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(WA Today)   Australian nursing tribunal confirms that "getting stoned and getting laid" is not on the approved list of depression treatments   ( divider line
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2009-12-03 08:31:28 AM  
2009-12-03 08:31:50 AM  
Article needs pictures.
2009-12-03 08:33:59 AM  
2009-12-03 08:34:07 AM  
What Alebak said. It sounds like a damn near perfect treatment regimen.

2009-12-03 08:35:23 AM  
absolutely perfect treatment.
2009-12-03 08:36:41 AM  
I don't care what those crackpot 'nursing tribunal' quacks say, I'm signing up.
2009-12-03 08:38:09 AM  
You know else liked getting stoned and laid by an Austrian nurse?

/How'd that work out for him?
2009-12-03 08:38:12 AM  
I beg to differ...
2009-12-03 08:39:05 AM  
I'm pretty sure that would cheer me up.
2009-12-03 08:42:41 AM  
Even though I've never been stoned (NTTAWWT ... just doesn't interest me), I've got to concur that it sounds like an effective treatment to me.

--be seeing you
2009-12-03 08:42:49 AM  
that's funny because it sure works for me!
2009-12-03 08:43:38 AM  

mytdawg: I'm pretty sure that would cheer me up.

Same here. Weed & sex? Right on!
2009-12-03 08:45:54 AM  
yep. just because it isn't approved doesn't mean that it won't work.
2009-12-03 08:47:29 AM  
Im pretty sure that is the same plot as Back Door Sluts 9
2009-12-03 08:47:36 AM  
Look how happy I am!
2009-12-03 08:49:56 AM  
Well then the Australian nursing tribunal needs to take steps to make sure that those two things get on that list.


/"Chicken potpie.... those are my three favorite things!"
2009-12-03 08:52:52 AM  
And I bet winning the lottery isn't on their list either, but damned if it wont brighten your day up
2009-12-03 08:55:08 AM  
I've never smoked pot, but getting buzzed and screwing was a popular way to deal with stress in college. So I have to think getting stoned and screwing would help cheer you up as well.
2009-12-03 08:55:18 AM  
Went back to read the article. Why has nobody mentioned this was girl-on-girl? This is IMPORTANT, people.
2009-12-03 08:59:35 AM  
...Well, it couldn't HURT...
2009-12-03 09:01:25 AM  
basic math 420+69=gigity

2009-12-03 09:05:00 AM  

RogerDodger: You know else liked getting stoned and laid by an Austrian nurse?

/How'd that work out for him?

Because Austrian = Australian.

/you're not even trying
2009-12-03 09:06:14 AM  
The hell it isn't.
2009-12-03 09:07:49 AM  
Wow, really? Well, I guess this isn't the first time that porn has lied to me!
2009-12-03 09:08:16 AM  

oakwolf: Went back to read the article. Why has nobody mentioned this was girl-on-girl? This is IMPORTANT, people.

So it's more like Backdoor Sluts 8?
2009-12-03 09:09:31 AM  
Well, did it work or not?
2009-12-03 09:09:53 AM  
I, for one, would be willing to sacrifice my personal well-being in order to participate in a study that determines how much of an effect these activities have on the state of my mind.

2009-12-03 09:12:15 AM  
Weed really isn't my thing, but if I could replace that with a few glasses of whisky while getting laid, I would say that it would be the perfect therapy for any sort of depression.
2009-12-03 09:14:35 AM  
You mean ECT is still an approved treatment for depression but marijuana and sex isn't? There is something wrong with the world.
2009-12-03 09:20:31 AM

Article needs pictures.

Pictures showing the reality of the situation or pictures showing what you'd prefer the situation to look like?

/I'm depressed because I'm at work, can I have a drive by nurse?
2009-12-03 09:23:53 AM  

// (Yay)
2009-12-03 09:44:07 AM  
So what if clinical depression is a long-lasting thing? They'll just need to increase the dosage, and give refills.
2009-12-03 09:47:20 AM  
Years ago I had a medical student as a housemate. People were always bugging him for medical advice. He had a stock answer for most questions - he called it Dr Bill's 4-Point Plan:

1. Get out of the house, go downtown.
2. Get drunk
3. Get high
4. Get laid

Here's how it works - do at least two of those things and you'll feel better. Do any three and you'll have a much better outlook on life. Do all four and he guaran-damn-teed you'd be cured.

I can attest: works for me.
2009-12-03 09:49:16 AM  
Getting 'struck off' sounds like someone definitely got screwed to me.
2009-12-03 09:50:20 AM  
NimbleWalrus you need to keep up with you internet meme's the Austria/Australia one is a longtime fark fave. Anytime something is posted about either country a group of farkers will deliberately confuse it with the other. This article happens to be about sex drugs and nurses so it had more going for it than most is the only reason half the posts arent austria related.
2009-12-03 09:52:28 AM  
I am sensing that there is a new direction that my ambition for a career in the psychological field may take. I have also at times considered taking up small-scale farming. I was going to grow zucchini and tomatoes, but I guess that could work.
2009-12-03 10:14:00 AM  

Witty Comment: I, for one, would be willing to sacrifice my personal well-being in order to participate in a study that determines how much of an effect these activities have on the state of my mind.


I'd do the same thing, but it would be just my luck to end up in the placebo control group.
2009-12-03 10:29:02 AM  

FeFiFoFark: that's funny because it sure works for me!

Came here to say THIS.
2009-12-03 10:42:25 AM  
Not "approved" but should be. farkin works for me every time!
2009-12-03 11:02:22 AM  


2009-12-03 11:22:07 AM  
"...same condition, better insurance"

/try the veal
2009-12-03 11:31:35 AM  
There is no despair so deep that it cannot be overcome with a fifth of Chivas and a blonde in leather.
2009-12-03 11:59:27 AM  
You know, that's not a bad looking GILF lady. However, she has teh crazy eyes.
2009-12-03 02:19:05 PM  
They obviously have no experience in this. Don't knock it til you've tried it.
2009-12-03 05:42:33 PM  
Well if you approved that ,would the pot dealers be givng a kickback to the Australian nursing tribunal? Me thinks not, so it is the pharmi anti depresents for you!
2009-12-03 08:51:11 PM  
Nothing wrong with getting stoned and getting laid..something very wrong when it's by someone who is acting in a professional capacity presiding over a vulnerable population.
2009-12-03 10:47:58 PM  
And yet Prozac seems okay. I've had Prozac. It is some goood shiat.
2009-12-04 04:20:20 AM  
Getting stoned is an extremely effective palliative for depression. Sex can be a positive or a negative depending on whether you can still respect yourself in the morning.
2009-12-04 05:00:04 PM  
Growing up in an "abstinence only" education system i learned about the dangers of drugs and premarital sex (both of which were, of course, death.)

They also made sure to teach us about the dangerous multiplier effect of using more than one type of drug at once (which I'm glad they did)

But, they never discussed the multiplier effect of having sex on drugs, BECAUSE ITS AWESOME!

I understand the hospitals reasoning, but its really sad to see how this fiscal liability policy inhibits wonderful life experiences.

/cool story, bro
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