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(NBC5)   Meteorite lands in suburban Chicago   ( divider line
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69 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Mar 2003 at 8:44 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-27 08:46:42 AM  
Watch out for the aliens.
2003-03-27 08:48:35 AM  
Space turds.
2003-03-27 08:48:48 AM  
It's the end of the world repent ye sinners run for your-- What? It's the size of a small rock? Oh, fark it. I'm going to sleep.
2003-03-27 08:50:04 AM  
How do they know it wasn't a rubber band ball?
2003-03-27 08:50:16 AM  
Triffid practice run.
2003-03-27 08:51:42 AM  
Meteorite, meet Dolomite. Deys one rule in the south side of Chicago: don't you steal Dolomite's pimp-cane. Dat be all.
2003-03-27 08:53:52 AM  
Space turds! ROTFLMAO!!!
2003-03-27 08:56:10 AM  
Hey zabbko

I think we found the cause of your bright flash from last night!

*note to rest of Farkers: Check out Normisms thread for reference.
2003-03-27 08:57:30 AM  
Asseroids - very painful.
2003-03-27 08:58:48 AM  
"no comment, i thought it was...oh wait"
2003-03-27 08:59:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"no comment, i thought it was...oh wait"

delete above
2003-03-27 08:59:47 AM  
Meteor shiat
2003-03-27 09:00:10 AM  
Beware of the blob
2003-03-27 09:00:17 AM  
"Park Forest Police Captain Francis DioGuardi said a large chunk also landed on a residential street and broke apart, slightly damaging the siding of another home."

Man, they sell some tough siding in Chicago.

Did April First come early, this year?
2003-03-27 09:00:27 AM  
The "meteor" is actually a chunk of human waste that was expelled by a passing airplane and froze on it's way to Earth.
2003-03-27 09:00:39 AM  
Dinosaurs surrender?
2003-03-27 09:00:50 AM  
Chicago rocks!
2003-03-27 09:02:15 AM  
2003-03-27 09:02:29 AM  
"Huge chunks of rock-like objects from the suspected meteorite damaged the roofs of two homes, but nobody was injured."

I don't think satellites are made out of rock, so it's safe to assume the object is in fact a meteorite.
2003-03-27 09:02:46 AM  
Haven't we learned anything?..they are ELECTROCUTED CATS!
2003-03-27 09:02:53 AM  
Man, what were the chances of catching that on film? Wow!

Too bad it wasn't video, of course. The photograph doesn't really show much helpful info for my untrained eye. Is one of those two blurry things in the sky the meteorite? Hm.

2003-03-27 09:02:53 AM  
*note to Total Farkers, this was posted as a News Flash during the 1 a.m. time period....*
2003-03-27 09:07:24 AM  
2003-03-27 09:08:32 AM  
I thought things falling from space pick up some kind of radiation making them dangerous, and wouldn't they be super hot, probably causing fires of thier own?

Think about how big those suckers were when they first hit the atmosphere.

I can't believe that story.
2003-03-27 09:08:42 AM  
2003-03-27 09:08:46 AM  
Iraq now has space based weapons, Global white flag raised
2003-03-27 09:09:03 AM  
So, let's review: rubber balls dropped from a mile up create craters, but meteors break apart on the pavement, slightly damage somebody's roof, and nobody gets hurt?

So, those dinosaurs weren't so tough after all??

2003-03-27 09:11:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-27 09:12:58 AM  
Sweet. I'm going over there to steal it and put it on ebay.
2003-03-27 09:17:34 AM  
oooh, cool. do they know what kind of meteorite it is? if it's a carbonaceous chondrite, then it's similar to the composition of our own planet...and we could date it to figure out how old the planet is (although most experts are convinced it's still 4.6 billion years).

2003-03-27 09:19:00 AM  
In the news section of the NBC 5 site they tease that the video is coming soon, so stay tuned y'all!

We're calling shenanigans on what, four different states here? Conspiracy theorists unite!
2003-03-27 09:19:27 AM  
Is Bruce Willis doing drive-bys now?
2003-03-27 09:22:41 AM  
At least this explanation is not as lame as the exploding cat yesterday.
2003-03-27 09:23:44 AM  
At least it wasn't a chocolate bomb!
2003-03-27 09:24:03 AM  
The Day of the Tentacle is upon us!
2003-03-27 09:24:51 AM  
I've seen something like this. The sky does go white, magnesium-burning white. Flashbulb white. When I saw one of those suckers I first thought it was a nuke. Really something and probably, hopefully, once in a lifetime. Scary beautiful.
2003-03-27 09:25:46 AM  

You figure it's not 4.6 billion? I'm not questioning or flaming here... I just don't really know how old it's supposed to be.

*** In other news: if a fist-sized meteor as shown in the pic landed, wouldn't it do a little more than damage someone's roof? I mean like turn the entire neighborhood into a smoking crater?
2003-03-27 09:28:01 AM  
ya know what gets me....we knew about all those crazy other meteorites that were coming within millions of miles of hitting earth and everyone worries and goes out to look with their telescopes...and the news is talking about it....but this lil shiathead hit chicago...and a place in north st. louis as well(it's been on the local news) why? did anyone hear about this before the last night?
2003-03-27 09:31:01 AM  
Yeah I live in Northern Ohio and I saw the thing go of last night a bright flash then when i turned to see what it was saw a large fire ball falling through the sky. Was kinda freaky but it was nice to see this report today so I know I am not crazy now. Well at least not crazy because I saw something in the night sky crazy.
2003-03-27 09:33:38 AM  
2003-03-27 09:36:56 AM  

That's awesome that I know what this was now. I thought for sure I'd never hear about it. Can't wait to see the video.
2003-03-27 09:38:24 AM  
Scary....That's my home town...
2003-03-27 09:39:29 AM  
This spooked the shiat out of me last night. I'm dozing off in bed and suddenly there's this freaking eery and insanely bright flashing, I got up real quick and looked out my window. I thought I saw something streak horizontally (and fast) through the sky, but initially discounted it as just me being really tired. Then the rolling and crashing came.

I honestly thought for a bit there that al-queda had just detonated a nuke(that was a seriously big and bright flash), and the shockwave was coming my way. It was really friggen loud and it rumbled and groaned. The sounds lasted for a good 30 seconds. I decided at that point that if it was a nuke I wasn't close enough to get vaporized, so I might as well go back to bed and die in my sleep.
2003-03-27 09:40:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
It turned 'midnight into midday' eh?

If it was that farking bright, where's the shadows? Where's the flare on the camera and the over exposure? That's a picture taken at noon you stupid news muppets.
2003-03-27 09:41:05 AM  

No its a sign from god to kill all ignant bastages that do not know whats going on with the war.
2003-03-27 09:41:24 AM  
machupichu, actually, we've dated rocks (by dating, i mean calculating the decay rate of radioactive isotopes, blah blah blah), on the surface of the earth. the oldest come out to about 4.6 billion years. the ones that we get this age on are usually those of meteorite origin. meteorites are believed to be (someone can correct me if i'm wrong here) residual "dust" from the big bang and should be just as old as the planets.

or something like that. i'm not really an expert on planetary geology, though, so i may be bullshiatting you a bit. :)
2003-03-27 09:42:07 AM  
That's nothing, I've got a bad case of asteroids.
2003-03-27 09:43:15 AM  
If a rock from space hit here in New Orleans, we'd have found somebody trying to smoke the thing when we got to it.
2003-03-27 09:43:59 AM  
That picture is a still from a video they ran this morning. It's not noon, it's night. It's much easier to see in the full motion video.
2003-03-27 09:45:26 AM  
Well where is the video?
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