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(ABC News)   ABC columnist suggests renaming April Fool's Day for France   ( divider line
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70 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2003 at 6:11 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-26 06:12:59 PM  
Now this is just getting silly.
2003-03-26 06:13:41 PM  
this has gone too far.
2003-03-26 06:13:53 PM  
2003-03-26 06:14:48 PM  
Completely ridiculous. Lay off the French-Cthulhu forbid someone should have a different opinion from us, right?
2003-03-26 06:14:49 PM  
wooo hooo

yeah, that is cool... just cause the French government does thier best defending thier national interests...

Anyone remember that it was the French who helped us form this country? hmmm?

2003-03-26 06:14:52 PM  
2003-03-26 06:15:21 PM  
LOL Fr4nc3 i5 t3h gh3y LOL

Enough with this crap. On any date in 99% of recorded history, France is twice the nation that America is. We're a pathetic bunch of overweight Jesus freaks and I'm sick of listening to us.
2003-03-26 06:15:52 PM  
Bastille day?
Get-a-life day?
2003-03-26 06:16:22 PM  
All the french did was Oppose an Illegal war.
2003-03-26 06:16:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-26 06:17:11 PM  
That's "stoopid" with eighteen o's.
2003-03-26 06:17:53 PM  
How do jackass "journalists" like that keep their jobs?
2003-03-26 06:17:57 PM  
whoever tagged this "Spiffy" needs to be bludgeoned mercilessly. "Stupid," if i've ever seen stupid.
2003-03-26 06:18:08 PM  
This is getting older than Carrot Tops' schtick.
2003-03-26 06:18:46 PM  
We're a pathetic bunch of overweight Jesus freaks and I'm sick of listening to us.

At least we aren't a bunch of cowards willing to let an entire country starve and suffer under a ruthless dictator just so that we can sell weapons and other material in violation of sanctions to the same ruthless dictator.
2003-03-26 06:19:56 PM  
Sounds like someone at ABC is jonesing for a job at Fox.
2003-03-26 06:20:45 PM  
Buck Wolf = ignorant journalist of the day. I sense a little down syndrom in that picuture too...
2003-03-26 06:21:31 PM  
All the french did was Oppose an Illegal war.

Please tell me what law this war breaks.
2003-03-26 06:22:05 PM  


you DO know that the US is the largest weapons supplier to the world, right?
2003-03-26 06:22:29 PM  

Why is Carrot Top so ripped? It's really disturbing me. So is that ridiculous eye shadow he wears. He's as funny as state of Oregon.
2003-03-26 06:22:36 PM  
Duke sucks.

/inserting another tired cliche
2003-03-26 06:22:42 PM  
hahahahahaha "you're soooooooo French."

2003-03-26 06:23:07 PM  
HAHAHA Rassleholic, no we're not! We're a freedom loving band of warmongers whose sanctions have CAUSED the death of thousands of children in Iraq, who SOLD the weapons to Saddam in the first place, and SUPPORTED said ruthless dictator in the second place. But we ain't cowardly, that's for sure! Come on Jesus, let's go git 'im!
2003-03-26 06:23:51 PM  
This is completely stupid. What else are asshat journalists, or even that matter government officials, going to rename to go against France. Enough already with the renaming of stuff!
2003-03-26 06:24:09 PM  
I just got a jump start on April fool's day, and signed him up to his own mailing list. I hope he doesn't find the spam too annoying.
2003-03-26 06:24:12 PM  
you DO know that the US is the largest weapons supplier to the world, right

That DOESN't mean that it's supplying weapons in violation of sanctions.
2003-03-26 06:24:13 PM  

Actually, Oregon is pretty hilarious when you get right down to it. I mean, come on, The Dalles?? Who comes up with these names?

2003-03-26 06:24:23 PM  
Check out EHOWA today!
2003-03-26 06:24:59 PM  
War illegal b/c:

1. US member of Security Counsel;
2. Members of Security Counsel must obtain approval of said Counsel to initiate hostilities;
3. US did not. QED

BUT - this is a DEFENSIVE war! HAHA! LOL

If you believe that, you're a damn fool.
2003-03-26 06:25:04 PM  
up with france, down with america.
2003-03-26 06:25:09 PM  
This 'Bash France' business is not American, it is childish.
2003-03-26 06:26:22 PM  
It's Carrot-Toppish even.
2003-03-26 06:26:42 PM  
This whole French bashing thing is getting so absurd and extreme that I am getting close to defending the French.


I mean, French bashing has become synonymous with being pro-war and pro-Bush. Therefore, anyone siding against Bush and these idiotic "freedom fry" movements are having to back France, and I don't like it one bit. I don't want to side with France, but this rampant stupidity is pushing me there, and it has got to stop.

But until then, I suggest we all bash Belgium. They will be an acceptable substitute until we get the all-clear to resume our abuse of France
2003-03-26 06:26:52 PM  
Maybe it should be named after Iraq.

"We surrender!"
"Ha, ha, Iraqi April Fools!"
2003-03-26 06:26:55 PM  

I didn't say that we were, but if you are going to have a gripe about a country violating a UN resolution it all comes down to the pot calling the kettle black.
2003-03-26 06:27:00 PM  
Rassleholic, assume away! Because Jesus knows that arms dealers are the most law-abiding, ethical salesmen on earth!
2003-03-26 06:27:49 PM  
Offensive or defensive, it's our war.

We should love it no matter what it wants to be.
2003-03-26 06:27:51 PM  
Hey Gilga,
What the hell does being a "Jesus freak" have to do with Franco/American relations?
2003-03-26 06:28:28 PM  
I nominate the Swiss!
2003-03-26 06:28:36 PM  

Flame wars are boring.
2003-03-26 06:28:39 PM  
On any date in 99% of recorded history, France is twice the nation that America is.

2003-03-26 06:29:52 PM  
Really though. Does anyone here want to be governed by the UN, or our own Constitutional government.

Notice I didn't say elected, out of respect for the "we didn't elect this guy" Farkers out there.
2003-03-26 06:30:04 PM  

But the Belgian's have KICK ASS beer! we wouldn't want them to withold the Chimay, would we?
2003-03-26 06:30:42 PM  
All's I gotta say is, "I fart in you general direction." That is all.
2003-03-26 06:30:45 PM  
03-26-03 06:21:31 PM Rassleholic
All the french did was Oppose an Illegal war.

Please tell me what law this war breaks.

03-26-03 06:22:05 PM Aias


you DO know that the US is the largest weapons supplier to the world, right?

So what? The USA can declare war on any country at any time. Any country can declare war on any other country at any time. We are not in violation of the Geneva Convention. And no, no country needs the UN's approval to start a war. Sorry, Gilga.
2003-03-26 06:31:16 PM  
Greasedninja, many of the people in this great nation, right on up to our dear leader, are in the icy grip of Jesus. They freak-out for the myth. And it clouds reason.

France, they can take the myth or leave it. Therefore, I trust the French more. I guess I'd trust America more, if I didn't think its dear leader was speaking in tongues and dancing with snakes every Sunday. But I do, so I don't.
2003-03-26 06:31:25 PM  
actually, Kpar90, I would like to be governed by the UN....
2003-03-26 06:32:27 PM  
how timely. this would've been a stupid article three weeks ago and now it's stupid and well after the fact.
2003-03-26 06:32:27 PM  
Errr... 'scuse me, dipshiats... but it was a jibe at congress and their "Freedom Fries" deal. In other words, he was not serious.

Now, raise your hands, everyone who didn't read the freaking thing before shooting off their weary little protests. ~Sigh~
2003-03-26 06:32:36 PM  
Now who's laughing? Now who's laughing?
[image from too old to be available]
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