59:02 PM  
I hate this guy.
2003-03-28 05:17:24 AM  
In France, and I think in other countries also, streets and building can only be named after dead people. The only exception there is, in my country, is for a singer for children, Pierre Perret, with kindergarten schools named after him. We feel otherwise it's very innapropriate to do so for a living person. Aren't they any people in the USA that feel that way ?
2003-03-28 10:51:15 AM  
In France it is also customary to surrender at the first sign of a fight, so no I don't think that I would like to follow their lead.
2003-03-28 12:17:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Only in America.

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