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(CTNow)   Chicken sh*t truck driver fertilizes the highway   ( divider line
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34 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Mar 2003 at 2:33 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-27 01:22:22 PM  
I've been to Hebron, Conn. (Pronounced HEE-brun)

I'm sure it improved the smell from the normal stench of cowsh*t.
2003-03-27 01:53:00 PM  
Chicken shiat is "slippery as ice"? Weird. I'm not sure I approve of that.
2003-03-27 02:14:36 PM  
Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Don't need reason, don't need rhyme
Ain't nothing I would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too

I'm on the highway to chicken feces,
I'm on the highway to chicken feces,
I'm on the highway to chicken feces,

[/forgive me Angus]
2003-03-27 02:37:23 PM  
For such a small package, chickens pack a helluva punch!
2003-03-27 02:42:03 PM  
That's a load of crap!
2003-03-27 02:42:47 PM  
Don't they just dump it into a river or something? I think thats what they do here in MD, but then again we have a big FISH KILL every year...
2003-03-27 02:43:47 PM  
You gotta spread it on...thin and even. Spread it on. Mater plants loves it!
2003-03-27 02:44:24 PM  
Gotta respect the driver trying to shovel it up quickly by himself...Shoveling is hard enough, but when you have to hold your breath and shovel--now that's tough!
2003-03-27 02:45:13 PM  

"The driver apparently hit a bump in the road..."
I always knew Bump was a troublemaker, spreading shait everywhere !

I kid, I kid. Hope the truck didn't cause you too much damage, Bump. Get well soon.

2003-03-27 02:45:17 PM  
Hey Mark! Check this site out, for the sake of Mr.T!!
2003-03-27 02:45:33 PM  
I only live a couple of miles from there. It's gonna stink going home today.
2003-03-27 02:48:27 PM  
Oh man, chicken and pig manure are the WORST smelling manures ever. They use chicken manure in the mushroom farms over here in good ol' southeastern PA, and lemme tell ya, you can't breathe when you drive by one and the wind's blowing just right. ugh. Smells like cat piss.
2003-03-27 02:50:41 PM  
Ha Ha!

My old neighbor had a field under the Pacific Intertie (big-ass power transmission lines) that people were always dumping unwanted trash on. He built a fence and it didn't work. So he got a few dump truck loads of the most rancid chicken crap he could find and dumped it there. Every time the smell abated he would go out there with his tractor and stir it up. One application lasted three years. It worked great!
2003-03-27 02:54:07 PM  
A truck loaded with chicken manure spilled part of its load along a stretch of Route 316 Wednesday afternoon, forcing the closure of one lane of the narrow rural road during the cleanup.

The blatant sexual overtones of this article are a travesty to unbiased reporting everywhere.

2003-03-27 02:55:33 PM  
Skinink I've got a nasty headache and tire tracks all across my back but you can see that I had my fun.
We're going to sue the driver, the highway dept, the poultry industry & the entire cast of Chicken Run. When I win, I'm having a huge party catered by KFC cause I want chickens everywhere to be aware of their karma.
2003-03-27 03:01:57 PM  
What is it, shiat day on Fark?
2003-03-27 03:04:25 PM  
Excellent titling. Props to the submitter.
2003-03-27 03:10:30 PM  
yeah i have to go with chicken shiat smells worse than cow shiat.

/rural eastern ct dweller.
2003-03-27 03:16:14 PM  
Just don't videotape it and sell copies shipped via USPS...

Now Showing: Chicken Po Po Club
2003-03-27 03:20:26 PM  
Appropriate that this happened in Connecticut... (A snitty Bostonian said that to me)
2003-03-27 03:24:31 PM  
I wonder if he'll be ticketed for failing to secure his load?

/leaving door wide open
2003-03-27 03:50:01 PM  
This is f*cking unreal. I thought the story would be a b*tch to read, but they weren't sh*tting.
2003-03-27 04:29:31 PM  
ahhhaaaahaaa. take that stupid connecticut.

never making the mistake of living there again.

this is better than last summer when that truck hauling old car batteries exploded on I-95 north the friday before memorial day. all the fools going to "the cape" got stuck on the highway for the whole day.

stupid connecticut.
2003-03-27 04:38:41 PM  

In my job, we do inventory. Including for garden supply stores. One of my co-workers was clearly a fragile little city slicker girl, and oh yes, she was in the fertilizer aisle.

So she's crawling all over this pallet of 50 pound sacks of chicken manure, lifting the things up and bracing them against her as she tries to figure out the stack pattern the stockboys used so she can say how many are there.

I walk up behind her.

"That's chicken sh*t, you know."
"Oh yes, see the bag? 'Manure'. That's sh*t."

The look on her face was priceless.

Of course, I had to finish the rest of the fertilizer aisle myself, as she bolted and ran for the safety of...anywhere else. But it was worth it.
2003-03-27 04:41:25 PM  
And then there was the time when I was discussing manure with another ex-farming friend of mine.

And the fact that when we are choosing where to use chicken manure, where to use cow manure, which brand makes the best manure, how much manure to put down...we are basically discussing the relative merits of sh*t.
2003-03-27 05:43:50 PM  
I love the wording of this part:

When the driver realized what was happening and stopped the truck, a mound of manure the size of a car was deposited in the roadway...

2003-03-27 07:17:01 PM  
I actually drove through it. It took severe rincing to get most of the smell off the car. And I am still not putting it into the garage.
2003-03-28 03:15:40 PM  
Tastes like chicken?
2003-05-02 03:46:34 AM  
2003-05-02 03:48:59 AM  
GIS for cute frog:
2003-05-02 03:49:36 AM  
GIS for cute frog:

2003-05-02 03:50:16 AM  
one more try
2003-05-02 03:51:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-05-02 03:52:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Gif's don't work?
2003-05-02 03:53:45 AM  
Guess they do...
OK, I'm done. Sorry for the mess (couldn't find any threads to test in the FAQ).
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